Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband - C.2617 - : Twins


Chapter 2617: Twins

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“Jingyun? Jingyun?” Qiao Weiyang called his name in a low voice, sounding anxious.

“Jingyun’s physical indicators are normal. There’s no problem.” Song Hanzhi looked at the equipment. “Look at the data.”

Qiao Weiyang was also worried. After being reminded by Song Hanzhi, she remembered to look at the equipment and realized that everything was normal. The data was within the expected fluctuations. Only then did she heave a sigh of relief.

Song Hanzhi said, “Go to the side and rest. I’ll guard here. If anything happens, it’ll be easier to take care of and deal with it in time.’

“Okay.” Qiao Weiyang didn’t refuse and nodded gently.

After such a long time of fatigue, she really couldn’t take it anymore.

As soon as she got up, there was a commotion outside.

Right on the heels of that was Han Qingwan’s voice. “What’s going on?! How’s Jingyun?!”

Lu Liang was complaining. “I don’t know what Qiao Weiyang used on Jingyun, but we couldn’t stop her no matter what! I don’t dare to guess if she’s overly ambitious, but if something really happens, we won’t be able to afford it. That’s why we invited you over in the middle of the night!”

Lu Heting and Su Bei were also following behind Han Qingwan with serious expressions.

Xinyue held Su Bei’s arm and spoke up for Qiao Weiyang. “Mommy, it’s impossible for Sister-in-law to harm Jingyun! She must have a reason for doing this! Even if you don’t believe her, you have to believe me.”

Su Bei could not make an absolute judgment at this moment. Qiao Weiyang did not tell them about such a big matter, which made everyone worried.

Han Qingwan said, “Let Qiao Weiyang and Song Hanzhi come out and talk first. Su Bei, you and Xinyue go and see Jingyun first.”

Song Hanzhi and walked out. Xinyue looked worriedly at the pale Qiao Weiyang before walking in with Su Bei.

Su Bei lowered her head to look at Jingyun. She had been guarding here during the day, but Jingyun was still in unbearable pain and looked defeated.

At this moment, he was sleeping soundly. Su Bei had also stayed the night before. It was rare to see Jingyun sleeping so soundly.

Xinyue was a little happy to see this. “Mommy, look, Jingyun looks much better.”

Outside the door, Han Qingwan couldn’t help but feel a little angry when she saw Qiao Weiyang. It was such a big matter, yet she gave Jingyun the medicine she had concocted without discussing it with anyone. The old woman was worried about the child, so her tone was a little harsh. “Qiao Weiyang, what are you doing? Why didn’t you call and discuss such a big matter with the rest of the family?”

“I…” Qiao Weiyang was about to explain when the world started spinning in front of her. She lost her balance and fell.

Song Hanzhi immediately reached out to support her. “Weiyang? Weiyang?” Qiao Weiyang had already fainted and could not explain.

Actually, even if she explained, it would not ease the current conflict. She just did not want them to have any chance to discuss it as it would delay Jingyun’s treatment.

When there were too many people, it would ruin things.

Seeing that Qiao Weiyang had fainted, Lu Liang couldn’t help but speculate. He said, “Look, Old Madam, I didn’t say anything wrong, right? She’s just feeling guilty and doesn’t dare to confront you at all! The moment she saw you, she pretended to faint! She must be pretending!”

Song Hanzhi was furious. “In order to test the medicine for Jingyun, Weiyang didn’t rest for two days. She even used her body to test out the medicine and endured a lot of pain before the experiment was a success. Not only that, but in order to reduce the stimulation of the medicine and the side effects on Jingyun, she even extracted her blood for Jingyun to use. It’s normal for her to be at the point of exhaustion! President Lu, what you said is really too much!”

Han Qingwan’s opinion of Qiao Weiyang was that she would act first and report later. She never agreed with Lu Liang’s words to begin with. When she heard Song Hanzhi’s words, the anger in her dissipated. She immediately said, “Stop talking. Hurry up and help Weiyang rest.”

“Let me do it!”

Just as Song Hanzhi was about to pick Qiao Weiyang up, a figure appeared outside and walked toward Song Hanzhi and Qiao Weiyang. It was Su Zhuoqian, who had rushed back overnight.

After getting off the plane, he went straight to the hospital.

He only heard the news midway.

He went forward and took Qiao Weiyang from Song Hanzhi. He lowered his head and saw her pale face. A trace of scarlet pain flashed across his eyes.

He picked up Qiao Weiyang and walked toward the lounge.

Seeing him treat Qiao Weiyang’s like this, even though some people were still

dissatisfied with Qiao Weiyang, they did not dare to say anything at this time as it might make Su Zhuoqian hate them.

Song Hanzhi followed behind him. “Weiyang hasn’t eaten for a long time. I’ll arrange for an IV drip.”

Su Bei and Xinyue also came out of Jingyun’s ward.

“How is he?” Han Qingwan asked excitedly and worriedly.

“Grandma, Jingyun looks very stable now. It doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with him. He’s doing much better than before.”

Xinyue said, “I think Sister-in-law’s medicine must be effective. If she wasn’t confident about the medicine, she wouldn’t have given it to Jingyun so casually. I’ve seen how much Sister-in-law cares about Jingyun. Anyway, I won’t believe what others say about her.”

Lu Liang originally wanted to say that Jingyun was exhibiting the last signs of vitality before his death, but in front of the Su family, he did not dare to.

Su Bei also said calmly, “I think Jingyun’s condition is indeed very good. I’ve also asked the nurse on duty. She said that according to the data displayed on the equipment, Jingyun’s body is probably recovering.”

Only then did Han Qingwan feel relieved. She said to everyone, “Weiyang has always been quite accomplished in medicine. Previously, she was the one who treated Xiao Bao’s illness and Jingyun’s leg. She has been doing her best in the Su family and treating the two children well. She has never been clueless. If I hear anyone say anything bad about her in the future, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Lu Liang disagreed and felt that Han Qingwan was too biased.

Jingyun had only stabilized his condition a little, but he hadn’t really recovered yet. If she said such things now, it would be humiliating if something really happened to him later on!

However, since Han Qingwan had already said so, there was nothing else for the shareholders to say. Seeing that it was useless to stay here, they all left.

Soon, the event location was empty.

“Xinyue, accompany Grandma back. I’ll stay here to accompany Jingyun,” Su Bei said.

“I’ll stay too.” Lu Heting had always followed Su Bei’s wishes. Since his wife wanted to stay, he naturally wouldn’t refuse.

“You still have a meeting to host tomorrow. Why don’t you go back and rest first?” Su Bei’s heart ached for her husband, but she didn’t want him to work too hard.

Lu Heting held her hand. “You’ve been with Jingyun all day. I’m tired, but you’re not relaxed either. Let’s rest and accompany Jingyun together..”

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