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Chapter 52: Chapter 52 Indeed, Someone Should Be Sent to Watch Over Him_l

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According to the regulations of the Mysterious Moon Palace, the child born to the Goddess of the Mysterious Moon Palace is the God’s Son, so Lu Chen is the God’s Son of the Mysterious Moon Palace.

Thinking of this, the Sum Emperor’s face showed an unsettled look.

Now, he somewhat regretted having sent Lu Chen to establish a feudal domain.

This was an extremely unstable factor, after ail, it involved the sects within the territory of the Great Xia.

The Mysterious Moon Palace might well use the North Prince to deal with the Capital city.

Moreover, the Mysterious Moon Palace is now suspected of colluding with the remnants of Chen Nation; who knows what they are planning to do.

With this thought, the Sum Emperor let out a cold laugh and said, “The aristocratic families are not yet resolved, and the sects have jumped out. They truly never give me a day of peace.”

Hearing these words, Situ Ce suggested, “Your Majesty, if you are worried about the North Prince colluding with the Mysterious Moon Palace, why not send a Shadow Guard to surveil him?”

Hearing Situ Ce’s suggestion, the Sum Emperor pondered for a moment, “Indeed, someone should be sent to watch over him.”

As he finished speaking, the Sum Emperor turned to someone behind him and said, “Commander Bai, this task will be yours. Go to North City yourself. 1 want to see which Grandmaster is so kind to Chen, always staying by his side to protect him.”

At this moment, no one seemed to be behind the Sum Emperor, but as his words fell, the figure of a woman dressed in white clothing gradually appeared.

The woman had a graceful figure and a cool complexion, without a trace of expression on her face.

She said with a bow, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Sum Emperor continued, “Alright, you may leave now.”

“Your subordinate takes leave.”

As her words fell, the woman’s body disappeared once again, as if she had turned invisible.

Seeing the Sum Emperor dispatch the Deputy Commander of the Shadow Guards to North City in person, Situ Ce felt incredulous and then asked, “Your Majesty, isn’t it a bit of an overreaction for Commander Bai to go to North City to investigate this matter?”

The Sum Emperor indifferently replied, “Anything concerning the Mysterious Moon Palace is no small matter.”

Since the Sum Emperor had put it that way, Situ Ce said no more. He knew very well that the Sum Emperor was extremely wary of the Mysterious Moon Palace, and it had a lot to do with Chu Yue.

At this point, Situ Ce raised a question, “Your Majesty, Mu Changtian should be leaving the Capital city in these few days, right?”

Upon hearing Situ Ce’s mention of Mu Changtian, the Sum Emperor’s expression changed slightly, growing dark.

“What, does the State Preceptor mean to plead on behalf of Mu Changtian?”

Hearing the Sum Emperor’s icy tone, Situ Ce knew that nothing he said would make a difference; the Sum Emperor was set on his course, determined to eradicate Mu Changtian and his family.

Since nothing would change the Sum Emperor’s mind, Situ Ce decided not to waste more time and immediately said, “That’s not the case, but I would like to advise Your Majesty that if you plan to take action against the aristocratic families of the South, it is essential to have several trusted people by your side.”

Mu Changtian could have been a sword for the Sum Emperor to use against the Southern aristocratic families, but the Sum Emperor, wary of his military power, insisted on bringing him down.

Now, there were fewer and fewer people around the Sum Emperor who could be trusted, and in the future, he might indeed become a solitary figure.

However, Situ Ce had no intention of interfering excessively; as long as the Great Xia Dynasty bore the surname Lu, it had nothing to do with him as a Grandmaster.

In the face of Situ Ce’s reminder, the Sum Emperor said dismissively, “The State Preceptor’s advice will be remembered.”

In the residence of Prince Lu Shuyun.

Lu Shuyun, looking at the intelligence gathered before him, sneered and said, “My ninth brother really has dumb luck, to think that the soap and perfume he created would make so much money!”

