Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.622 - : Shen Ping’s Advantage (1)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.622 - : Shen Ping’s Advantage (1)

Chapter 622: Shen Ping’s Advantage (1)

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Immortal Venerables had cultivated for a long time and were incomparably experienced. Most of them had encountered methods similar to imitation abilities, but they were not as strange and exquisite as the golden-purple worm. There were still ways to see through this, but the premise was that they had to know more information about the golden-purple worm.

However, this was what they lacked. Therefore, when Shen Ping made the suggestion, Immortal Venerable Nanji, Immortal Venerable Qi, and the other higher-ups of the Immortal Dao looked over.

“Although this kind of insect’s form, appearance, and aura are imitated perfectly, I don’t believe that they can even imitate memories. I believe that all the seniors have some similar memories. With this, we should be able to quickly distinguish them.”

This was the easiest way to think of. The Immortal Venerables nodded.

Shen Ping smiled. “I’ll go first.”

The reason why he did this was firstly because he did not want to expose his methods too early, and secondly, he wanted to see how strong the imitation ability of these golden-purple insects was.

“Before entering the Strange Beast Gate, I once chatted with Master about my wife and concubine. How about we use our magic power to engrave these words in the jade slip and take them out for the other seniors to see before letting Master appraise them?”

Shen Ping, who was disguised as a golden-purple insect, smiled and nodded. “Sure.”

Lian Xuejin watched this scene. She knew that Shen Ping was bluffing the other party. The two of them had never discussed such a topic.

A few breaths later, the jade slip that had been engraved floated in the air. As the fluorescent light on the jade slips disappeared, the two jade slips displayed no words.

Shen Ping’s pupils dilated. The expressions of the other Immortal Venerables turned solemn when they saw this. Even if the golden-purple worm could steal its memories, it was impossible for it to carve a wordless like the real Shen Ping when it was engraved with magic powers.

This meant that the golden-purple worm on the stone plate should have some method to guess or see through the thoughts and actions of the real Shen Ping.

“Looks like memorizing won’t work. Shen Ping, do you have any unique divine powers, spells, and other methods that can be displayed?” Immortal Venerable Qi reminded him.

Shen Ping nodded. “I have a mystical ability that can fuse talismans and array formations.” As he spoke, he took out hundreds of ordinary talismans and used the Sea of Talisman.

The eyes of the other Immortal Venerables lit up.

“It’s a pretty good divine power technique.”

The golden-purple insect also took out a talisman and used the same divine power.

“He can even imitate a unique divine power!”

This time, the Immortal Venerables felt that it was troublesome. Immortal Venerable Nanji seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly said, “Shen Ping, try the methods of the Beast Scripture.”

Shen Ping came to a realization. He took out the Primordial Chaos Spear and used the power of the first form, Blood Light. The disguised golden-purple worm also took out the Primordial Chaos Spear, but the power of the blood light was clearly different from Shen Ping’s.

Immortal Venerable Nanji, Immortal Venerable Qi, and the others laughed, “Haha, so this worm can’t use the power of the Beast Scripture. It only knows how to imitate!”

The power of the Beast Scripture needed to be fused with the concept of strange beasts. Even if the golden-purple insects could use unique energy to imitate the power, the concept inside was difficult to display. Naturally, the power displayed in the end was completely different.

And everyone present was a Beast Spirit genius. As long as they used a Beast Spirit Treasure, they could easily distinguish it.

Pfft! There was no need for Shen Ping to do anything. The Immortal Venerables directly killed the golden-purple worm. This shocked Shen Ping. Although these Immortal Venerables were only in the Golden Core realm, the methods they could use were much stronger.

Immortal Venerable Nanji smiled and said, “You can use immortal artifacts on this stone plate. Otherwise, you really won’t be able to destroy this worm. Alright, it’s my turn next.”

Before he could begin, the disguised Immortal Venerable Nanji suddenly rushed towards the mat. The other golden-purple insects also rushed over. “Hmph, I’ve long been on guard against you!”


A dazzling purple saber light appeared. These disguised golden-purple insects turned into balls of light. The balls of light contained beast blood’s essence. Every golden-purple insect contributed three beast blood’s essences.

After dealing with the bugs, Shen Ping and the other Immortal Venerables revealed relieved smiles.

“This bug is indeed difficult to deal with, but now it seems that its flaws are also very obvious. In fact, even without the Beast Scripture, we can still distinguish it.”

Immortal Venerable Qi, Immortal Venerable Yao, and the others knew what Immortal Venerable Nanji was talking about. They were all Immortal Venerables and naturally comprehended the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. This method could not be used by imitation.

“Tsk tsk, although these insects are a little difficult to deal with, they contributed a lot of beast blood’s essence. The more the better for us!” Immortal Venerable Bing teased.

The other Immortal Venerables laughed. Then, they told each other about their encounters in the dilapidated wooden house and the stone city. Shen Ping also told them. As soon as they reflected each other, the Immortal Venerables knew the advantage of being ranked at the top.

“In that case, the higher one’s ranking is, the faster they can recover their magic powers. Moreover, they can also use Dharma treasures and other items in their storage. The difficulty of the test is also lower, but the restrictions of us Immortal Venerables who are at the back are not small. Shen Ping, since the stone plate has gathered all the Beast Spirit geniuses of the same race, I’m afraid the subsequent tests will have to be faced together. You have the advantage, but us Immortal Venerables still have to rely on you.” Immortal Venerable Nanji said.

The other Immortal Venerables nodded one after another.

Shen Ping was humble for a while before quickly changing the topic..

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