Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.643 - : Apprehension (2)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.643 - : Apprehension (2)

Chapter 643: Apprehension (2)

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Mu Jin, Yin Honglian, Yu Qingling, Yingyue, and the others nodded. At this level of cultivation, they were not afraid of death, but they were afraid of their husband’s death.

Shen Ping closed his eyes and sat cross-legged in the quiet room. A mysterious and obscure aura fluctuation lingered around his body. Time and space seemed to no longer exist. In the World Pearl, the body condensed by consciousness kept collapsing and collapsing. After another hundred collapses, Shen Ping’s powerful spiritual sea felt that it could not hold on.

He retracted his consciousness and immersed himself in his sea of consciousness again. Looking at the True Book of Dao Origin that was floating side by side with the World Pearl, he could not help but sigh. He had already comprehended the first diagram on the first page long ago. However, when he was about to continue comprehending the second diagram, he realized that it was difficult for him to comprehend it. Now, after trying more than a hundred times, he had no choice but to stop comprehending.

“I can clearly understand part of the diagram through the second annotation. Why can’t I enter the state?”

He suppressed the doubts in his heart. He opened his eyes and looked at his palm. With a thought, a medicinal pill slowly condensed in the center of his palm. This medicinal pill was the Foundation Establishment Pill. Although it was effortless for him to refine such a low-level medicinal pill with his alchemy cultivation, such a situation where he did not need any materials and only relied on his mind to condense a medicinal pill was unheard of in the past. It was simply a divine power that made something out of nothing.

Tens of breaths passed. The Foundation Establishment Pill turned into dust and disappeared.

A smile appeared on Shen Ping’s lips. This was what he had gained from comprehending the first painting for nearly 100,000 years. The condensation just now was not made out of nothing, but condensed from comprehending the essence of the Great Dao and communicating with the invisible origin of space. Unfortunately, he had not comprehended the origin of the Great Dao. His body could not contain and absorb the origin of the Great Dao, so he naturally could not create something out of nothing. If he had the origin of the Great Dao, not to mention the Foundation Establishment Pill, even an immortal pill could be instantly condensed.

After all, the world itself evolved from Origin. Every flower, grass, and tree was the Origin.

After comprehending the first diagram, he had already become a true beginner in the fluctuation of the Great Dao. Although he had yet to master the fluctuation, he could activate this fluctuation at any time and even fuse it into his divine power spell techniques, including the Primordial Chaos Spear. “The beast form, beast skin, beast bone, and beast blood in the Beast Scripture are all close to the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. At the scale level, they have already begun to come into contact with the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth and reveal the true power of the strange beasts. However, this power is still superficial and is far from the true power of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth!”

He had a deeper understanding of the strange beasts and the Beast Scripture.

He no longer only knew how to comprehend them and did not understand their principles like before. He could even vaguely guess that the Beast Scripture was created by an expert at the Venerable Sovereign level. This was because to create it, he needed to analyze and grasp the principles of the Heaven and Earth Great Dao contained in the strange beasts. Only then could he combine the Hundred Arts of the Immortal Dao to create it.

Only a Venerable Sovereign who had grasped the Heaven and Earth Great Dao could do this.

He stood up. He stretched his body and stepped out of the quiet room. Although he did not manage to comprehend the second diagram of a top-notch Great Dao secret technique this time, comprehending the first diagram had already caused Shen Ping to undergo a true transformation from the inside out.

Even ordinary walking carried traces of the Great Dao. Of course, this was because he had just comprehended it. However, his strength had indeed increased drastically.

After all, in the past, when he comprehended the Beast Scripture or even became a Beast Spirit to activate the Beast Spirit Treasure, the power he unleashed was only the superficial power of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, it might not even be considered as superficial. Even so, the power was terrifying. Now, he had already entered the basics of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth and could truly unleash a trace of the power of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.

Simply put, if the fake power of the Heaven and Earth Great Dao was a bow and arrow, then the true power of the Heaven and Earth Great Dao was a cannon. The two were simply worlds apart.

“I wonder if I can fight a Golden Immortal now.” As he walked slowly, Shen Ping pondered. Golden Immortals were the limit of what the lower realm could withstand. If he could fight Golden Immortals head-on, he would no longer have to fear or worry.

“I have to comprehend a combat-type Great Dao secret technique as soon as possible. Only then can I better use the fluctuations of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth to form my own combat strength!”