The rivalry among princes for the succession also requires silver to bribe and win over people’s hearts, so Lu Shuyun always puts great emphasis on making money.

For instance, the experts employed at his residence were all recruited with silver. Without silver, he wouldn’t be able to attract so many experts.

Seeing Lu Chen indulging in pleasure all day long at the Prince’s Mansion, not having to do anything or care about anything, and entrusting all the mansion’s business to a woman who could make hundreds of thousands of taels of silver, how could Lu Shuyun not feel jealous?

He had built up so many industries, yet could not earn hundreds of thousands of taels of silver in a month, but Lu Chen, that useless prince, could, which made Lu Shuyun feel extremely unbalanced inside.

Upon hearing Lu Shuyun’s words, a retainer by his side whispered, “Your Highness, why don’t we find a way to steal the methods for making soap and perfume from North Prince Mansion, and then we can sell soap and perfume ourselves?”

Lu Shuyun said indifferently, “No need. The Tower Master of Blood Moon Tower has personally gone to North City. It shouldn’t be long before he can bring back the methods for making soap and perfume.”

Upon hearing these words, the retainer’s face changed greatly, and he quickly said, “Your Highness, at this time we absolutely must not touch Prince Lu Chen. If anything happens to Prince Lu Chen, many in the court will say it was you who sent someone to assassinate Prince Lu Chen, and this incident would be very detrimental to your fight for the succession.”

“Now is a critical time, we can’t afford any mistakes.”

Facing the retainer’s advice, Lu Shuyun did not care at all, “The situation in the Capital city is chaotic now, and not many people care about that useless prince up north.”

“Moreover, the Barbarian Tribe will soon head south, and no one will know that this was done by Blood Moon Tower. The attention of the court ministers will only be focused on the Barbarian Tribe.”

Upon hearing Lu Shuyun’s words, the retainer’s expression stiffened. Obviously, the amount of information in Lu Shuyun’s words was too huge, leaving the retainer by Lu Shuyun’s side momentarily unable to react.

A few days later.

At the gates of the Capital city.

A row of prison carts passed through the city gates, but the common people did not throw stones or rotten eggs at the prisoners inside as usual.

The common people all knew that today was the day that the Duke Mu Residence family was being exiled, and all the people inside these carts belonged to the Duke Mu family.

Who Duke Mu was, the common people still understood; he was one of the Great Sum Dynasty’s Sky Kings who had supported the Sum Emperor’s rise to the throne.

Although he had fallen to this state, the common people still held a sense of awe toward him.

At this very moment.

On the city wall.

A man dressed in silver armor looked at the slowly moving prison carts and asked the person next to him, “Is everything ready?”

The soldier beside him immediately said, “General, rest assured, it is guaranteed there will be no mistakes!”

The man nodded in satisfaction, his gaze fixed on Mu Changtian inside the prison cart, and then he muttered to himself, “Teacher, may you have a good journey!”

For the first two days, the convoy carrying the Duke Mu Residence did not encounter any danger, and the Duke Mu people even thought they might already be safe.

But Mu Changtian was not a fool. Over these two days, they thoroughly checked everything they ate and used. Although it was unlikely that the soldiers escorting them would take action against them, it was necessary to be cautious.

Moreover, he did not believe that the Sum Emperor would let their family off the hook.

He was, after all, one of the Great Sum’s Sky Kings, and even though his martial arts had been crippled, in the eyes of the Sum Emperor, letting him go was still akin to freeing a tiger back to the mountain.

Two nights later, the Duke Mu Residence convoy arrived at an inn.

There were no villages in front nor shops behind the inn, and there were no people for a long distance around. Seeing that it was already so late, the officials escorting the Duke Mu family suggested to Mu Changtian, “Duke Mu, how about we rest here for the night?”

Although the Duke Mu Residence had been exiled, the officials escorting them still treated the family with great respect.

Mu Changtian’s lips curved slightly upward before he said, “Fine, let’s rest here for the night then..”

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