Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.615: This is Shen Ping (2)

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.615: This is Shen Ping (2)

Chapter 615: This is Shen Ping (2)

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Right now, they finally understood how strong the Shen family was.

“Everyone, the small matter that happened just now shocked everyone. Fortunately, it was a close call. The Demon Race, Devil Clan, Flame Race, Spirit Race, and other foreign races have never stopped wanting to destroy our human race. I hope everyone will be vigilant. Alright, everyone, continue to enjoy the banquet dance and listen to the music.” Shen Ping said with a smile.

The hall returned to its lively state. However, all the cultivators understood that from today onwards, the status of the True Treasure Pavilion in the Abyss of Supreme Darkness would be unshakable. In the future, there would be more and more Body Integration, Mahayana Realm, and even Tribulation Transcendence cultivators who wanted to become a guest elder of the True Treasure Pavilion.

“Husband, are you alright?” In the middle of the banquet, when they were drinking, Wang Yun, Yu Yan, and the other wives and Dao companions asked one after another.

Shen Ping waved his hand. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

It seemed simple to kill the Ancient Demon, but it was actually not difficult at all. The Ancient Demon had hidden himself extremely well and even suppressed the energy revealed by the magic power in his body, even the Pupil of Sea Beast did not notice it. However, the reason why he chose to hold a banquet in the palace was because no matter what happened, he could ensure the safety of his wife, concubine, and Dao companions immediately.

This palace was a special kind of high-level beast spirit treasure. Not only could it suppress it, but it could also instantly form a defensive barrier. Coupled with the immortal formation, it could be said to be foolproof.

The immortal formation was powerful, but activating it required time. This time was the reaction time. If it were other cultivators, even if they had the immortal formation, it would be difficult for them to react to the powerful Ancient Demon’s attack. However, Shen Ping was different. Moreover, the palace did not need it, so the entire process was not difficult. When he saw the demon erupt, he was not anxious or worried.

The last two attacks were purely to test his strength after consuming thirty Beast Blood’s Essences. From the looks of it, he was indeed much stronger than before, especially when he was in the Beast Spirit state. With the help of the special circumstances in the palace and immortal formation, he could barely fight against the Ancient Demon.

“Looks like the Pupil of Sea Beast is not a perfect strange beast talent.”

This attack reminded him that since the Demon Race could arrange for such an Ancient Demon to infiltrate, they could arrange for a second and third… He would pay extra attention in the future.

At the defense line of the sea of stars.

The moment Ancient Demon Chaha died, the Golden Immortal in charge of the Demon Race sighed, “It failed. My actions were so meticulous. Moreover, it successfully infiltrated, but we still couldn’t kill him. It’s really difficult to deal with this human Beast Spirit genius. We can only wait until we break through the defense line in the sea of stars and the Golden Immortals of the various races attack the City Lord Manor together.”

Ling Chen quickly received the news. He was also very helpless. Even though he knew that the chances of success were not high, he still had a trace of hope. Now, his hope had been shattered. “Report as soon as possible.”

After the upper echelons of the Spirit Race learned of this, they cursed him for being trash and did not blame him too much. After all, they knew very well that it was very difficult to kill geniuses under the protection of the human race. If it was easy, the geniuses of the other races would have died 800 times.

“I’ll think of other ways after the Beast Spirit Ranking and the palace are born.”

“Shen Ping, are you alright with the sudden attack of the Demon Race?”

After the banquet, the Heavenly Immortal guarding Gray Stone City came. After knowing that there was nothing wrong, he reported the news. Then, the sea of stars sent two more Heavenly Immortals and a Golden Immortal puppet. If he encountered this again, it would be safe with the Golden Immortal puppet by his side.

They had been negligent. They thought that with the detection of the Heavenly Immortals and the envelopment of the immortal formation, the Demon Race would not be able to penetrate. Unexpectedly, this happened. When the higher-ups of the human race, Immortal Venerable Nanji, heard this, he reprimanded Golden Immortal Li.

Fortunately, Shen Ping was fine. If anything happened to him, all the Golden Immortals and other Immortal Dao experts in the sea of stars would be blamed.

“Master, I’m fine.” Shen Ping replied.

Lian Xuejin said worriedly, “This matter shows how much the foreign races value you. Why don’t you come to the five continents and four seas?”

Shen Ping shook his head and said, “Master, my strength is increasing day by day. The targeting of the foreign races is instead a form of training. I’m relatively lacking in terms of killing and fighting. I can use this to train.”

