Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques - C.636 - : Heaven and Earth


Chapter 636: Heaven and Earth

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For the first time, Yan Liu felt such a threat emanating from a late-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm martial artist. Such a threat, previously, Yan Liu had only sensed from other descendants of Monster Kings.

Descendants of Monster Kings were somewhat akin to the direct disciples of martial artists in the Mountain Sea Realm. But when compared directly, the advantages of Monster King descendants were sometimes even greater.

Previously, within the Wind Lake City, relying on his innate talent, Yan Liu sensed Chen Fei. At that time, it was with a playful attitude that he sought to capture Chen Fei.

After all, in comparison to the mid-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm, the disparity was too obvious. Even if a late-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm martial artist came, Yan Liu was confident he could slay them on the spot.

This confidence stemmed from his own bloodline and strength.

Yet, the human before his eyes not only concealed his realm, but more importantly, his combat power was so exaggerated that it tore through Yan Liu’s domain seal with brute force.

“Who are you?” Yan Liu’s voice condensed. Among those direct disciples of the Mountain Sea Realm, there was no figure like Chen Fei.

“Just a nameless pawn,” Chen Fei lightly chuckled, his figure flowing like a gentle breeze as he appeared before Yan Liu, thrusting his sword forward.

With the roar of the dragon and the empowerment of the five forbidden techniques, Chen Fei’s sword seemed especially terrifying.

Even Hai Ao at the late third-tier were slain on the spot by a single sword. Naturally, Yan Liu understood the extent of Chen Fei’s power.

However, when facing Chen Fei’s sword head-on, Yan Liu realized that his estimation was still too low.

The human before him wielded his power with such mastery that without confronting it directly, Yan Liu couldn’t truly comprehend the might of this sword.

Once again, a gleam of light emanated from Yan Liu’s horn, and the domain seal reappeared. Within a radius of one li, everything was once again prohibited.

Chen Fei’s body hesitated for a moment. Although he immediately broke the seal, that moment of hesitation was still a significant flaw.

In battles between strong opponents, unless the gap is too great, sometimes it all comes down to that thin line.

The iron hammer in Yan Liu’s hand, carrying the momentum of toppling the heavens, descended upon Chen Fei’s head. Simultaneously, his other seven arms blocked off all the spaces where Chen Fei could evade.

There was no time to retreat, no space to temporarily avoid the edge.

With this move, Yan Liu displayed all his strength.

The talent of this Monster King was utterly unreasonable. If one’s strength was slightly weaker, they wouldn’t even have the chance to resist and would be sealed on the spot, to be killed or tortured depending solely on the opponent’s mood.

Even if one could break the seal, their movements and techniques would undoubtedly be affected, turning the situation into a matter of life and death in an instant.


Where the iron hammer fell, it seemed as though the entire space was compressed. Such power was something few could calmly withstand in the late stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Especially just after breaking the seal, when one’s strength was at its weakest, the consequences could range from minor injuries to instant death.

Yan Liu’s brow furrowed slightly. Under the iron hammer, there was no resistance whatsoever, which was definitely abnormal.

Suddenly, Yan Liu s heart froze as a terrifying force surged towards his back.

When did someone get behind me?

Yan Liu was filled with confusion. He didn’t believe the opponent’s speed was so fast that he couldn’t see it clearly. But just now, Yan Liu indeed didn’t sense when the opponent escaped his attack.

A glimmer of light flickered on Yan Liu’s horn as the domain returned. Yan Liu turned his head to look behind, only to find no trace of the human within the domain. Instead, Chen Fei stood a mile away.

“What kind of technique is this, your talent?” Yan Liu’s brow furrowed. There were so many peculiar things about this human.

Did humans have special talents?

Yes, they did! But they mostly manifested in their affinity with the elemental forces of nature and their unique mental states. This allowed humans to grow much faster than beasts within the same timeframe.

To acquire other special talents, one had to break through to the Mountain Sea Realm and harness special talents through soul power.

As a descendant of Monster Kings, Yan Liu was very clear about these matters.

Never had he heard of a martial artist in the Combined Aperture Tempering realm possessing talents other than those cultivated through training.

Chen Fei remained silent, his brows slightly furrowed as he looked at the domain before him.

Just now, Chen Fei had directly used the power of teleportation to evade Yan Liu’s attack.

While the seal couldn’t contain Chen Fei, the momentary pause indeed had a significant impact on him. If Chen Fei had forcefully withstood Yan Liu’s attack, severe injury might have been avoided, but some degree of harm would have been inevitable.

Repeatedly enduring such attacks would not have been fighting but merely enduring a beating.

Even with Chen Fei’s current strength in activating the five forbidden techniques, he still couldn’t completely ignore the seal. Being momentarily paused was already an exaggerated performance in Yan Liu’s eyes.

Teleportation could ensure that Chen Fei wouldn’t be hit by Yan Liu’s attacks, but if Chen Fei wanted to attack Yan Liu, being unable to break through the seal’s pause would have rendered his efforts futile.

The battle seemed to have fallen into a deadlock, with neither side able to overcome the other.

Seeing Chen Fei’s silence, Yan Liu narrowed his eyes slightly.

The denser the domain, the stronger the power. However, with Yan Liu’s current level of control, a radius of one li was already the smallest range. Otherwise, if Yan Liu could further condense the domain, the sealing power would increase exponentially.

Yan Liu didn’t believe that the human before him could easily break through if he could shrink the domain.

