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Chapter 78: Chapter 78 Lin Wanyun i

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North City, Yan County.

On the carriage.

Chen Wanrong thought of the black-clad woman she had just seen and immediately said to the beautiful woman in purple Cloud Attire beside her, “Madam Lin, did you see that woman just now?”

Lin Wanyun promptly replied, “I saw her.”

Chen Wanrong, with an expressionless face, said, “If I’m not mistaken, that person should be someone from the Sum Emperor’s side.”

A few years ago, Chen Wanrong had infiltrated the Imperial Palace for a lengthy period of time, so she had some understanding of the Shadow Guards of the Sum Emperor. She recognized at a glance that the black-clad woman had once crossed hands with her.

After pondering for a moment, Lin Wanyun then said, “I’ve seen this woman in Prince Chu Yue’s travelling palace. This woman is very likely one of the Sum Emperor’s Shadow Guards.”

Chen Wanrong continued, “Judging from the aura she emits, she must have at least the strength of a Master Realm. The Sum Emperor actually sent a master to protect such a worthless prince—Madam Lin, don’t you find that strange?”

Hearing Chen Wanrong’s words, Lin Wanyun didn’t immediately respond. Naturally, she also found it very strange, but she couldn’t figure out why the Sum Emperor would send a master to protect a worthless prince.

After a while, Lin Wanyun finally spoke, “Does that mean the so-called Mysterious Grandmaster at the Prince’s Mansion is that woman?”

Chen Wanrong fell silent.

She had thought that coming to North City this time would allow her to easily take down the North Prince and then use him to create the Subtle Dragon Spell, to deal with the Sum Emperor later.

Unexpectedly, she encountered someone from the Sum Emperor’s side here. If that was the case, their plan might not be as easy to implement as they had hoped.

Although she didn’t know why the Sum Emperor would protect a worthless prince, since he had done so, there must be a reason for it.

Two hours later.

At the North Prince Mansion.

Chu Yuqin was patrolling the inner courtyard when suddenly, a female guard entered the yard and said to her, “Madam Chu, someone from the Mysterious Moon Palace has arrived.”

Hearing this, Chu Yuqin was momentarily stunned, not immediately understanding what was happening.

After a while, she regained her senses, looked at the female guard before her and asked, “The Mysterious Moon Palace? What are the people from Mysterious Moon Palace doing at the North Prince Mansion?”

The female guard replied, “I’m not sure either, but one of the women mentioned she knows you and wishes to meet.”

As the female guard spoke, Chu Yuqin had a flicker of a woman’s image in her mind.

Then Chu Yuqin said, “i understand, i’llhead over right now.”

Following the female guard, Chu Yuqin soon arrived at the mansion’s entrance.

There was a carriage parked at the entrance of the North Prince Mansion, and the people inside had not yet alighted.

Not long after Chu Yuqin reached the mansion’s entrance, the carriage curtains were finally pulled back, and a beautiful woman in purple Cloud Attire stepped down from the carriage.

Upon seeing that the visitor was Lin Wanyun, Chu Yuqin’s mind went blank for a moment; then, she asked in surprise, “Lin, how come you’re in North City?”

While speaking, Chu Yuqin approached Lin Wanyun. Lin Wanyun didn’t immediately answer Chu Yuqin’s question but instead greeted her with a gentle smile, “Yuqin, it’s been many years since we’ve seen each other, hasn’t it?”

Chu Yuqin reminisced, “Yes, we haven’t seen each other since you went to the Mysterious Moon Palace.”

Chu Yuqin glanced at the carriage, then asked again, “Lin, your visit to North City is for…?”

Lin Wanyun replied, “The Palace Master and I are passing by North City. i heard that you were also here, so 1 wanted to come and see you.”

Upon hearing Lin Wanyun’s answer, Chu Yuqin was surprised.

Then, she looked at the carriage and asked, “Is the Palace Master of the Mysterious Moon Palace inside the carriage?”

Lin Wanyun nodded, “Yes.”

