Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - C.2641 - : Twins


Chapter 2641: Twins

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“Really? Does that mean that the scenes can be edited differently and the outcome won’t be bad?” a reporter asked in surprise.

Qiao Weiyang nodded. “That’s right, so a new version will be released. In the new version, I’ll be the female lead. Of course, the award evaluation now will definitely be based on the current version. If everyone is interested, you can pay attention to our new version. It’ll definitely be a new and interesting attempt.”

Lu Mingjue, who was sitting beside Su Zhuoqian, clapped his hands gently and said, “So this was Sister-in-law’s second condition for Liang Kang! However, this isn’t an outrageous request. This is Sister-in-law’s show to begin with. She has the right. Sister-in-law is really smart.”

Su Zhuoqian nodded. “When has she not been smart?”

Lu Mingjue continued to look over.

Sure enough, many reporters had already expressed their interest in the new version of Twins.

Right on the heels of that, they heard Qiao Weiyang say, “Therefore, it’s nonsense to talk about my bad relationship with the production team. I’ve always had friendly negotiations with the production team, so how could I not have a good relationship with them?”

Her words quickly dispelled the reporters’ doubts.

As Qiao Weiyang entered the venue, she walked to the side of the production team. The director, Jin Lan, Liang Kang, and the others immediately stood up to greet her. Their warm attitudes made these claims collapse.

The award ceremony soon began.

The first few awards were all small awards. Gradually, they arrived at the important awards.

“Now, we’re presenting the Best Screenwriter Award—Twins! The screenwriter,

Mrs. Zhao, is already old, and she didn’t attend the event today. We’ll ask Li Qiru to accept the award for her!”

Li Qiru stood up, flattered by the emcee’s words.

She did not expect Mrs. Zhao to ask her to accept this award on her behalf. This was obviously a kind gesture from Mrs. Zhao.

It gave Li Qiru a chance to appear and let more people know her.

She was really excited. When she went on stage and took the trophy, she understood how much Mrs. Zhao valued her.

Right on the heels of that was the Best Supporting Actor Award.

After the awards were presented, it was time for the Best Supporting Actress Award.

This time, the people competing with Qiao Weiyang for the supporting role were all female artistes with extremely good acting skills and good reputation.

“Best Supporting Actress—Qiao Weiyang!” As the guest recited this name, everyone looked at Qiao Weiyang.

Although she was a supporting actress now, her acting skills were indeed convincing.

Qiao Weiyang stood up and walked toward the stage.

The lights on the stage were bright, shining on her face.

Li Qiru was a little indignant. Qiao Weiyang could actually win this award?

However, no matter what, she was just a supporting actress. It meant nothing.

Qiao Weiyang stood on the stage with an indifferent expression. She was not excited, but there was a trace of joy. “For some reason, I could only appear in Twins as a supporting role. However, this doesn’t mean that supporting roles are worthless. I believe that every artist who plays a supporting role can shine. I can do it, and so can you!”

There were not many people present who could play the protagonist for a long time. When they heard her words, they could not help but agree.

“Thank you, everyone.” Qiao Weiyang walked down the stage.

Su Zhuoqian looked at her figure, and the pain in his heart spread. If it weren’t for Jingyun, she wouldn’t have been made into the supporting role… She should have been able to stand on stage as the female lead and receive praise.

He lowered his eyes slightly.

Right on the heels of that was the award for Best Actress.

Li Qiru clenched her fists slightly, feeling like victory was in her hands.

When the emcee read out a name, there was a round of applause from the audience.

Li Qiru’s head hurt. It wasn’t her!

It wasn’t her!

Twins was popular and had won many awards—music, editing, clothes, and script.

Even Qiao Weiyang won an award, but Li Qiru returned empty-handed.

This made her defeat even more embarrassing.

However, it was obvious that everyone had expected this outcome. Li Qiru’s performance in the TV show was indeed not eye-catching enough. With her current results, it was already very good that she was nominated.

After the awards were presented, the results were enough to convince the public.

The emcee announced the end of the award ceremony.

The guests had a cocktail party to attend.

In order to get the news, the reporters did not leave.

One of the judges walked toward Qiao Weiyang. “Congratulations, Weiyang.”

Qiao Weiyang took a closer look and recognized him as Zhang Yannian, a judge. He had participated in the selection of the Fei Tian Awards in the past and was quite experienced.

“Hello, Old Zhang,” Qiao Weiyang greeted. “Thank you.”

“I didn’t expect you to win this award today.”

Sensing that the other party was up to no good, Qiao Weiyang frowned slightly. “Old Zhang, you mean…”

“I didn’t accept your bribe, but you were still able to win this award. This does make me wonder what’s going on, ” Zhang Yannian said, pretending to be profound.

The people around them were already paying attention to Qiao Weiyang. Some wanted to come up and exchange pleasantries, some wanted to befriend her, and some reporters wanted to interview her.

Now that they heard Zhang Yannian’s words, everyone could not help but gather around.

Everyone was surprised as to why Zhang Yannian would say such a thing. At the same time, they were also very surprised. Could there really be some truth to his words?

In front of so many people and in a professional setting, of course, Qiao Weiyang would not let the matter end like this.

She stared at Zhang Yannian and said in a serious tone, “Old Zhang, are you mistaken? I don’t have any private dealings with you, let alone did I know you before. How could I have found you and even bribed you? Old Zhang, you can eat whatever you want, but you can’t say whatever you want.”

“Hahaha, I’m not spouting nonsense. I’m sure you were just joking when you contacted me and gave me the money, right? Look, even though I didn’t accept your money, you could still win an award. Gold will always shine.” Zhang Yannian immediately treated this whole matter as a joke.

But what would the others think?

Qiao Weiyang immediately read their thoughts from the faces of the others. Since Qiao Weiyang had attempted to bribe Zhang Yannian, did she also bribe the other judges?

If Zhang Yannian didn’t accept her money, did the others accept it?

Although Zhang Yannian said that Qiao Weiyang was just joking, who knew what was really going on?

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