Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - C.2650: Twins


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After finishing a mock exam paper, a feeling of emptiness came over him.

Could he really get his file back?

Would it take longer than expected?

After getting it back, would he still have to redo his third year of high school?

It was noon outside the window. The sun was shining brightly, and a breeze blew in through the window. It was supposed to feel refreshing, but he could not feel at ease.

Hearing the doorbell ring, he immediately ran to open it.

Seeing Qiao Weiyang standing at the door, his eyes lit up. “Sister!”

“Have you had breakfast?” Qiao Weiyang asked as she walked in.

He was not in the mood to eat, nor did he want to go downstairs. However, he was afraid that Qiao Weiyang would worry, so he immediately said, “I’ve eaten…”

Before he could finish speaking, Qiao Weiyang stuffed a hot dumpling into his mouth.

The rich fragrance made him swallow his saliva subconsciously.

Qiao Weiyang placed the rest of the food that consisted of dumplings and milk in front of him. “No matter what happens, you have to eat.”

He said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, Sister. I just didn’t have an appetite before, so I didn’t intend to eat. But now that I see you, I’m truly hungry. I’ll definitely finish all these dumplings!”

He sounded impassioned.

Qiao Weiyang watched him wolf down the food and did not speak first. She slowly waited for him to finish.

Then, she said, “Here you go.”

He reached out to take the document. When he saw the words on the document, he almost spat out the milk that he had yet to swallow.

He finally calmed down and read the contents seriously. He weighed the heavy file again before saying in surprise and excitement, “Sister, you helped me get the file back?”

“Yes. To be precise, your brother-in-law helped you get it back.”

“My brother-in-law?” He was a little puzzled. “Is he the one who lives in Ting Yuan Villa?”

At the thought of this, he became a little anxious. “Isn’t he sick and about to die? Is he bad to you? Sister… I’m sorry. I didn’t have the ability to protect you and let you marry such a person…’

Previously, when he saw that Qiao Weiyang could handle anything, he rarely remembered that Qiao Weiyang was already married.

Now that he came back to his senses, he remembered that Qiao Weiyang had always been alone and independent. It was also because she had no one to rely on that she had no choice but to become stronger.

“Silly boy, why are you crying again? You’re a man, so you’re not allowed to cry!” Qiao Weiyang knocked his head.

Qiao Dongliang calmed himself down and secretly made up his mind to help his sister out of her misery in the future. She could not continue to endure these tortures.

Since he had his file back, it did not matter even if he went back to do his third year of high school and take the exam again!

In the future, he would become stronger!

“Come on, let’s go to Jingdu City University!” Qiao Weiyang said.

He followed her in surprise.

Jingdu City University.

In the principal’s office.

As the principal of Jingdu City University, he naturally wouldn’t meet just anyone.

Even celebrities at Qiao Weiyang’s level could not see him for any private matters.

However, Xu Jingye was a graduate of Jingdu City University back then. Now, he provided scholarships and built libraries for Jingdu City University students every year. He invested a huge amount of resources in the school. Thus, the serious Principal Fang agreed to meet Qiao Weiyang.

Hearing that he was going to see the principal, Qiao Dongliang felt a little nervous.

In the past half a year, he had been abandoned in that foreign university. As a result, he appeared very sluggish. He was not confident.

Standing at the entrance of the school, Qiao Weiyang placed her hands on his shoulders. “Tell me, how many marks did you get for the college entrance examination?”


“Is it enough for Jingdu City University?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Can you still answer the exam questions now?”


“Then cheer up and have some confidence in yourself, okay?”

He straightened his chest. “Okay!”

He followed behind Qiao Weiyang and took a deep breath.

Qiao Weiyang knocked on Principal Fang’s door, and a serious voice came from inside. “Come in.”

“Hello, Principal Fang. I’m Qiao Weiyang, and this is my younger brother, Qiao Dongliang.” Qiao Weiyang walked in and introduced herself openly.

Principal Fang looked at Qiao Weiyang through his glasses and then at Qiao Dongliang.

The two young people in front of him had outstanding looks, which made Principal Fang have a good impression of them.

However, no matter how good his impression of them was, he would not let a student enter the school just because of this.

“Have a seat. Tell me what’s going on.” Principal Fang pointed at the seat.

At first, Qiao Dongliang was a little nervous, but when it came to this, he calmed down and took the initiative to say, “Principal Fang, it’s like this. After I took the college entrance examination, I filled in the application form of your university. My score was good enough. However, I don’t know what went wrong, but my family sent my file abroad. In the end, I was accepted by a university overseas that I didn’t understand or like. After I went there, I

realized that the university didn’t match my life ideals, so I had the idea of quitting.”

He explained all the important details in one go. “I want to learn something useful, not waste my time outside. This time, I finally got my file back. During this period of time, I’ve been catching up on various courses and did many self-studying university courses. I want to enter the school. Please give me a chance!”

Seeing that he could handle this matter himself, Qiao Weivang looked at him with relief.

Principal Fang looked at Qiao Dongliang through his glasses and called a teacher over to verify the situation.

Soon, a middle-aged teacher walked in. When he saw Qiao Dongliang, he said, “It’s you? Why are you here with Principal Fang? I told you that you can’t come to our school without a file! Even if you have your college entrance examination results, it’s against the rules! How many times have you been here? Why are you still here?”

“I brought the file today!” Qiao Dongliang took it out.

“Mr. Liu, what do you think of Qiao Dongliang entering our school?” Principal Fang asked.

“His college entrance examination results are not bad. He’s qualified to attend our school. That’s right. Didn’t we give him an admission letter previously? He didn’t come, right? Then, his file was taken away. I heard that it was taken overseas. We can’t accept him now,” Mr. Liu said while shaking his head.

“Does that mean I can come back now that I have the file?” he asked immediately.

Mr. Liu shook his head. “That doesn’t make sense. It’s been half a year since school started. There’s no basis for that…

Qiao Weiyang stood up and said, “Principal Fang, Mr. Liu, back then, Qiao Dongliang’s wish was to come to Jingdu City University. At that time, his choice to fill in the form can also fully prove this..”

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