Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.646 - : Complete Outburst (1)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.646 - : Complete Outburst (1)

Chapter 646: Complete Outburst (1)

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Under the cover of the Heaven and Earth Great Dao fluctuations, Shen Ping teleported several times like a ghost to the node of the Void Spirit Immortal Sealing Array. Every node was guarded by a Level 2 Ancient Demon. They would never have thought that the human beast spirit prodigy they were looking for would actually take the initiative to find them.

After all, no matter how peerless a genius was, it was impossible for him to fight a Golden Immortal at the Mahayana Realm, let alone kill one in an instant. As long as these Level 2 Ancient Demons could withstand four to five breaths of time, the Level 2 Ancient Demons at the other nodes could rush over through the immortal formation. At that time, Shen Ping would definitely die when facing many Level 2 Ancient Demons.

It was precisely because of this that these Level 2 Ancient Demons still dared to guard the node alone after knowing Shen Ping’s powerful strength. He looked at the Level 2 Ancient Demon that was already in the attack range.

Shen Ping’s heart could not help but beat faster. Golden Immortals were experts even in the Immortal Dao territory. They were existences who could become the lord of a city in a remote immortal city, and now, he was going to challenge such an expert.

Beast Spirit state activated.

Enhancement talent activated.

Spirit Transformation secret technique activated.

Boom! His late-stage Mahayana Realm cultivation had climbed to the peak of the Tribulation Transcendence realm, and his aura was much stronger than a Five Tribulation Itinerant Immortal.

The Level 2 Ancient Demon, who was sitting cross-legged and waiting quietly, also sensed the aura fluctuation at the first moment. He was not shocked but delighted. “Hahaha, human junior, you’re really bold. You actually dare to come to my door. Since you took the initiative to die, stay!”

Splash. In half a breath’s time, the area within hundreds of thousands of kilometers of the node was enveloped by a terrifying demonic aura pressure. There was a demonic domain with extremely strong suppression and restraint.

“Die!!!” The Level 2 Ancient Demon condensed a fist and smashed it fiercely at the source of the aura. In an instant, his fist was the size of a towering mountain. Not only did it lock onto Shen Ping, but it also sucked up all the demonic aura in a radius of thousands of feet.

Even when facing a Mahayana Realm junior, it used its full strength. If it were an ordinary Mahayana Realm cultivator, they would not be able to withstand the pressure alone.

However, Shen Ping’s expression did not change at all. The Great Dao treasure on his body, the Heavenly Star Armor, had blocked the pressure of the Demonic Qi Domain. He was not affected at all. Under the powerful cultivation, magic power, and strange beast energy at the peak of the Tribulation Transcendence, the fluctuations of the Heaven and Earth Great Dao, and the enhancement of the Beast Spirit, the silver spear body of the Primordial Chaos Spear had already completely turned purple.

As the fist of the Level 2 Ancient Demon pressed down, the purple Primordial Chaos Spear suddenly erupted with a purple aurora that seemed to be able to penetrate space. This was the power of the third form, Extreme Purple Divine Brilliance.


As the purple aurora burst forth, waves of shocking beast roars condensed behind the dazzling light. Time and space seemed to have stagnated, and even the towering mountain-like fist stopped.


The purple aurora directly pierced through the fist, and at the same time, it instantly struck the Level 2 Ancient Demon with an unparalleled terrifying power.


The mid-grade immortal artifact armor on its body instantly shattered, and its body, which could easily withstand the attack of an immortal artifact, cracked. However, this Level 2 ancient demon did not die. As its eyes revealed shock, it hurriedly took out a bottle of liquid and drank it. Its ruptured body barely suppressed the terrifying and sharp destructive power.

Immediately after, it burned its life and soul and fled crazily to another node at an incomparable speed. It also sent a message to its leader, “T-That human junior has the strength to kill a Level 2 Ancient Demon!!”

Shen Ping held the Primordial Chaos Spear and teleported to chase after it. Although he could no longer unleash the power of the third form, he could easily kill this Level 2 Ancient Demon who was seriously injured and on the verge of death. Just as he was about to take out the high-level beast spirit treasure that bound the enemy, the Level 2 Ancient Demon suddenly emitted a green fog. This fog actually corroded his divine consciousness and mind. He had no choice but to immediately expel and suppress the fog.

In the time it took to breathe, the second-stage Ancient Demon had fled far away.

Shen Ping, who had dispersed the fog, sensed a huge aura coming from afar. He frowned and could only teleport away first.

It had only been four breaths since he attacked. He did not expect the other Level 2 Ancient Demons to support him so quickly. Most importantly, the Level 2 Ancient Demons had more methods. They even had poisonous fog that could corrode the soul.

If it was just a method targeted at his body, with the armor supreme treasure, he did not have to care. However, his soul was different.That was his greatest weakness.

However, Shen Ping was not too disappointed that he could not kill the second-stage Ancient Demon this time. Other than intimidation, his main goal was to test his strength. Now, through this second-stage Ancient Demon, he estimated that all his methods should be comparable to a Golden Immortal.

However, due to the power of the Great Dao fluctuations and the special nature of the strange beast energy, it was difficult for Golden Immortals to resist.

After all, the power of the Great Dao was generally only used by Immortal Kings. This was a direct suppression of the energy level.

His teleportation and aura concealment methods were the key. Without these two abilities, no matter how strong he was, it would be difficult for him to approach the Level 2 Ancient Demon immediately. The other party would have enough time to deal with it.

“This time, I think these experts of the Demon Race will be afraid of me. They might even ask for help from the Star Sea defense line or the upper echelons of the Demon Race’s Immortal Dao. It’s impossible to attack the Level Two Ancient Demons next. I can only target the Ancient Demons and True Demons guarding the spatial rift..”

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