Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - C.2638 - : Twins


Chapter 2638: Twins

“Miss Qiao, go get your makeup done first. The props team, get ready.”

Qiao Weiyang sat down and got her makeup done. The props team had already prepared the background for the shoot.

Once she was done, she got into position and poured a pile of broken crystals into a box. This gave off a sense of beauty and glamor.

These elements had all been used by Yabog’s commercial and Li Qiru was the one who shot it.

However, everyone on set was full of confidence now. They did not think that the effect would be bad if they used it.

“Let’s use this!”

Lu Mingjue’s voice sounded.

He had more than ten people with him, each carrying an exquisite leather suitcase.

They walked up to everyone and placed the suitcases neatly together. With a click, more than a dozen voices sounded.

The suitcases were opened, and the light inside shone brightly.

Everyone’s eyes were dazzled. Only then did they see clearly that they were all diamonds!

They were real diamonds!

The light cast by real diamonds reflected differently. It was completely different from crystals. It was natural, bright, and transparent.

Just like how the sunlight created could not compare to the real sun’s light, crystals and diamonds did not make a fair comparison.

“This is…” The cameraman was shocked by the perfect lights and could not believe it.

“These are for Qiao Weiyang to shoot with. There should be enough here, right?”

“Enough, enough!”

Not only the cameraman, but the others were also especially shocked. They stared at the priceless diamonds in front of them. For Qiao Weiyang’s shoot, Lu Mingjue had borrowed so many high-quality diamonds!

Just how much did he value Qiao Weiyang?!

No, no matter how much he valued her, it was not easy to borrow diamonds of this size and quality.

These diamonds were priceless!

Some experienced people had already guessed that Qiao Weiyang’s background was definitely more powerful than anyone could imagine!

Since Li Qiru had provoked Qiao Weiyang, she would probably be in trouble.

“Let’s begin.” Qiao Weiyang reminded everyone who had fallen for the diamonds’ beauty.

“Okay, okay. Let’s begin.” The cameraman came back to his senses.

The others also began to prepare, but in the face of these diamonds, their movements were very hesitant.

All of them were trembling with fear, as if they were afraid that they would shatter the diamonds at the slightest touch.

If these diamonds were damaged, no one could afford the compensation!

Seeing that no one dared to make a move, Lu Mingjue reached out and grabbed a handful. His fingers loosened, and the diamonds fell back into the suitcase.

He said calmly, “Everyone, don’t worry and don’t feel pressured. If there are any losses, I’ll shoulder all the blame.”

With his words, everyone was relieved.

The diamonds were quickly poured out and placed beside.

The bags of IV were all carefully made. Even if they were not made of real leather, the polish was still the world’s top technology.

When put together with these diamonds, they indeed complemented each other.

Qiao Weiyang also finished her makeup and walked out.

She was wearing a modified moon-white cheongsam with bamboo patterns embroidered on it. She carried the latest IV bag and walked out of the diamond passageway.

Her fashion sense was already very good, and her white hair, which was very difficult to pull off, was perfectly framed by her facial features.

The bag was on her wrist. She was dazzling, but she did not overshadow the bag.

The cameraman couldn’t help but praise her.

Qiao Weiyang’s performance saved the cameraman a lot of time and effort, so they naturally did not need to spend much effort in the later stages.

After filming this scene, Qiao Weiyang changed into another bright red cheongsam. She had white hair and was dressed in red. It was even more difficult to pull off.

After she appeared, she quickly stunned the entire venue.

She stood in the middle of the shoot. The diamonds around her shone brightly, but she seemed to be even more beautiful than them.

The IV bag was in her hand. She kept changing her posture to show it, keeping the bag in the center of her.

She continued filming in more than ten sets of clothes.

Qiao Weiyang chose the strategy of letting Lu Mingjue post the photos that were the most similar to Li Qiru’s photos first.

Lu Mingjue quickly posted the photos.

As soon as they were released, it naturally caused a comparison.

The styles and products were similar. Naturally, fans and netizens alike would compare them. Some busybodies would do the same.

Li Qiru also heard the news of Qiao Weiyang posting the photos.

She was satisfied. “Qiao Weiyang isn’t as smart as I thought. I’ve already taken the photos according to this style, but she didn’t change the concept. Now, everyone will probably compare us.”

The manager was glad to see it. “As long as your names are put together, you’ll naturally win. ”

“Let’s take a look.” Li Qiru opened Weibo to see the final outcome.

She opened Weibo and saw a comparative photo of the two of them. Li Qiru’s expression changed slightly!

Qiao Weiyang was wearing the same clothes as her. The background and makeup were almost the same.

However, the effects were completely different due to how the products were displayed and the varying expressions.

Before Qiao Weiyang’s photos were released, Li Qiru’s photos could barely be said to be stylish. However, now that there was something to compare her photos to, Qiao Weiyang’s photos were so exquisite that every strand of her hair was perfect. Li Qiru’s hair seemed to be frizzy, and her clothes did not seem to fit her well. The bag she was carrying also looked a little unpresentable.

When two people wore the same clothes, the ugly one would be the embarrassed one.

Obviously, Li Qiru was not just ugly.

With such a comparison, how could there be any doubt about the truth of the situation?

What made things worse for Li Qiru was that fans had also found out that Qiao Weiyang’s cheongsam was a modified design that she had designed herself.

The modified cheongsam used by the characters in Twins was also made by Qiao Weiyang.

It was only right for her to wear such clothes. No one else had anything to do with them.

On the other hand, Li Qiru’s makeup resembled Qiao Weiyang’s character, and she was accused of deliberately taking advantage of Qiao Weiyang’s popularity.

The reporters went to interview Qiao Weiyang about this.

Qiao Weiyang’s answer was, “I believe that all the members of the production team are doing their best for the publicity of the show.”

With just one sentence, she implied that Li Qiru was just doing publicity for the show, hence saving her dignity.

This naturally allowed Twins to gain more attention.

Some people who had not watched the show before were attracted by Qiao Weiyang’s appearance and said that they wanted to watch the show immediately.

As a result, Li Qiru’s publicity for Yabog had little effect..

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