Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.639 - : Venerable Sovereign’s Instruction (2)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.639 - : Venerable Sovereign’s Instruction (2)

Chapter 639: Venerable Sovereign’s Instruction (2)

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As soon as he said this, the other Immortal Venerables had different expressions, but they smiled bitterly at the same time. If Shen Ping became a disciple of the Venerable Sovereign, how would they dare to let him contribute a Great Dao secret technique? The meaning revealed by the Venerable Sovereign was already very obvious.

Immortal Venerable Nanji was the first to smile. “Most of the strongest prodigies of the other races acknowledge the Venerable Sovereign as their master. Our human race naturally has to nurture outstanding juniors. We can’t let the other races laugh at us.”

Immortal Venerable Qi nodded. “That’s right. This junior, Shen Ping, has excellent comprehension and character. He will definitely not be humiliated if he becomes a Venerable Sovereign’s disciple.”

Immortal Venerable Yue simply raised her hands in agreement. She pursed her red lips and said, “Shen Ping is the strongest prodigy of our human race. This matter will become a legend.”

The other Immortal Venerables echoed when they saw this. A smile appeared on Venerable Sovereign Tian Hong’s face. “Since everyone agrees, this matter is settled. As for the Great Dao secret technique…”

Immortal Venerable Nanji immediately said, “Just follow the rules of the previous race. If the Immortal Venerables are willing to take out their items, they can obtain a certain amount of race’s contribution. If the other Immortal Venerables want this item, they have to pay the race’s contribution The Great Dao secret technique is special. They can contribute according to the time they spend comprehending and cultivating the secret technique. Part of this contribution can be given to the person who provides the secret technique.” “Agreed.”


“That’s very kind.”

At the headquarters of the Four Seas True Treasure Pavilion in the five continents, Lian Xuejin quickly received a message from the Venerable Sovereign. After knowing the outcome of the discussion about the Great Dao secret technique, her tense mind relaxed. When she found out that the Venerable Sovereign was going to take Shen Ping as his disciple, her eyes immediately revealed joy.

This was a Venerable Sovereign! He was a majestic expert standing at the peak of all races. To be able to acknowledge such an expert as his master could be said to have reached the heavens in a single step.

Many immortal kings did not have such a chance. Although Shen Ping was a Beast Spirit genius and extremely outstanding, Lian Xuejin had never thought that Venerable Sovereign would take him in as a disciple.

There was no hesitation. She hurriedly went to the side hall where Shen Ping was cultivating and told him the news. However, Shen Ping was not very excited. He looked at Lian Xuejin and said, “Master, I already have you. How can I acknowledge another as my master?”

He walked the Beast Spirit lineage. Although the Great Dao was similar, he had always relied on himself most of the time. He had relied on the virtual interface and some opportunities. Therefore, even if he could benefit a lot from becoming Venerable Sovereign’s disciple, Shen Ping did not feel much. Perhaps it was because he had interacted with Immortal Venerable many times and had personally seen Venerable Sovereign’s projection.

Lian Xuejin’s dignified and gentle face revealed a rare blush. She glared at Shen Ping and said earnestly, “Disciple, cultivators like us pursue the longevity of the Great Dao. It’s normal for us to acknowledge many experts as masters. For example, I have three masters. One is a Foundation Establishment cultivator one is a Nascent Soul cultivator, and the last is your grandmaster.

“You’re already at the Mahayana Realm and have walked the Beast Spirit lineage. You even obtained a top-notch Great Dao secret technique. I can’t teach you anything at all, so if you can become a Venerable Sovereign’s disciple, you will grow faster.”

She smiled and said, “Besides, even if you become a Venerable Sovereign’s disciple in the future, I’m still your master. How can you not acknowledge me?” There was even a hint of coquettishness behind.

When Shen Ping heard this, he could not help but chuckle. “Master, how can I not acknowledge you? You will always be my master.”

“Alright, quickly tidy up. It’s best if you burn incense and take a bath before meeting the Venerable Sovereign.”

“Yes, Master.” After separating from Lian Xuejin, Shen Ping tidied himself up a little and arrived at the core of the Nine Continents Tower. Not long after, he saw the Venerable Sovereign’s projection in the narrow room. “Disciple Shen Ping greets Master!”

He immediately performed the apprenticeship ceremony. A smile appeared in the Venerable Sovereign’s eyes. “Not bad. Although this place is simple, since you bowed, you will be my registered disciple in the future.”


A gentle force pulled Shen Ping up.