The Primordial Chaos Spear was a top-notch Beast Spirit Treasure. Its first and second forms were actually not very powerful. At the third form, which was to comprehend the power of the scale armor level, there was a true qualitative change. He thought so in the past, but after cultivating a top Great Dao secret technique, he had a different understanding.

Although the Primordial Chaos Spear form was powerful, it was difficult for anyone to truly unleash it. This was because the power in the Primordial Chaos Spear was created by other experts.

Everyone cultivated differently, so it was naturally impossible for them to perfectly display other people’s secret techniques. Therefore, most experts would create their own secret techniques in the end.

Shen Ping had yet to reach the level of creating his own secret technique, but he would try his best to unleash everything he had comprehended and master

It could be said that this was also his greatest gain this time. How could he, who was not good at fighting in the past, understand this?

“Husband, you’re finally out of seclusion!”

Before he reached the pavilion by the lake, beautiful figures flashed in front of Shen Ping.

Looking at the expressions on Wang Yun, Yu Yan, and Pei Huoyu’s faces, Shen Ping could not help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Yan hurriedly said, “There’s a problem with the defense line in the sea of stars. According to Senior Zhan, who’s guarding Gray Stone City, the Immortal Dao experts of the foreign races have increased their attacks this time. The array formation puppet barrier can’t hold on and will collapse soon.” Shen Ping did not have much of a reaction. He smiled and said, “It’s fine. Even if the defense line collapses, those Golden Immortals won’t be able to kill their way in with the immortal array in the residence. Moreover, there’s the Nine Continents Tower. When the time comes, you can enter the five continents and four seas to ensure your safety.”

He had many ways to protect himself. Be it the teleportation, enhancement, Pupil of Sea Beast, Soul Parasite, Great Dao treasures, bronze talismans given by the Venerable Sovereign, immortal formations, and so on, he was not afraid of Golden Immortals. As long as his wife, concubine, and Dao companions were fine, he was not afraid even if the Golden Immortals of the foreign races surrounded him.

Wang Yun, Yu Yan, and the other wives and Dao companions quickly calmed down. Of course, it was not because of Shen Ping’s words, but because when Shen Ping came out of seclusion, their anxiety disappeared.

When he came to the pavilion by the lake to rest, Yue Lingluo explained the situation of the cultivation cities under the jurisdiction of the True Treasure Pavilion. In addition, there was the frontline battlefield. This battlefield was caused by the joint attack of the foreign races last time and had become a place for the various races to train their juniors. However, recently, the number of foreign race experts has increased greatly. Among them, there were even Body Integration cultivators who killed human cultivators wantonly. The cultivators of the Demon Race frequently entered and left, and they were very rampant. If it was in the past, Shen Ping did not take it too seriously. However, ever since he gave birth to a descendant with a bloodline, he had completely integrated into this cultivation world. He even treated the Abyss of Supreme Darkness as a place for his family to live and cultivate. Although there was a better human cultivation world, he often wandered around the five continents and four seas. Now, as his cultivation level increased, unless it was necessary, he would definitely not bring his wife, concubine, and Dao companions away. Therefore, he instructed, “Send a message to the guest elders in the pavilion to stabilize the various cities. Prepare to fight the foreign races. No matter how difficult the situation is, our True Treasure Pavilion will definitely resist the foreign races at the front.”

Other than giving instructions, he also gave Yue Lingluo a lot of immortal spirit stones and immortal arrays and other resources. He asked her to send people to various cities to settle down.

After making the arrangements, he came to the Immortal Abode Building in the city and found the Heavenly Immortal senior who was presiding over it. “Senior Zhan, I wonder how long the defense line in the sea of stars can last?” The Heavenly Immortal senior shook his head and said, “According to Senior Li, we can last for more than ten years at most. At that time, the Golden Immortal seniors at the defense line will come to Gray Stone City and find an opportunity to break out of the encirclement and head to the cultivation world of our human race.”

“More than ten years… is enough!” Shen Ping pondered for a while before leaving the Immortal Abode Building. He returned to the quiet room and first used the Taiyi Void Immortal Talisman to spend a hundred years sorting out his comprehension. Then, he used half a month to adjust his state before stepping out of the City Lord Manor.

This time, he wanted the Immortal Dao experts of the foreign races to know the outcome of suppressing him, Shen Ping..

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