Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.652 - : The Death of a Golden Immortal (1)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.652 - : The Death of a Golden Immortal (1)

Chapter 652: The Death of a Golden Immortal (1)

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Without the protection of Golden Immortal Li, the attacks of the Golden Immortals chasing behind him blasted towards Shen Ping. Although these attacks were suppressed by the rules of the world and their power was greatly reduced, the casual attacks of the Golden Immortals were comparable to the full strength of a Tenth Tribulation Itinerant Immortal. If it were any other Tribulation Transcendence cultivator, not to mention blocking, they might even be severely injured.

However, not only was Shen Ping fine, even his flying speed was not affected at all.

Ling Guan and the other Golden Immortals quickly noticed the armor treasure that the other party was wearing as it easily blocked their attacks.

“As expected of a Great Dao treasure. Even a junior in the Tribulation Transcendence Realm can rely on this to block our attacks!”

The flames in the eyes of many Golden Immortals became even stronger. They chased for another twenty breaths. Shen Ping saw that a portion of the spatial turbulence in front of him had already formed a spatial vortex and spatial fragments. Clearly, the environment here was even more dangerous. Be it the spatial vortex or spatial fragments, they could easily kill a Mahayana Realm or a Tribulation Transcendence cultivator.

These spatial fragments were surrounded by nebulae that were like dense forests. There was no lack of thick nebulae that could block divine sense detection.

“Here’s my chance!” His eyes lit up as he activated his teleportation talent and crossed a large distance. However, he deliberately teleported to the side of a nebula in the distance and continued to escape.

Ling Guan and the other Golden Immortals were first shocked. They had long heard that the human junior’s escape technique was astonishing. He had the means to instantly erupt from an extremely long distance. Today, they had truly witnessed it.

“This guy wants to use the nebula and spatial vortex to shake us off. Why don’t we split into four teams? The other three teams will surround him from the flank to prevent him from escaping in a big circle!”

Hearing the voice transmission of the Spirit Race’s Beast Spirit prodigy, the eyes of the other Golden Immortals flickered. They understood that this prodigy of the Spirit Race wanted to take this opportunity to monopolize the results. After all, the four races were pursuing. If they caught that human junior, it would be inevitable that they would be afraid of each other. It was better to split up early and see who was lucky enough to catch up first.


“I second that!”

The Demon Race, Flame Race, and Devil Clan replied almost at the same time. They had long had this intention.

Therefore, the 30-odd Golden Immortals chasing after him quickly split into four teams. The Spirit Race had the most number of people, a total of ten. The Demon Race was second, and lastly, the Flame Race. They had the least number, only five Golden Immortals.

Shen Ping, who was near the nebula, immediately noticed this situation. A cold smile appeared on his lips. As expected, he had guessed correctly. Under the stimulation of huge benefits, these foreign races naturally could not be united. Even if they were of the same race, they probably wanted to catch up to him first. “Flame Race, I’ll start with you guys first!”

After a few consecutive teleportations, he had already flashed near the spatial fragment in the distance. This place was already the core of the Starry Sea. Even Tenth Tribulation Itinerant Immortals did not dare to go deep. Although the Golden Immortals were not afraid, they had to be careful.

Shen Ping had an armor treasure and wasn’t worried about the impact of the spatial fragment. He used his Pupil of Sea Beast to check on the movements of the five Golden Immortals of the Flame Race. Then, he adjusted his position and kept approaching them.

Not long after, the Golden Immortals of the foreign races who could not detect Shen Ping did not panic. In any case, they were certain that Shen Ping was definitely hiding near a thick nebula. It had to be known that a large number of Golden Immortals were rushing over from behind. At the very least, Shen Ping would not be stupid enough to return for the time being.

However, as time passed, the Golden Immortals of the foreign races, who had not discovered Shen Ping, split up again. Every three Golden Immortals formed a team and went to the various spatial fragments and thick nebulas to investigate.

There were only five members of the Flame Race, and they were also divided into two teams.

Shen Ping, on the other hand, stared at the team that only had two Golden Immortals. Five minutes later, he flashed near the nebula they were investigating. Then, he let the golden spider clone of Soul Parasite transform into him. His main body used the Great Dao fluctuations to hide and wait.

In just two to three breaths, these two Golden Immortals of the Flame Race discovered the disguised Shen Ping. Because the golden spider’s illusion technique was extremely powerful, it could even disguise the aura of an armor treasure. Therefore, they did not suspect anything and immediately rushed towards Shen Ping’s avatar excitedly.

Shen Ping’s clone immediately fled into the thick nebula.

“Little fellow, stop struggling uselessly and obediently surrender!”

They were about to catch up to Shen Ping. The eyes of the two Golden Immortals of the Flame Race behind him flickered with excitement.

Boom! The powerful Immortal Dao spell hit Shen Ping’s clone. The golden spider was not strong to begin with, and its defense was not too strong. This attack directly injured Shen Ping. However, under Shen Ping’s control, the clone immediately used an illusion technique and transformed into two Shen Pings, fleeing left and right.

The two Golden Immortals of the Flame Race chased after him without thinking. Whoever could catch up to the real one would be the first to succeed. As for the fact that Shen Ping could kill a Golden Immortal, they had long forgotten about it. Moreover, Shen Ping was already injured. They did not believe that a heavily injured Tribulation Transcendence cultivator could kill them.

Shen Ping’s main body knew that this illusion could not delay for more than a few breaths, so after waiting for two breaths, the aura of his body suddenly soared.

Talent enhancement.

Strange Beast Secret Technique.

Beast Spirit State.

Like a dormant poisonous snake, he completely erupted with all his strength. With the enhancement of the Great Dao fluctuations, the tip of the Primordial Chaos Spear stabbed out at an extremely fast speed..

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