Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - C.2621: Twins


Chapter 2621: Twins

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“Her metabolism has slowed down, but everything is normal. We can’t really say that there’s a problem. Since there’s no problem, there’s no solution.”

These doctors spread out their hands and sighed. Actually, they hoped that

Qiao Weiyang would wake up sooner than the Su family.

After all, everyone wanted to learn from Qiao Weiyang about the treatment this time. They wanted to find a breakthrough and summarize the treatment plan.

Jingyun stood beside Qiao Weiyang with his head lowered, so no one could see the expression on his face.

The sun shone brightly and gently on him and Qiao Weiyang from the window. His figure landed on Qiao Weiyang’s face, casting a shadow.

He looked at the shadow and pursed his lips tightly.

No one came to disturb him. They wanted to let him calm down first.

Qiao Weiyang’s work, which had originally been placed on a pause, was now suspended.

The TV show that she had finished filming, Twins, had already entered the publicity stage. Lu Mingjue could only postpone all her publicity work first. Lin Shuhui and Lu Wenhui often came to visit and chat with Qiao Weiyang.

On this day, Lin Shuhui came again.

She was led in by the caretaker and walked toward Qiao Weiyang’s bed.

Su Zhuoqian was sitting beside Qiao Weiyang. Lin Shuhui looked at his obviously thin face and the dark circles under his eyes. He said softly, “Zhuoqian, you have to take care of yourself.”

“Okay,” Su Zhuoqian replied politely.

Lin Shuhui knew that Su Zhuoqian would not take her words to heart.

She sighed softly. Qiao Weiyang had finally found someone who would stand by her side and had found her happiness, yet such a thing happened.

“Have a seat first.” Su Zhuoqian stood up and made way for Lin Shuhui by the bedside.

He walked out, raised his hand, and pinched the space between his eyebrows. He leaned against the wall beside the door.

Lu Mingjue walked over quickly and said loudly, “Boss, I found out something about Jingyun and Xiao Bao’s biological mother.”

It had been a long time since Su Zhuoqian had paid attention to this matter. Now that he heard about it, he was a little indifferent.

“Previously, we checked all the pregnant women in the hospital over there, but there’s a missing page. Look, after pregnant woman 105, it’s number 107. Obviously, all the information about pregnant woman 106 has been taken away. Look!”

“Tell me when you find out about 106.” Su Zhuoqian was not completely indifferent to this matter.

Although Xiao Bao and Jingyun did not need a relationship with their biological mother, it would be useful to find information about their biological mother if something similar happened in the future.

“Number 106 left her name in the hospital as Lin Weiyang,” Lu Mingjue said. “I’ll look for more information now.” He immediately went downstairs.


Hearing Su Zhuoqian’s voice, Lu Mingjue stopped and ran back. “Boss, do you have any other instructions?”

“Lin Weiyang? I asked you to find out who the woman I met in the hotel last time was. Do you have any clues?”

“The hotel has been demolished and replaced by another building, so not much progress has been made.”

Su Zhuoqian lowered his head in deep thought and sorted out the clues in his heart. “I remember Weiyang once told me that she had encountered something back then and was framed by her sister in a hotel. Later, she had two children. Then, the two children died because they were seriously ill. So…”

This was not the first time he had this thought.

When Qiao Weiyang said that, he immediately got someone to do a DNA test on Qiao Weiyang, Jingyun, and Xiao Bao. It showed that the DNA did not match.

On the plane back from South Africa, he had been thinking about this question repeatedly. How many interactions did Qiao Weiyang have with Jingyun and Xiao Bao?

However, after returning, he was faced with a bunch of things. Jingyun’s condition had also improved. His thoughts were all on Qiao Weiyang, so he did not continue to delve into that feeling.

Now that Lu Mingjue had obtained the information, all his thoughts returned.

“Boss, Boss? What are you thinking about?” Seeing that Su Zhuoqian was suddenly deep in thought, Lu Mingjue could not help but ask.

“Go and check if Number 106 is Weiyang.”

“Her name is Lin Weiyang.”

“I mean, is she Qiao Weiyang?!” Su Zhuoqian emphasized every word.

Lu Mingjue was stunned. Seeing that Su Zhuoqian had already pushed the door open and walked into Qiao Weiyang’s ward, he immediately turned around and left suspiciously.

Qiao Weiyang? Sister-in-law? What did this mean?

Lu Mingjue did not dare to be negligent. Although he did not know what was going on, with Su Zhuoqian’s hint, he knew where to look.

He immediately went to do it.

“Aunt Lin, I have something to ask you.” Su Zhuoqian strode toward Lin Shuhui.

In order not to disturb Qiao Weiyang, Lin Shuhui followed him out of the ward and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Was the hospital where Weiyang gave birth in Jingdu City?”

“Yes, how do you know that? She even told you that?”

Su Zhuoqian’s back straightened, and his fingers began to clench. “Where are…

her children?”

“Since she already told you all these things, I won’t hide it from you. Back then, after she gave birth to the children, Lin Heng got into a car accident. Everyone thought that the children were Lin Heng’s, so Lin Heng’s mother knelt down and begged Weiyang. Weiyang had no choice but to keep the children. Then, on the day she gave birth, Lin Heng happened to wake up. He was very angry that she gave birth to the children. Only then did everyone know that the children weren’t his.

“However, this wasn’t Weiyang’s mistake. Lin Heng was not the only one who knew that the children weren’t his; Qiao Jierou knew about it too. However, no one told Weiyang that she had an accident when she was drunk in the bar.

“In the end, she was the one who suffered and was scolded.

“Qiao Jierou and Lin Heng were inhumane.”

“What’s the name of that bar?” Su Zhuoqian’s Adam’s apple bobbed fiercely. His vocal cords were so tense that it no longer sounded like his usual voice.

“I forgot what that bar was called because it was demolished a long time ago and a new building was built there.”

As Lin Shuhui spoke, she saw that Su Zhuoqian’s expression was shrouded in an indiscernible layer of emotion. However, that emotion seemed to shroud him in a layer of darkness.

She was a little worried. “Zhuoqian, are you okay? Zhuoqian?”

Su Zhuoqian suddenly coughed. He pressed his hand to his lips, and a trace of dark red blood stained the corner of his lips.

“Zhuoqian? What’s wrong?” Lin Shuhui was extremely worried.

“Aunt Lin, I’m fine. It’s just that… when I think about Weiyang, I feel sorry for not being by her side earlier…” Su Zhuoqian’s voice was choked.

The sharp pain in his heart spread throughout his body, making him tremble uncontrollably..