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Chapter 69: Chapter 69 How Could You Treat Me Like This_i

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Chu Yuqin wanted to channel her energy to soothe the unusual sensations in her body and calm her restless heart, but just like before, she now had no skill within her, just like an ordinary person.

Chu Yuqin couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous; every time she interacted with Lu Chen, she felt this way. If it continued, who knows, one day she might make a mistake.

Fortunately, at this moment, Lu Chen didn’t make any inappropriate moves. He held Chu Yuqin tightly, with his head resting on her fragrant shoulder, whispering in her ear, “If one day something happens to me, you must take care of Zixuan and the others, I’m entrusting them to you.”

Hearing the tone of Lu Chen as if he were entrusting his last wishes, Chu Yuqin quickly said, “Chen’er, if you say such things again, I will get angry.”

In Chu Yuqin’s opinion, Lu Chen’s words were very inauspicious. If they really became a terrible omen, what would she do if something happened to him?

Seeing the seriousness in Chu Yuqin’s tone, Lu Chen smiled and said, “Okay, I won’t say it anymore.”

Feeling the softness of Chu Yuqin’s body, Lu Chen’s thoughts wandered to other matters, his blood surged, becoming somewhat restless.

A unique subtle fragrance assailed Lu Chen’s nose, ceaselessly provoking him, as if it were teasing him.

Chu Yuqin also noticed the strangeness at this moment. She shifted slightly, trying to distance her hips from Lu Chen.

However, Lu Chen did not comply with her wish. His large hand shifted slightly downward, securing Chu Yuqin’s hips in place, preventing her from moving.

Chu Yuqin’s heart was in turmoil. She hadn’t expected Lu Chen to be so bold. She quickly pushed Lu Chen away slightly from the upper half of her body, then looked at him with eyes brimming with spring waters, and asked, “Chen’er, do you feel better now?”

“If you do, please let go of me.”

There was a hint of pleading in Chu Yuqin’s voice, if this continued, things might really go awry.

Lu Chen said, “I still feel uncomfortable, let me stay a bit longer, it’s probably because of the many hidden injuries I’ve accumulated. I need some time to heal.”

Chu Yuqin’s face flushed, and she said softly, “Can your hands be a little more behaved? Don’t touch everywhere, if this continues, 1 will really get angry.” Lu Chen, with an innocent face, said, “Touching randomly? No, haven’t my hands been right here the whole time?”

Chu Yuqin pursed her lips and said nothing more; it was really difficult for her to articulate.

As time passed, Chu Yuqin found it increasingly hard to suppress the restlessness in her heart; her entire body softened, relying on Lu Chen to stand.

At this moment, Lu Chen looked into Chu Yuqin’s beautiful eyes and said, “1 feel that this method of recuperation isn’t very effective anymore. We need to go a step further.”

Hearing this, Chu Yuqin, who was already in a daze, suddenly came to her senses.

Go a step further?

Their bodies were already pressed together; if they took another step, wouldn’t that mean…

Chu Yuqin didn’t dare to think further and hastily said, “No, we can’t do that sort of thing!”

Seeing the excited look on Chu Yuqin’s face, Lu Chen smiled and said, “You misunderstood me, that’s not what I meant.”

Hearing Lu Chen’s words, Chu Yuqin relaxed a little, then asked with a tender tone, “Chen’er, what do you mean by going further…”

Before Chu Yuqin could finish speaking, Lu Chen leaned in and took the initiative to kiss her fragrant lips.

Chu Yuqin’s mind went blank.

She hadn’t expected Lu Chen to do such a thing, and his actions were so sudden she didn’t even have time to dodge.

At that moment, Lu Chen glanced at Chu Yuqin’s favorability; it had always been at 98, just missing two points to reach 100.

But with his proactive kiss, Chu Yuqin’s favorability didn’t decrease; instead, it increased by one point, reaching 99.


Lu Chen felt somewhat incredulous, as he had braced himself for Chu Yuqin’s favorability towards him to decline after such incident.

Actually, this was quite understandable. Chu Yuqin had always harbored those feelings for him deep inside, and with the continuous influence of the Dragon and Phoenix Tea, her heart had long belonged to him.

However, due to certain conventional morals of the world that shackled her like chains, she never dared to take things further with Lu Chen.

But today, Lu Chen took the initiative to break the awkward standoff between them, which directly shattered the chains around Chu Yuqin’s heart, causing her favorability towards Lu Chen to start rising.

After Chu Yuqin regained her composure, she quickly raised her hand, incessantly pushing against Lu Chen’s chest, trying to push him away.

“Umm umm umm…”

Chu Yuqin, while pushing Lu Chen’s chest with her jade hand, made protesting noises, but Lu Chen didn’t pay attention to any of these.

This was the best chance for desensitization; if he and Chu Yuqin continued without anything further happening, their relationship would remain in a deadlock like this.

Lu Chen didn’t plan to take Chu Yuqin today, but it was essential to get her accustomed to being intimate with him. Only then would she be able to accept him more readily when it came to proper matters in the future.

Chu Yuqin struggled for a moment, and upon realizing that she couldn’t budge Lu Chen, she had no choice but to give up and passively comply with his kisses.

After what seemed like an eternity, Chu Yuqin felt Lu Chen’s hands becoming increasingly restless. Her mind snapped back to clear-headedness, realizing that if this continued, she would likely become Lu Chen’s woman.

No! This can’t go on any longer.

He is Yue’s child!

I can’t make a mistake!

From where she got the strength, she didn’t know, but she suddenly pushed him, and this time, she actually managed to push Lu Chen away.

After pushing Lu Chen away, Chu Yuqin spoke with tears in her eyes and shame and indignation, “Chen’er, you’ve gone too far!”

“How could you treat me like this!”

“I’m your aunt, you know!”

Seeing Chu Yuqin’s pitiful and moving appearance, Lu Chen felt guilty inside. He immediately said, “Just now, I don’t know what happened. I suddenly couldn’t control myself, and it might have something to do with the Immortal Law I’m practicing.”

“I was wrong. Please don’t be angry, okay?”

Hearing Lu Chen’s words, Chu Yuqin calmed down a bit. She wiped away her tears with her sleeve and then asked, “How is your body feeling now?”

Lu Chen replied, “It has recovered some. It’s much better than before.”

Hearing Lu Chen’s answer, Chu Yuqin said, “I can help you recuperate, but you must not mess with me again!”

Lu Chen showed a crestfallen expression and said, “I understand.”

Seeing Lu Chen’s demeanor, Chu Yuqin knew she had been too harsh with her words. She felt extremely guilty, and then she took the initiative to move closer, leaning on Lu Chen’s broad chest.

Witnessing this, Lu Chen was stunned. He hadn’t expected Chu Yuqin to come closer on her own.

At that moment, Chu Yuqin said, “Don’t move, just let me hold you.”

Hearing this, Lu Chen replied, “Okay.”

After a little while, Chu Yuqin noticed something off about Lu Chen again, and with her face flushed, she fiercely scolded, “Chen’er, you little rascal, why are you always so restless!”

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