Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques - C.649 - : Overwhelming the Same Generation

Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques

C.649 - : Overwhelming the Same Generation

Chapter 649: Overwhelming the Same Generation

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“Chen Fei, of the Primordial Sword Sect, Chen Fei!”

Upon hearing Tan Bingxiu’s question, Chen Daoheng’s emotions suddenly surged. The previous feelings of unwillingness and resentment resurfaced, even stronger than when he first woke up.

Chen Daoheng’s soul was originally pure, but due to his current emotions, dark streaks began to spread.

“Calm down!”

Seeing this, Si Huayuan couldn’t help but utter a low shout.

Si Huayuan’s voice wasn’t loud, but to Chen Daoheng’s ears, it sounded like thunder, causing him to feel dazed for a moment before slowly recovering.

“You have no physical body now, and your soul has just awakened. Overly intense emotions will make your soul inclined to strangeness. If you still want to pursue the path of strangeness, you must learn to control your emotions from this moment on!” Guo Xuanji said in a deep voice.

Awakening a soul requires the use of a peak-level Spiritual essence from a Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivator.

The current moment was special, giving them the opportunity to kill a peak-level Combined Aperture Tempering realm expert for this purpose.

In any other circumstances, the death of a peak-level Combined Aperture Tempering realm expert within the Thousand Feathers Alliance would be a major event, even potentially alarming the Mountain Sea Realm cultivators.

They were willing to give this opportunity to Chen Daoheng because they valued his talent and insight, hoping that he could grow and make the Fallen Heaven Pavilion even stronger.

“Yes, disciple acknowledges the mistake!”

Chen Daoheng’s expression fluctuated, finally bowing deeply.

Chen Daoheng also realized that he was truly different from before, not only because he had died and been resurrected, but because he now found it somewhat difficult to control himself.

Various distractions emerged in his sea of consciousness. In the past, Chen Daoheng could easily eliminate these distractions, but now they seemed deeply rooted, requiring him to expend great mental effort to suppress them.

“What happened between you and Huang Yuheng in the sea area near Sea Dominion City? And what about the Primordial Sword Sect?” Tan Bingxiu asked with a serious tone.

Tan Bingxiu had never heard of the Primordial Sword Sect before, nor did he have any impression of this Chen Fei character.

Logically, someone who could consecutively kill both Chen Daoheng and the late Combined Aperture Tempering realm expert Huang Yuheng must surely possess strength at the late Combined Aperture Tempering realm stage.

There weren’t that many late Combined Aperture Tempering realm experts within the Thousand Feathers Alliance, and Tan Bingxiu usually kept track of them. The Fallen Heaven Pavilion also specifically collected information on these late Combined Aperture Tempering realm experts.

The main reason for this was to see who had the potential to break through to the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm. Once someone reached the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, their status would be completely different from before.

“Elder Huang is also dead?”

Chen Daoheng lifted his head slightly at Tan Bingxiu’s words, his eyes filled with incredulity.

The display of mid-Combined Aperture Tempering realm strength by Chen Fei that day had already amazed Chen Daoheng, and the combat power demonstrated by Chen Fei in the mid-Combined Aperture Tempering realm was simply incomparable.

However, there was still a significant gap between the mid-Combined Aperture Tempering realm and the late-Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Although Huang Yuheng was seriously injured that day due to forcing out the Black Divine’s exchange item, he shouldn’t have been killed by Chen Fei, right? Could it be that he couldn’t even escape?

“Yes, he died, within an hour of your death,” Tan Bingxiu nodded.

Chen Daoheng involuntarily clenched his fists, the feeling of resentment rising once again, with black flashes occasionally appearing in his eyes.

But in the end, Chen Daoheng suppressed this emotion and slowly recounted everything that happened that day.

From the first encounter with Chen Fei to the details of his sect, the Black Divine Realm, and every detail, Chen Daoheng explained it all in detail.

Listening to Chen Daoheng’s words, Tan Bingxiu and the others’ expressions gradually became solemn.

If Chen Daoheng had not been resurrected, they would still be unaware of the existence of places like the Black Divine Realm, and the fact that several powerful experts from the Mountain Sea Realm eventually attacked the Black Divine Realm.

According to what Chen Daoheng saw that day, those attackers were probably not ordinary figures in the Mountain Sea Realm.

Chen Daoheng had seen Min Yanlu before, although due to the difference of a major realm, he couldn’t fully grasp how powerful the Mountain Sea Realm truly was.

But the aura displayed by those outside the Black Divine Realm that day was like the end of the world, making one feel as insignificant as ants, a feeling that Min Yanlu wouldn’t experience.

Tan Bingxiu and the others exchanged glances, admiring such powerful forces undoubtedly.

However, they themselves had not even reached the level of the Mountain Sea Realm yet. To aspire to such realms would be impractical and unrealistic.

Moreover, as Chen Daoheng narrated, Tan Bingxiu and the others were more intrigued by the information about Chen Fei.

Coming from a small sect that hadn’t produced a Combined Aperture Tempering realm expert for hundreds of years, yet Chen Fei had risen so spectacularly.

From the recorded breakthrough to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm to now, in just over a decade, he had already cultivated to the mid-Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Not only had he reached the mid-Combined Aperture Tempering realm, but his combat power was so strong that even the Fallen Heaven Pavilion’s genius, Chen Daoheng, had almost no chance to fight back and was constantly suppressed.

To say that Chen Fei merely “suppressed” Chen Daoheng would be an understatement. From start to finish, Chen Fei only made two strikes, leaving Chen Daoheng with no chance to escape or hide, ultimately leading to his demise.

Huang Yuheng didn’t come back to life, so they couldn’t inquire further, but it was inevitable that he was also killed by Chen Fei upon his return.