“I have a total of 15 personal disciples. Twelve of them are already at the Immortal King Realm. The other two are Immortal Venerables. Unfortunately, they died in the Realm Sea. You’re the youngest I’ve taken in.”

Venerable Sovereign Tian Hong sighed with emotion. Then, he looked at Shen Ping and said, “Generally speaking, taking in disciples, even in-name disciples, is a huge matter for the race. However, the situation is special now. Everything’ is simple. Very few people know about this. Don’t publicize it for the time being. After you ascend, it won’t be too late to hold a grand ceremony.” At this point, he tapped his finger on Shen Ping’s glabella. A stream of divine sense information surged in. Shen Ping’s body trembled slightly, and he immediately received a large number of Dao patterns in his sea of consciousness.

“These are Dao pattern words. Although it’s a basic cultivation at the Immortal King and Immortal Venerable level, it will take at least a thousand years to completely cultivate it with your divine sense and cultivation. I’ll directly teach it to you, but it will save a lot of time.”

Venerable Sovereign Tian Hong said with a serious expression, “You should have heard about the Great Dao secret technique from your master, but I want to hear your opinion.”

Shen Ping first digested the Dao pattern information, then adjusted his emotions and said, “Master, top-notch Great Dao secret techniques are inherited. They are recorded in my sea of consciousness and can’t be obtained by others. As for ordinary Great Dao secret techniques… I’ve already handed one of them to Master Lian. I’m willing to contribute a Great Dao secret technique according to the rules of the race.”

Venerable Sovereign Tian Hong smiled and said, “For you to have such thoughts, you still have a big picture. Great Dao secret techniques are precious. Even at the ordinary level, ordinary cultivators have to be at the Immortal King realm to come into contact with them. Only Beast Spirits don’t have such restrictions. If your master wants to become a true Beast Spirit, it will take a lot of effort.”

Shen Ping said without thinking, “I will do my best to make Master Lian a Beast Spirit.”

Venerable Sovereign Tian Hong could not help but laugh. For Shen Ping to treat his master like this, his character could be seen. Although he did not need this disciple to do anything for him, he was still very satisfied with his character. They chatted about the Great Dao secret techniques.

The Venerable Sovereign changed the topic and said, “Disciple, do you still remember what I told you previously? Before ascending, try your best to comprehend a Heaven and Earth Great Dao.”

Shen Ping hurriedly said, “I’ve remembered it.”

“I can’t explain the specifics to you. You only need to know that after comprehending Heaven and Earth Great Dao before ascending, you will obtain the blessing of Heaven and Earth when you ascend. This is a gift from the world to living beings. This kind of gift is very rare. Even I missed such an opportunity.”

After hearing this, Shen Ping was slightly shocked. It was actually a gift from the heavens. “Master, I will definitely do my best.”

Venerable Sovereign Tian Hong nodded. “You have a top-notch Great Dao secret technique and are a Beast Spirit. Realm Sea Peak has carefully nurtured Beast Spirits. I think it’s possible. In addition, you obtained many Great Dao secret techniques this time. The upper echelons of the various races will definitely take action. You have to be mentally prepared.

“Although the upper echelons of the various races valued you, they would not really care too much. However, top-notch Great Dao secret techniques are different. The upper echelons of the various races might risk everything. The humans, including me, can only give you some protection. However, accidents are inevitable, so you have to be vigilant.” A strange bronze talisman appeared in his palm. “This bronze talisman can save your life at the critical moment It’s the same even if other Venerable Sovereigns do it themselves. You have to take good care of it.”

Shen Ping took the bronze talisman. “Thank you, Master.”

Venerable Sovereign Tian Hong instructed, “All external objects are only for support. Cultivation still depends on oneself. You can walk the Beast Spirit lineage. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. If you have any questions about Dao patterns and Great Dao comprehension, you can ask me.”

“Yes, Master.”

He watched as the Venerable Sovereign’s projection disappeared.

Shen Ping held the bronze talisman and felt relaxed. With his identity as a Venerable Sovereign’s registered disciple, he did not have to hide when he obtained resources in the future.

He returned to the main hall.

He first bade farewell to Lian Xuejin, then left the five continents and four seas and returned to the City Lord Manor of Gray Stone City. He came to the pavilion by the lake and looked at the rippling lake water. He was in a very good mood and was not in a hurry to cultivate the Great Dao secret technique He extended his divine sense and sensed his wife, concubine, and Dao companions before sending a voice transmission..

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