Lian Xuejin frowned. “That’s true, but what if… Forget it. With the Nine Continents Tower around, you can come in at any time. Remember, don’t show off in a crisis.”

“I understand.”

The two of them chatted briefly about the Beast Spirit Ranking before ending the conversation.

Time passed slowly. Thirty years passed in a flash. There were only a few years left before the Beast Spirit Ranking opened.

Those Beast Spirit geniuses from the various races who did not have the confidence to enter the top 10,000 were all anxious. Although Senior Artifact Spirit had not mentioned the ranking limit, from the previous situation, it was obvious that the top 10,000 had an advantage. This time, the appearance of the palace was their only chance. If they missed it, they would really be completely eliminated.

Therefore, many Beast Spirit geniuses were seeking the essence of Beast Blood. This was the fastest way to increase their comprehension.

The Winged Clan.

Yin Ting has been disturbed a lot these days. Other than her sister, some prodigies of the Winged Race had personally come to ask for it. However, the beast blood’s essence was given to her by Shen Ping, so she would not give it to the prodigies of the Winged Race. To be honest, she did not get a share of the beast blood’s essence she gave to the race last time.

“Junior Sister Yin, no matter what you need, I’ll try my best to provide it. I just want one, one beast blood’s essence.”

Today, another prodigy came. Yin Ting gave the same answer. Her master sighed, “Disciple, the Beast Spirit Ranking will begin soon. If you can help the prodigies of the clan, help them. The more people enter the top 10,000, it will be helpful to you. We’re all from the same race.”

Yin Ting shook her head. “Master, my beast blood’s essence was all given to me by Shen Ping. I’ve also used it up. There’s no excess at all. Moreover, I’ve already done my best by handing ten to the clan.”

Her master also knew that it was a little too much to ask for more. After all, the value of the ten beast blood’s essences was extremely high, and the upper echelons of the clan were very satisfied. This was also the reason why Yin Ting could enjoy the acceleration of a thousand years. “Disciple, how is your comprehension?” She changed the topic and asked.

“Disciple has already comprehended 20% of the Beast Blood Concept. The might of the strange beast has also reached the level of Beast Blood.”

Yin Ting didn’t hide anything. Her master smiled, “Not bad. At this level, you’re already a prodigy of the Winged Race. Although the progress of the prodigies of the various races is increasing, the beast blood is still a huge threshold. I believe it won’t be difficult for you to enter the top 5,000 this time!”

There were not many people in the top 5,000 of the Winged Race. If her disciple could enter, the reward she would receive would be huge.

“By the way, you have an extremely good relationship with Shen Ping of the human race. Which rank do you think he can enter this time?”

Yin Ting’s calm expression revealed a smile. “Fellow Daoist Shen should be able to enter the top 20. He has a top-notch beast spirit treasure. Previously, he was only lacking in the level of comprehension. Now, he has long reached the level of beast blood. It’s not difficult for him to enter the top 20. He might be able to enter the top 10.”

Her master was surprised, “Top ten? You really think highly of him. I admit that he’s indeed very monstrous, but the top ten are all the strongest prodigies of the various races. Even the strongest prodigies of my Winged Race can’t enter. But it’s possible to be in the top twenty.”

Yin Ting didn’t say anything, but she felt that her husband would definitely be able to enter the top ten.

It was not only the Winged Race who was concerned about Shen Ping’s advancement to the Beast Spirit Ranking this time. The upper echelons of the human Immortal Dao were even more concerned. After knowing that he had completed the beast blood, all of them felt that it was not difficult for Shen Ping to enter the top 20, but it was relatively difficult for him to enter the top 10. Top-notch Beast Spirit Treasures could increase his combat strength and occupy a huge advantage. But the number of people from the various races who had comprehended the scale armor had increased to seven.

Coupled with his Beast Spirit state, the competition for the top ten was very intense. Not to mention the Realm Race and the Stone Race. Other than the strongest prodigies, it was said that the other top prodigies had all entered the scale armor level.

“As long as you can enter the top 20, it’s already not bad. Disciple, don’t feel too pressured!”

A few years later, the Beast Spirit Ranking opened. Before entering the Strange Beast Gate, Lian Xuejin reminded him. Shen Ping said calmly, “Master, don’t worry. I don’t feel any pressure at all.”

Without comprehending the beast blood, he entered the top 50. Now that he had comprehended the entire beast blood level, it was too easy for him to enter the top 20..