The Palace Master of the Mysterious Moon Palace usually does not wander around; leaving the palace generally means there’s some significant matter.

Chu Yuqin had not expected to encounter the Palace Master of the Mysterious Moon Palace in North City.

At this moment, Chu Yuqin quickly said, “Sister Lin, please wait a moment, I’ll go and let Chen’er know you’ve arrived.”

Having said this, Chu Yuqin prepared to turn around and find Lu Chen.

Even though Chu Yuqin knew she held a high invisible status in the Prince’s Mansion, and that Lu Chen respected her greatly, she would not make the decision to let people into the Prince’s Mansion without Lu Chen’s permission.

To invite people into the Prince’s Mansion, one must either inform the princess consort or tell Lu Chen, the Prince.

Just as Chu Yuqin turned around, Lu Chen happened to come out of the main gate of the Prince’s Mansion, “Madam Chu, 1 heard we have visitors?”

Just now, the guard at the door had not only notified Chu Yuqin but had also informed Lu Chen about the arrival of guests at the Prince’s Mansion.

Curious upon hearing this, Lu Chen wondered what kind of guests the North Prince Mansion could have and promptly made his way to the entrance to see for himself.

Seeing Chu Yuqin speaking with a beautiful woman, Lu Chen’s eyes lit up.

The beautiful woman was dressed in a purple Cloud Attire with her hair swept up high, resting on her fragrant shoulders, and placed in front of her chest. The woman looked dignified and elegant, with a grand and graceful demeanor, and her beauty was on par with Chu Yuqin’s.

Lu Chen immediately used the system to identify her.

[Name: Lin Wanyun]

[Identity: Adopted daughter of the Left Minister of the Great Xia, Lin Gaoyuan, who later left the Lin Family to join Mysterious Moon Palace, a Half-step Grandmaster, 31 years old this year. She came to North City following the Palace Master Chen Wanrong, intending to use the blood of the North Prince to refine the Subtle Dragon Spell to counter the Sum Emperor.]

[Rating: 95]

[Favorability: 60 (because you are her friend’s son)]

Seeing the prompt in front of him, Lu Chen was somewhat surprised, not expecting a beautiful woman with a rating of 95 to arrive at his doorstep, and she was a friend of his mother’s?

No wonder she seemed so familiar with Chu Yuqin.


Although this woman’s favorability towards him was reasonable, her visit likely had an ulterior motive.

Even though Lu Chen did not know what the Subtle Dragon Spell was, the system’s description showed that she intended to use his blood to refine it, and it was meant to target his father, the Emperor.

Clearly, the Mysterious Moon Palace was an enemy of the Great Xia Dynasty.

At this moment, Lu Chen’s gaze fell upon the carriage cabin.

Since Lin Wanyun had followed the Palace Master here, then the Palace Master must be inside the carriage. Judging by the name that appeared in the system’s introduction, the Palace Master of the Mysterious Moon Palace seemed to be a woman as well?

As he pondered this, Chu Yuqin’s voice brought Lu Chen back to the present.

“Chen’er, it’s good you are here, let me introduce you. This is your mother’s sworn sister, her name is Lin Wanyun, an elder of the Mysterious Moon Palace. She joined the palace not long after you were born, so you have not met her.”

Hearing this, Lu Chen quickly approached the two women.

Upon seeing Lu Chen, Lin Wanyun immediately performed a curtsey and said, “This humble woman pays respects to the Prince.”

Lu Chen smiled faintly, then responded, “There’s no need to be so formal, as you are my mother’s sworn sister, according to our relationship, 1 should call you Madam Lin.”

Hearing this, Lin Wanyun’s favorability immediately increased by five points.

Seeing this happen, Lu Chen couldn’t help but think, is it really that easy to increase this woman’s favorability?

It seems, then, that winning her over should be relatively easy?

A woman with a 95 rating coming to him on her own accord, Lu Chen was certainly not going to be polite.

Just then, the curtains of the carriage cabin slowly opened, and a figure in white clothing stepped down from the carriage..

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