Chen Fei wiped his forehead with his left hand, and a beam of light shot out, hitting the domain.

In the black and white field of view, various pieces of information within the domain appeared before Chen Fei.

Yan Liu seemed to sense something amiss and retracted the domain directly.

Chen Fei glanced at Yan Liu. This talent was truly enviable; not only could it seal others, but its perception was also so keen.

However, with just a quick glance, Chen Fei still managed to gather a lot of information about this domain through his divine eye.

Talent, sometimes, seemed more like a technique one could acquire without training, its operation always relying on the manipulation of the elemental energy of the heavens and the earth.

There was never anything perfect or flawless in the world, and talents were no exception.

Dealing with this domain required either overwhelming force, directly annihilating the domain’s influence with absolute power, or finding loopholes within the domain to cleverly break through.

With the power of his divine eye now, trying to break through this Monster King’s talent with just a quick glance would be underestimating it too much.

While the divine eye had glimpsed some clues, relying solely on these clues was still a long way from breaking through the domain.

Yan Liu manipulated the void with a step, closing the distance between himself and Chen Fei. Simply letting Chen Fei go like this was something Yan Liu couldn’t accept.

Having killed Hai Ao in its presence, Yan Liu couldn’t reconcile letting this human go without paying a price!

Chen Fei held the Qianyuan Sword diagonally, watching Yan Liu approaching. The violent elemental force within him suddenly paused for a moment before surging even more exaggeratedly at an incredible speed.

The originally surging elemental energy of heaven and earth boiled even more intensely, and Chen Fei’s aura, against all odds, surged once again.

Ripples spread from Chen Fei’s body, his skin starting to turn red as his flesh and bones endured immense pressure.

And with the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, such violent elemental power would be unbearable without apertures exceeding the quality of the best Combined ones. The first to shatter would undoubtedly be the Combined Apertures.

“Activate the sixth forbidden technique!”

For the first time in battle, Chen Fei pushed the forbidden techniques to the position of the sixth gate. The pressure at this level was something ordinary people could hardly imagine.

Dozens of miles away, Chen Fei’s clone suddenly paused, his stable aura fluctuating abruptly.

Peng Huaitao and the other two looked at Chen Fei in astonishment, unsure of what was happening.

Due to the clone technique, some of the immense pressure that the original body was enduring due to activating the sixth forbidden technique was now borne by the clone.

If it weren’t for the clone technique, Chen Fei wouldn’t dare to activate the sixth forbidden technique in battle. It was too risky. If things went wrong, Chen Fei might end up incapacitating himself before dealing with the enemy.

If Chen Fei wished to unlock more forbidden techniques in the future, focusing on the clone technique and enhancing the strength of the clone would be a crucial direction.

As long as the clone’s strength continued to improve, Chen Fei might even be able to treat activating the sixth forbidden technique as a regular occurrence.

As the clone’s aura fluctuated for a while before gradually declining, it indicated that activating the sixth forbidden technique was continuously harming Chen Fei’s own body, and this harm was significant.

Yan Liu’s steps towards Chen Fei abruptly halted as he looked at the almost overwhelming aura emanating from Chen Fei. Was this the late stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm?

If one were to say that Chen Fei was at the pinnacle of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, Yan Liu wouldn’t have the slightest doubt!

What late stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm could elevate their aura to such a terrifying level? Yan Liu was familiar with forbidden techniques, and he could tell that Chen Fei had unleashed several of them.

But Yan Liu had never heard of a martial artist who could treat forbidden techniques as ordinary techniques and stack them so desperately.

Yan Liu paused, but Chen Fei had no intention of stopping.

With Chen Fei mastering the power of the six forbidden techniques within him, he stepped back with his right foot. Amidst a booming sound, Chen Fei disappeared from his original position.

Within the illusion, Chen Fei appeared before Yan Liu, the turbulent sword energy revolving around the sword blade, then forcibly condensed by Chen Fei and pressed into the sword.

The Qianyuan Sword trembled violently, and the majestic sword intent covered all directions, directly piercing Yan Liu’s mind.

Yan Liu’s horn flickered as the domain returned. Simultaneously, Yan Liu’s figure rotated, appearing beside Chen Fei, and his eight arms smashed down towards him.

The beam of light from Chen Fei’s forehead seemed as if it were about to solidify. Just as the sealing power descended upon Chen Fei, the Qianyuan Sword advanced slightly. Amidst countless veins in the void, it struck a certain node.

This node wasn’t a weak point in the domain seal, but it was indeed one of the critical positions. With the Qianyuan Sword’s edge exerting tremendous force, it forcefully pierced through the node of the domain.

Before the seal could truly descend upon Chen Fei, it was directly broken by him. Without the slightest pause in his movements, Chen Fei’s figure continued to advance, and the Qianyuan Sword continued its slash towards Yan Liu.

A hint of astonishment flashed in Yan Liu’s eyes, but immediately, he suppressed this surprise. Another gleam of light emerged from his horn, but this one was entirely different from before.

Like the difference between a firefly and the full moon, this radiance brought about a terrifying aura that seemed to penetrate the heavens and the earth.

The power of a Monster King—this was the true power of a Monster King.

As a descendant of Monster Kings, Yan Liu naturally possessed a trace of the power of the Monster King. It was almost inevitable.

With this power unleashed, the elemental energy around surged instantly- cornered, Yan Liu made his final move!

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