To counter-kill a late Combined Aperture Tempering realm expert while being only at the mid-Combined Aperture Tempering realm is something that hasn’t been heard of in the Thousand Feathers Alliance for many years. Even though Huang Yuheng was severely injured at the time, he couldn’t even escape.

What extraordinary talent and insight!

Tan Bingxiu and the others couldn’t help but turn their heads to look at the figure behind the altar. The figure was still breathing in the aura of the heavens and earth, with his aura continuously advancing towards a certain location.

Once he steps into it, the world will be completely different.

Following Tan Bingxiu and the others’ gaze, Chen Daoheng also saw the figure, sensing his formidable aura as if encountering a mortal enemy.

“Elder, who is that?” Chen Daoheng couldn’t help but blurt out.

As soon as he asked, Chen Daoheng couldn’t help but regret it. This clearly involved the sect’s secrets, and if the elder was willing to disclose it, he would naturally do so.

But when the elder didn’t mention it, asking about it on his own was a major taboo.

Chen Daoheng realized that he had changed a lot compared to before this awakening. This feeling was extremely unpleasant, as if he had completely lost control.

“Shen Yuanjun!”

Guo Xuanji turned back to Chen Daoheng and said, “If you succeed in the path of strangeness, there’s no reason you couldn’t have the opportunity to break through to the Mountain Sea Realm like him!”

“Shen Yuanjun?”

Chen Daoheng was taken aback, looking at the figure in the altar with slowly dawning shock in his eyes.

Shen Yuanjun, known for many years in the Thousand Feathers Alliance as the person with the greatest talent and insight? Wasn’t he supposed to have died many years ago? Why was he here?

Shen Yuanjun’s experience was extremely legendary, his talent and insight so strong that his contemporaries couldn’t even muster the slightest resistance.

When everyone thought Shen Yuanjun had a great chance of reaching the Mountain Sea Realm, he died instead.

Shen Yuanjun, the prodigy who never reached his full potential, left a huge regret in the Thousand Feathers Alliance. Even to this day, his name is still spoken of with reverence in the Thousand Feathers Alliance.

Countless people lamented Shen Yuanjun’s fate, while also making more people realize that before their wings were fully grown, perhaps they shouldn’t reveal their sharp edges too soon, lest they bring about their own downfall.

“We captured Shen Yuanjun. Haven’t you always wondered why we’ve been doing these things for these years? It’s because he had the chance to add one more Mountain Sea Realm expert to our Fallen Heaven Pavilion!”

For Chen Daoheng to achieve anything in the future, he can only pursue the path of strangeness. Therefore, Tan Bingxiu and the other two did not hide anything from him.

Their willingness to use a peak-level Spiritual essence to awaken Chen Daoheng indicated their hope for his potential.

Furthermore, with time passing, the appearance of Mountain Sea Realm experts in the Fallen Heaven Pavilion would soon be a reality, and some secrets no longer needed to be hidden.

Listening to Guo Xuanji’s words, Chen Daoheng’s eyes slowly widened. The opportunity for a Mountain Sea Realm breakthrough in the Fallen Heaven Pavilion was provided by Shen Yuanjun? But in the end, it seemed like Shen Yuanjun’s breakthrough to the Mountain Sea Realm had little to do with their Fallen Heaven Pavilion?

As Chen Daoheng looked at Shen Yuanjun on the altar, he slowly felt something unusual.

Even though Chen Daoheng no longer had a physical body, although his emotions were prone to getting out of control, his perception of the outside world had become extremely keen.

In Chen Daoheng’s eyes, although Shen Yuanjun’s aura was vast and profound, he showed no hint of mental fluctuations. In fact, he appeared completely empty, like an empty shell.

He possessed immense power, yet he seemed completely lifeless, akin to a mere stone.

Chen Daoheng looked at Guo Xuanji and the others with suspicion, feeling some vague speculation in his mind, but it seemed too far-fetched.

“You didn’t sense wrong.”

Seeing Chen Daoheng’s expression, Tan Bingxiu and the other two showed a slight smile. Guo Xuanji pointed his right hand forward, and a spiritual light shot out, directly entering Chen Daoheng’s mind.

A surge of information exploded in Chen Daoheng’s mind, causing his body to stiffen. After a moment, as Chen Daoheng gradually digested the information, his stiff body relaxed.

“Minghe Record?” Chen Daoheng murmured to himself.

Although it was too short a time for Chen Daoheng to comprehend anything from the Minghe Record, just from the fragments of information within it, Chen Daoheng already had some understanding of Shen Yuanjun’s current situation.

Just as Chen Daoheng sensed, Shen Yuanjun was indeed an empty shell now, devoid of thoughts or consciousness, yet still able to operate techniques and absorb the essence of heaven and earth to strengthen himself.

Of course, simply absorbing the essence of heaven and earth would not be enough to break through to the Mountain Sea Realm. Otherwise, the vast Thousand Feathers Alliance would not have only three Mountain Sea Realm experts.

The Minghe Record served as an outline and a clue, but many other things needed to be done to continuously enhance Shen Yuanjun’s power.

Suddenly, Chen Daoheng remembered many things that the sect had been doing for years, and with the guidance of the Minghe Record, he gradually began to understand.

Shen Yuanjun had been dead for so many years, yet his reputation remained extremely prominent, with the Fallen Heaven Pavilion playing a significant role in promoting it.

The Minghe Record recorded that the thoughts and intentions of sentient beings were a powerful force. If gathered together, they would generate astonishing power.

Master Haiyue of the Haiyue Cave, and the Enlightenment Tower of Min Yanlu, were no exceptions..

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