I Can See Your Combat Power - C.253 - Two Hundred and Forty-nine: The

I Can See Your Combat Power

C.253 - Two Hundred and Forty-nine: The

Chapter 253: Chapter Two Hundred and Forty-nine: The


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The golden shockwave spread out from the pillar of light, obliterating everything in its path and sending debris flying. The entire valley looked as if it had been cleanly sliced through, smooth and even.

Although the aftershocks of the Buddha’s arrival had only the power of a Mortal Realm killing move, this overwhelming might was something that a Mortal Realm warrior simply could not counteract with Spirit Art, it could only be resisted with defensive skills.

Ever since so many Fierce Realm martial artists had appeared on the horizon, Ji Fu’s heart sank. He had still paid the price for his recklessness; he thought that as long as he held the war chariot, there would be no worries in remote areas, and at worst, he could be in a situation where he can attack and defend. But he didn’t expect the Slaughter Immortal Army, which was on guard around the valley, to be clueless when the enemy was already overhead.

Who would have thought that such an ordinary place clan would have such a high and profound Concealment Technique? Before their battle spirit erupted, no spiritual power was revealed.

Because of a set of Concealment Techniques, Ji Fu and Ji Qing fell into a desperate situation.

The fate of the five Fierce Realm fighters in the golden light pillar was unknown, while on the other side, more than twenty Fierce Realm martial artists had their souls locked onto Ji Fu. Each time Ji Fu attempted to use an Escape Technique, over twenty Fierce Realm Spirit Arts would bombard him, the substantial pressure freezing the space around Ji Fu.

“Am I going to die here?” Ji Fu couldn’t help but think to himself. He was not afraid of death, he was just afraid that Tang Luo’s genocidal scheme would become a reality.

During the standoff, the golden shockwave was spreading towards him, his eyes lit up, he knew his chance had arrived!

Because the intense golden light had covered the entire valley, those Fierce Realm martial artists whose spirits were locked onto him temporarily lost their target.

The pressure on Ji Fu’s body was suddenly relieved, the space around him regained its vitality, and he ignited his entire blood essence, preparing to perform the secret escape technique.

This was why the Undying Bloodline was hailed as an Earth Level first-class bloodline. Aside from its powerful self-healing abilities, the most beneficial aspect was the unrestricted usage of blood-burning escape techniques.

The blood-secret techniques which would severely injure regular martial artists could be used routinely by Ji Fu. Especially some of the shockingly fast blood escapes, when burning enough blood essence, could make his speed unattainable, even by Fierce Realm escape techniques.

When the golden shockwave covered Ji Fu’s figure, only Elder Xu win saw the crimson spiritual energy burning around him.

This was a sign of his blood essence and spiritual power burning wildly, Ji Fu’s robust body visibly shrunk at a visible rate, this was the method of the Blood


“Run quickly, cousin!”

Elder Xu win, enveloped in the golden dragon soul, saw Ji Fu sacrificing his blood essence, but he remained silent.

He really couldn’t bear to see the Earth-Level first-class blood vein of the Han Family Sacred Land, which had just appeared after much difficulty, perish here. He truly hoped that Ji Fu could escape alive, then bring the news back and go into hiding again. To rise from the ashes a hundred years later.

Initially, he thought that after a thousand years of recuperation, the Han Family could return to its glory. But Tang Luo’s words shattered his expectations completely, who could have imagined that the once grand and majestic Han Family had declined to such a state.

Looking at Ji Fu, who was burning his essence blood, Elder Xu win felt some guilt and self-blame. If he had not attended this auction with his aunt tonight, then he would not have seen the Boundary Breaking Stone, and all these incidents would not have occurred. Ji Fu could have bought the Boundary Breaking Stone and left. If Tang Luo had not met him, he would not have wanted to exterminate the Han Family.

