Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques - C.633 - : The Way of Man


Chapter 633: The Way of Man

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“Not responding? You’ve got some guts!”

Chen Fei muttered to himself, gripping Yu Qiwu’s forehead tighter and tighter.

Upon hearing Chen Fei’s words, Yu Qiwu was taken aback. He had nodded just now, he had nodded vigorously. He hadn’t ignored him at all.

Yu Qiwu opened his mouth wide, trying to speak, but his throat made several futile attempts, finding himself unable to utter a single word. Sensing the increasing pressure on his head, a wave of deathly terror swept through his entire body.

Yu Qiwu struggled desperately, trying to prove his willingness to cooperate. However, all his strength seemed to be under control, and his so-called struggle was nothing but slight trembling of his body.

“Still not speaking? Fine, I’ll help you out!”

Chen Fei’s voice exploded in Yu Qiwu’s ears. Yu Qiwu’s cheeks flushed red, moments ago he could nod, but now he couldn’t even manage that. All he could do was slowly perceive the tightening palm on his head.

intense pain began to manifest in his head, and this agony only grew stronger, in a daze, Yu Qiwu felt a sense of deja vu about the scene before him. Suddenly, he remembered that just a few days ago, he had killed someone in the same manner.

The other party had already begged for mercy, but Yu Qiwu turned a deaf ear, tearing open their flesh and skin, ultimately causing them to die amidst cries of agony.

Now, his own flesh hadn’t been torn apart, but his head had completely deformed.

Was this karma?

So karma really does exist! in boundless agony, Yu Qiwu felt his vision darken, filled with a sense of unwillingness and a hint of regret, he completely lost all consciousness. Chen Fei stood up, waving his right hand, and Yu Qiwu’s body turned into dust and disappeared.

Upon entering the courtyard, Chen Fei immediately employed the Dream Entry Technique on Yu Qiwu. Facing a martial artist who hadn’t even reached the Body Tempering realm, Yu Qiwu had no resistance at all and was thoroughly seen through by Chen Fei.

To what extent can the evil in human hearts reach? Perhaps Yu Qiwu’s actions can shed some light on this question.

Even though he had been raised by sea monsters, once Yu Qiwu gained some power, he began to intensify his torture of the people in the same city.

His inner self had become completely twisted, finding pleasure in tormenting and killing others. Since that was the case, Chen Fei didn’t mind letting him personally experience the same feelings that the people he had killed had experienced at the time.

Chen Fei had no intention of being a judge, nor did he seek to champion the weak, but when faced with such situations and having the ability, he didn’t mind intervening.

For someone like Yu Qiwu, killing him was almost an inevitable choice for

Chen Fei.

Glancing at the maid beside him, Chen Fei infused a stream of Vital energy into her, rapidly healing her injuries. After scanning the entire courtyard, he flashed and disappeared on the spot.

Yu Qiwu had no idea where the people in the courtyard had gone. Here, he was just a minor character. The courtyard now truly belonged to Tian Daosheng.

Within the Wind Lake City, Tian Daosheng was already quite prominent, wielding considerable power. People like Yu Qiwu were merely his lackeys.

Chen Fei arrived at Tian Daosheng’s study, where Tian Daosheng was engrossed in writing. Suddenly, he felt darkness closing in.

Being naturally cautious, Tian Daosheng immediately sensed something amiss, just as he was about to shout, his body stiffened involuntarily, followed by a momentary blankness in his mind, forgetting everything.

A moment later, Tian Daosheng blinked, looking around with a puzzled expression, wondering what he was doing.

Glancing down at the words on the desk, Tian Daosheng suddenly remembered his writing.

He shook his head involuntarily. How could he have zoned out while writing?

Tian Daosheng picked up the brush from the desk and suddenly noticed that his arm was trembling uncontrollably, much to his bewilderment.

Tian Daosheng’s eyes revealed a look of incredulity. Despite recent nights of rigorous training, the foundation of a martial artist should not falter like this. What Tian Daosheng didn’t know was that his days were numbered. Before leaving, Chen Fei had infused a powerful force into his body, ensuring Tian Daosheng’s inevitable death within three days.

Even if other experts of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm were to arrive, they would be unable to save Tian Daosheng. Because fundamentally, Chen Fei had severed Tian Daosheng’s lifeline.

Unless someone was willing to administer a healing elixir like the Seven Treasures Soul Returning Pill to Tian Daosheng, which could only extend his life by a month at best, he would still meet his demise.

Chen Fei, like any other commoner, traversed through the shadows. Many commoners dared not stand directly in the sunlight, fearing it might attract a beating.

And it was the sort of beating that possibly resulted in disability.

As for killing, it wasn’t something done lightly. After all, everyone truly belonged to the sea monsters. If too many people died, those who held a bit of power would meet a grim fate as well.

The outskirts of Wind Lake City had seen many fields developed specifically for agriculture.

The sea monsters kept humans captive but didn’t bother providing them with food. In Wind Lake City, if people wanted to survive, they had to fend for themselves, and these fields were the result of that necessity.

Before the sea monsters arrived at the Thousand Feathers Alliance, cities like Wind Lake City would receive daily supplies of food and livestock from more remote towns.

