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Chapter 2632: Twins

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Jin Lan was a supporting character who did not have many scenes to begin with, but her persona was outstanding. Coupled with her previous exposure, she actually stood out from Li Qiru’s overwhelming marketing and attracted a lot of fans, making Li Qiru very uncomfortable.

When they got backstage, Li Qiru quickly occupied a large portion of the dressing room. The makeup artist was busy putting on makeup and choosing clothes for her.

The manager went to look for Liang Kang. “Mr. Kang, Qiao Weiyang hasn’t participated in any of the publicity at all. She’s the second female lead now. With so many of her fans here, it’ll affect the order of the venue. Can we get them to leave first?”

Liang Kang had also been very concerned about Qiao Weiyang’s situation in the past half a year, but he did not know much.

Hearing Li Qiru’s manager’s words, he said calmly, “The more the merrier. It’ll make our show seem popular. Why would we chase them out?”

“Then can you get them to change the signs? Those signs are not auspicious at all. How about this? Can’t we get them to hold up signs with Qiru’s name?”

Liang Kang stared at her. “What are you saying? You want Qiao Weiyang’s fans to hold up signs for Li Qiru? The female lead has already been given to Li Qiru.

What more do you want?”

The manager blushed. Knowing that Liang Kang’s plan wouldn’t work, she could only turn around and go back.

At this moment, Qiao Weiyang’s car had already quietly arrived outside.

She quickly entered the backstage with Tao Huan and Lu Mingjue.

After Lu Mingjue entered, he went straight to communicate with the organizers.

Tao Huan was left with Qiao Weiyang.

Tao Huan was so excited that she couldn’t believe her eyes. She pinched her thigh a few times and felt the pain in her leg. It was only then that she realized this wasn’t a dream. Qiao Weiyang was really back.

She quickly walked in. Although she was just a small assistant in the past, she was respected no matter where she went. Tao Huan respected the other collaborators, so there had always been no obstructions.

As soon as she entered the venue today, she was stopped by Li Qiru’s assistant.

“Tao Huan, what are you doing here?”

“Sister Weiyang is the female lead. There’s a publicity event today. Can’t I come over to take a look?”

“Oh, the female lead? Which female lead has so few scenes? Why are you here?

You clearly know that she won’t be coming back, but you still came to watch. Don’t you know where she went? Why did you come here to see her? You should be going to that old man’s side if you want to see her!”

“You!” Tao Huan was furious.

“What? Qiru has to put on makeup and change her clothes. No one is allowed to enter!” The assistant slammed the door.

Tao Huan was blocked.

Li Qiru and her manager heard these words, but no one responded.

They quickly tidied up and walked toward the front stage.

Qiao Weiyang had also changed her clothes and came out. Looking at Tao

Huan’s tears, she knew that Tao Huan had suffered a lot during her absence.

“Don’t cry. They’re just taking advantage of me verbally. I’ll make sure to get back at them! ”

“Yes! I believe you, Sister Weiyang! When Li Qiru was filming, she kept a low profile. I didn’t expect her to be so arrogant now!”

“Fame can help one, but it’s also easy to become arrogant. Over time, it’ll become a sharp weapon that hurts people,” Qiao Weiyang said calmly.

She was about to go to the front desk when a small assistant ran out. When she saw Qiao Weiyang, her eyes quickly widened. She was very surprised, but it was a pleasant surprise. “Sister Weiyang!”

This was the assistant hired by Jin Lan after she terminated her contract with her previous company. She was quite familiar with Qiao Weiyang.

She was usually very meticulous, but now, she was being rash.

“What happened?” Qiao Weiyang asked.

“Jin Lan doesn’t have any clothes to wear…” The assistant cried. “We came from another production team. We asked around and found out that they had prepared clothes for her. But after she put on her makeup and got the clothes, we realized that the clothes were actually problematic…” “Show me,” Qiao Weiyang said calmly.

She followed the assistant into the dressing room.

Only Jin Lan was left in the dressing room. She was fretting over the set of clothes.

As soon as she saw her assistant enter, she said, “Why don’t we…”

Then, she was shocked by Qiao Weiyang, who had followed her assistant in. The clothes in her hand fell to the ground. Qiao Weiyang looked at her with a smile.

After a long time, Jin Lan screamed and went forward to hug her. “Sister Weiyang!”

“What’s the situation now?” Qiao Weiyang didn’t let her emotions surge for too long and asked directly.

“My gown…”

Jin Lan took out a set of clothes. It was similar to a bikini with lace trimmings. It was the kind of clothes that only women would wear in brothels. It was exceptionally vulgar. The fabric could not even cover her vital parts.

She was now wearing casual clothes—a T-shirt and a denim jacket. She could not go on stage like this, nor did her clothes match her makeup.

Her career had just improved. Whether she could get a good script in the future would all depend on this period of time.

This publicity event was also very important to her.

In the current situation, if it were a popular female artiste, she might be able to go out and borrow a set of clothes immediately. However, this was too difficult for Jin Lan.

Qiao Weiyang glanced at it and said, “Is there nothing to replace it with?” “Not at all,” Jin Lan said in a low voice.

Qiao Weiyang glanced around the dressing room. She reached out to touch the curtains and said, “Give me the scissors.”

The assistant immediately handed over the scissors.

Qiao Weiyang picked up the scissors and cut off a large piece of the curtain.

She picked up the cloth and draped it over Jin Lan’s body. Tao Huan immediately brought over all kinds of clothes clips. These things could be seen everywhere in the dressing room. Every artiste would encounter situations where their clothes did not fit. Clothes clips had always been indispensable.

Three minutes later, Jin Lan looked at herself in the mirror with an incredulous expression.

The exquisite fabric was clipped into a very unique dress at the fastest speed. The front, back, left, and right were asymmetrical, making her look very lively and playful.

The heavy fabric gave the clothes a calm feeling. It was solemn and suitable for important occasions, but it was also special and suitable for Jin Lan’s figure and temperament.

She turned involuntarily. The dress was fitting and firm. It was hard to imagine that it had been a piece of fabric hanging from the window just now.

“Go ahead,” Qiao Weiyang said.

Jin Lan nodded and immediately walked out.

Tonight, the focus of the event location was undoubtedly Li Qiru. The live broadcast was the largest event since Twins started broadcasting.

She sat at the master seat, surrounded by people..

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