Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.648 - : Tribulation Transcendence (1)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.648 - : Tribulation Transcendence (1)

Chapter 648: Tribulation Transcendence (1)

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After knowing the plans of the Devil Clan, the Spirit Race, and the other foreign races, there was not much meaning in continuing to stay in the Canglan Continent and kill the Immortal Dao experts of the Demon Race. Therefore, Shen Ping returned to the western area of the Abyss of Supreme Darkness through a spatial rift that day. He first went to the frontline battlefield.

The battle here was incomparably intense. Many guest elders of the True Treasure Pavilion, as well as some sect elders and Void Refinement and Body Integration cultivators who were on good terms with them, came here to fight the foreign races. However, most of the human sects sealed their mountains and did not come out. Only a portion of the guest elders in the pavilion chose to leave.

Shen Ping did not let Yue Lingluo force them. After all, this was a matter of life and death. If it was anyone else, they would prioritize their own lives. As for the guest elders who dared to fight the foreign races, he had already asked Yue Lingluo to remember them. After the crisis passed, he would give these guest elders additional resources.

He floated in midair. He looked at the battlefield. However, none of the Hall Masters and some main hall-level Body Integration experts retreated and entered the battlefield.

They had fought with Derivative Beasts in the five continents and four seas. Facing the foreign races, none of them retreated. Originally, he hated some of the hall masters, but at this moment, the disgust in Shen Ping’s heart disappeared a lot.

“Lingluo.” When he arrived at the rear camp set up by the True Treasure Pavilion on the battlefield, he entered one of the barracks and saw Yue Lingluo, who was wearing armor and magic treasures. The strongest strength of the other wives and concubines was only at the Void Refinement Realm and could not participate in such a battle. As for Yue Lingluo, she was at the Body Integration Realm and would not have much of a problem here. Furthermore, as the person in charge of the True Treasure Pavilion, if she did not appear under such circumstances, it would definitely be a huge blow to the morale of the human race.

“Husband!” When she saw Shen Ping, Yue Lingluo revealed a look of joy. She naturally knew that Shen Ping had gone to the Canglan Demon World. Although her husband was very powerful, no one could guarantee that they would win in a battle between cultivators. Now that she saw her husband return safely, the worry in her heart instantly dissipated.

The two of them hugged briefly and got down to business.

“Husband, you don’t have to worry about the battlefield. Although the foreign races have sent many Body Integration cultivators and Mahayana Realm experts, our True Treasure Pavilion has a very strong foundation. We rely on various powerful array formations, puppets, spirit insects, and other methods to gain the upper hand.

“Especially some Void Refinement and Body Integration cultivators from your hometown. They have many methods and are extremely strong in combat. Furthermore, they are very good at techniques. In less than a few months, more than 20 Void Refinement cultivators died in their hands. Even one of their Body Integration cultivators died.”

Yue Lingluo paused for a moment and continued, “The only thing we need to consider is the defense line in the sea of stars. If it collapses, will the foreign races send True Immortals and Heavenly Immortals to help the foreign races? Although you left behind a powerful immortal array, it will probably be very difficult for us to activate it to resist the True Immortals and Heavenly Immortals with our cultivation.”

Shen Ping nodded and said in a low voice, “The power of those immortal formations is indeed not low. They can resist True Immortals and Heavenly Immortals. How about this? I’ll talk to the Starry Sea and ask them to send a few True Immortals and Heavenly Immortals to maintain it.”

Yue Lingluo smiled and said, “Thank you, husband. With a True Immortal and Heavenly Immortal presiding over this place, as long as the Golden Immortals don’t attack forcefully, this place will be safe.”

They chatted for a while more before Shen Ping kissed Yue Lingluo’s red lips and said softly, “It’s been hard on you this time.”

Among his wives and concubines, Yue Lingluo was the only one who could help him. Yingyue and Pei Huoyu actually wanted to help, but their strength was still too low. Here, Yue Lingluo could not do anything.

“Husband, for us cultivators to be able to die in a battle with the foreign races can be considered a worthy death. It can’t be said to be difficult. Moreover, this is what I should do.” Yue Lingluo said frankly.

“If you’re in a desperate situation, send me a message!” Before leaving, Shen Ping said solemnly.

“I understand, husband.”

Back in Gray Stone City, Shen Ping walked slowly on the main street of the city that was as cold as a ghost market. His heart calmed down instead. Looking at the closed shops around him, he seemed to recall the days when Cloud Mountain Parlour had encountered a calamity. However, the difference was that he was an ant at that time. He could only try his best to find various ways to leave.

Now, he was indeed a powerful Beast Spirit prodigy who could fight a Golden Immortal. As the saying went, if the sky collapsed, there was a tall person holding it up. He was that tall person.

He walked back to the City Lord Manor. As soon as he arrived at the corridor, he saw a few worried maids. These maids were all Golden Core cultivators, but even if they were maids, there were many female Golden Core cultivators who wanted to enter the City Lord Manor.

But now, the City Lord Manor has become the most dangerous place.

“Greetings, Pavilion Master!”

When these maids saw Shen Ping and bowed, their eyes were filled with surprise and joy. Previously, the residence was empty. They thought that the Shen family had already left and left them here to fend for themselves. They did not expect the pavilion master to still be here.

Shen Ping nodded. When he passed by them, he sensed that the maidservants’ footsteps were brisk. They were clearly much more relaxed than before. He stood still and wanted to say something, but his lips moved a few times, but he did not say anything.

If Cloud Mountain Parlour had an expert guarding it back then, he probably wouldn’t have been under much pressure.

He came to the Scenery Pavilion not far from the lake. He walked up the tall building and placed his hands on the railing. He looked down at the scenery in the residence and some buildings in the distant city and suddenly felt a heavy pressure in his heart. He understood that this was responsibility. This responsibility was not only the concern of his wife, concubine, and Dao companions, but also a sense of belonging to the maidservants in the residence, the many cultivators in the city, and all the human cultivators in the Abyss of Supreme Darkness after he integrated into this world..

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