But now, those townsfolk had all been consumed by the sea monsters. The towns were now completely deserted. To stay alive, people had no choice but to seek refuge in cities like Wind Lake City, under the protection of these sea monsters.

Escaping Wind Lake City meant almost certain death; they wouldn’t get far before being discovered by other sea monsters from within the sea, who would promptly devour them.

These smaller sea monsters had no qualms about eating humans. Discover one, eat one—no hesitation whatsoever.

Escape meant a one-way ticket to death. Stay, and survival was a mere prolongation of inevitable demise, merely delaying the time of death by a bit. Peng Huaitao, with his emaciated appearance, labored in the fields, but after just a few swings of the hoe, his complexion turned pale, and he staggered, as if he might collapse at any moment.

At the Visceral Tempering realm, with a bit of refinement, one could attempt to break through to the Aperture Tempering realm.

But that was in the past. Nowadays, Peng Huaitao’s cultivation has been crippled, which has left him with a physique inferior to even an ordinary person’s. Engaging in even a bit of labor becomes challenging for him. However, Peng Huaitao dared not collapse. Outside the fields stood several overseers, ready to beat him if he dared to falter.

Already weakened due to his cultivation being crippled, another round of beatings would likely cause him to collapse permanently, unable to ever stand again.

Seeing Peng Huaitao’s condition, Peng Shanrong quietly approached to help share the workload.

As noon approached, there finally came a moment of rest. Peng Huaitao nearly collapsed under the shade of a tree. Peng Shanrong aimed the water bottle at Peng Huaitao’s mouth, offering him a few sips of water.

“Uncle Rong, how long do you think I can survive?

After drinking some water, Peng Huaitao caught his breath and looked at Peng Shanrong, his eyes tinged with a sense of desolation. He could barely hold on any longer.

“Don’t talk like that. The patriarch will surely find a way to save you,” Peng Shanrong said, somewhat excitedly.

“HOW can he save me? There’s no way to save me,” Peng Huaitao chuckled softly, but there was no humor in his eyes.

“There must be a way, there must be,” Peng Shanrong’s voice trailed off, becoming melancholic. It had been so long, yet there was still no sign of Peng Xuming.

From the initial hopeful anticipation to the eventual complete despair, the Peng family experienced a rollercoaster of emotions.

They realized that even the formidable Combined Aperture Tempering realm experts were unable to change many things. Now, Peng Shanrong didn’t even know how many members of the Peng family were still alive.

Could it be that only he and Peng Huaitao remained?

“Let’s eat first. We won’t have time later,” Peng Huaitao took out some food from his waist and slowly stuffed it into his mouth.

The coarse grains rubbed against his tongue and palate. Months ago, this type of food, not even fit for pigs or dogs, had now become their staple diet.

By now, Peng Huaitao had even become accustomed to its taste. It was true that in adversity, people could adapt to many things.

After a brief rest, they resumed their labor.

The faint flush that had returned to Peng Huaitao’s cheeks disappeared once more, leading one to suspect that he might collapse at any moment.

But even as night fell, Peng Huaitao did not collapse.

Though his heart was filled with despair, his experiences in cultivating martial arts had ultimately forged his resilience. Until the very end, he would not easily give up.

“Another day survived!”

In the dilapidated house, Peng Huaitao looked up at the sky and murmured to himself.

Nowadays, Wind Lake City lacked many things, but there were plenty of houses. Due to the high mortality rate, there were more houses than residents, and thus there was no phenomenon of several people crowding into one house. “Your perseverance is admirable. Your cultivation may be crippled now, but you can recover from it,” a voice sounded in Peng Huaitao’s ear.

Startled, Peng Huaitao turned his head and saw a figure standing in the room, appearing out of nowhere.

“Who are you?”

Peng Huaitao sat up, looking at Chen Fei. His eyes were filled with both suspicion and hope after hearing the stranger’s words. He hoped for rescue but feared it might be nothing more than wishful thinking, leading to greater disappointment.

“Peng Xuming sent me. Come with me,” Chen Fei said as he tossed a jade pendant to Peng Huaitao.

As Peng Huaitao looked at the patterns on the jade pendant, his body trembled slightly. Finally, someone had come to rescue them!

Under the cover of night, Chen Fei led Peng Huaitao, along with his sister Peng Yuelan and Peng Shanrong, out of Wind Lake City.

Peng Huaitao and Peng Yuelan were the two individuals designated by Peng Xuming.

Taking either one of them out would allow him to obtain the Heavenly Lingzhi from Peng Xuming.

Peng Yuelan was originally of exquisite beauty, but at the moment, there was a long scar on her face, and she emitted a sour odor. However, her eyes still retained a bright gleam.

Perhaps because of these circumstances, when Chen Fei found Peng Yuelan, he noticed that despite living at the lowest stratum of society, she seemed devoid of the worries that plagued others.

Several tens of miles away, in a courtyard in Wind Lake City.

Kou Maojiang looked at the information on the array disk before him, narrowing his eyes slightly. Peng Huaitao and Peng Yuelan had joined forces, along with the old servant Peng Shanrong.. Had a Combined Aperture Tempering realm expert finally arrived in Wind Lake City?

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