During the time when Elder Xu win was feeling miserable, Ji Fu, who had burned half of his blood essence and was as thin as a skeleton, ignored the shock wave due to his possessing a fifth class Undying Body of the Dragon Elephant, and directly initiated the Blood Escape.

A red glow streaked across the golden light towards the southwest, traveling a few miles in an instant, as swift as teleportation.

“I escaped!” Ji Fu felt great joy in his heart.

The Blood Escape possessed extreme speed, although it could only travel in one direction and was not very flexible, he still decisively chose it, because he possessed the Undying Bloodline allowing him to persist this escape technique for a hundred thousand miles, no matter what pursuit he faced, he was not afraid.

Once the Blood Escape was initiated, as long as there was no one blocking the direction of the escape in advance, no one could catch up to him, not even the Fierce Realm martial artists. They did not dare to sacrifice more than one-third of their blood essence, just for pursuing.

By sacrificing his blood essence in the golden light of the shockwave and initiating an escape towards southwest, his figure seemed about to fly out ten miles away.

This leader of the Han Family renaissance, deserved to be hailed as the most outstanding warrior, finding a way to escape even in such a desperate situation.

If it were not for the golden wall that rose from the earth, he might have truly escaped, but it was uncertain.

Question: What happens when a person, moving at an extremely high speed, collides with a golden rock wall?

If Ji Fu did not have an Undying Battle Body, he probably would have been crushed into pulp. Even having the Undying Battle Body, it did not make his condition much better.


The golden rock wall, which could withstand a Fierce Realm Spirit Art, was dented, and a completely deformed human shape could be vaguely seen in the depression – this was Ji Fu’s current condition.

Tang Sen walked out from the golden rock wall expressionlessly, clutching the lump of flesh in his hand and flying back to the valley. In a short while, the flesh in his hand had restored its human form.

Ji Fu’s face was full of defeat, it was not that he did not want to escape, it was just that Tang Sen had gripped his spine tightly, and that hand, which had the dominance far surpassing the Power of the Dragon Elephant, immobilized him.

When the golden light pillar dispersed, a bottomless pit appeared in the center of the valley, but in the center of this pit, there was still a lone stone pillar left.

Above the stone pillar, stood five fighters who were severely injured and vomiting blood.

After the silver giant shield shattered, Ji Qing and the others each formed weapon shields again, layered on top of each other, they were actually able to withstand the force of the Buddha’s arrival. They were all severely injured, but no one had died.

The five Slaughter Immortal Army soldiers wiped the blood from their mouths, stood back to back on the stone pillar, their faces cold and stern, as though facing a great enemy.

Because next to them in mid-air stood more than twenty Fierce Realm martial artists from the Tang Clan, their faces emotionless.


Looking at the five fighters standing alone on the stone pillar in the valley, their fighting spirit still burning, Tang Luo admired them from the bottom of his heart. Just by looking at their indomitable fighting spirit amidst the deadly situation, one could imagine how formidable the Slaughter Immortal Army was a thousand years ago.

Tang Siyuan, Tang Hongtao, and Tang Zhen, who had performed the Combined Attack Technique, landed next to Tang Luo. They looked at the five people standing on the stone pillar, their eyes incredibly complex.

“We couldn’t expect that even with our combined strength using Buddha’s Arrival, we could not kill even five warriors who had just entered the Fierce Realm. Is this secret art of the Han Family really so terrifying?” Tang Siyuan’s eyes were filled with worry, and thinking about what this represented, even with his level of cultivation, he could not help but be shaken.

“The Tang Clan prides itself as a prestigious family, but our supreme Combined Attack Technique is actually not as powerful as the martial arts of the Sacred Land from a thousand years ago.” Tang Zhen thought to himself.

Among the three, only Tang Hongtao was still calm, because what was unbelievable to the other two was just a common occurrence for him.

It was precisely because the gap between Clan and Sacred Lands was so large that the Secret Arts Pavilion was so desperate to study martial arts, in order to prevent the gap from widening further!

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