Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques - C.630 - : Mountain Sea Barrier


Chapter 630: Mountain Sea Barrier

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Chen Fei’s body seemed to transform into an abyss, voraciously absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

On the ground, the mid-grade elemental stones Chen Fei had prepared in advance began to shatter, turning into powder.

After a full hour, the chamber gradually calmed down, and most of the elemental stones on the ground were depleted.

Chen Fei opened his eyes, his body floating up, then his feet planted firmly on the ground.

Ripples spread from where Chen Fei stood, crashing into the surrounding array, causing intense fluctuations.

Chen Fei looked down at his right hand, and as his fist clenched gradually, a powerful force surged within his body.

Having reached the Combined Aperture Seventh Transformation, condensing the essence flower, Chen Fei’s physique was already at the pinnacle of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, yet he advanced further.

Vaguely, Chen Fei sensed a barrier, a barrier of physique. If he could break through this barrier, Chen Fei’s physique would enter a new realm.

If he failed to break through, then Chen Fei’s physique would be stuck at this level, making further progress difficult.

“Is it the physique of the Mountain Sea Realm after surpassing this barrier?”

A thought flashed through Chen Fei’s mind: it seemed that with his current physique, he was probably stronger than the vast majority of peak Combined Aperture Tempering realm physiques.

However, a warrior’s combat power had always been primarily determined by their elemental realm.

Physique sometimes seemed more like a carrier for elemental energy. But with a stronger physique, there would definitely be an improvement in combat power, especially among peers, as evident in the inheritance of the Tiandao Sect.

At the Combined Aperture Seventh Transformation, not only had Chen Fei’s physique been enhanced, but his elemental energy and mental strength had also increased significantly due to the advancement in realm.

This was why many focused on advancing their realms diligently, as once the realm was reached, other aspects would naturally follow suit.

”My body seems to have become more sensitive, perhaps due to nearing the barrier?”

Chen Fei rubbed his palms, noticing many details that he had never sensed before now surfacing in his mind, something that wouldn’t have happened in the past.

Walking a few circles within the chamber, Chen Fei felt the subtle sensation becoming more pronounced, as if his entire body was undergoing a change, somewhat akin to metamorphosis, or perhaps preparing for it.

“I didn’t expect there to be such changes!”

Halting his steps, Chen Fei realized that true metamorphosis would only occur by breaking through that barrier. However, it was evident that with conventional methods of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, achieving this was absolutely impossible.

The physique of the Mountain Sea Realm?

Just the thought of it was enough to understand its terror. Yet, Chen Fei had never heard of anyone elevating their physique to such a realm while still in the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Not even in legends.

To explore the secrets of the Mountain Sea Realm while in the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, one would have to truly elevate themselves to that realm.

However, even without a true metamorphosis at this moment, Chen Fei looked around, sensing the feedback from his surroundings on his body, and a smile couldn’t help but appear on his face.

It was an incredibly novel sensation, as if this body were emitting a light imbued with even greater life potential.

Night fell.

In the courtyard bedroom, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth trembled for a moment, then quieted down, only to tremble again, but after a moment, it calmed down once more.

This repeated several times until the spiritual energy of heaven and earth finally settled completely.

Chen Fei lay on the bed, staring somewhat blankly at the ceiling. This wasn’t just sensitivity; it was downright overwhelming. Normally, how many times did he wake up after just an hour? What was the longest he had slept just now?

Tong Linyun was beside him, smiling brightly at Chen Fei. Chen Fei felt Tong Linyun’s gaze and couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

“I still need to cultivate, so I’ll be leaving!” Although Tong Linyun didn’t say anything, Chen Fei felt a bit overwhelmed.

“You should rest more,” Tong Linyun softly called out from behind.

Chen Fei waved his hand without speaking. Internally, he had already decided not to discuss cultivation with Tong Linyun for the time being, at least until the sensitivity of his body decreased.

As for when he adapted to the changes in his body, Chen Fei was determined to show Tong Linyun a thing or two!

The unexpected aftermath of nearing the barrier with his physique was something Chen Fei had never anticipated.

In the following days, Chen Fei consolidated his newly achieved realm breakthrough, adapting to the various changes brought about by his physique, all the while inquiring about the Heavenly Lingzhi in Thousand Feathers City.

He even checked the Task Hall in Thousand Feathers City to see if there were any similar mission rewards but found none.

Thousand Feathers City was currently a gathering place for many Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators of the Thousand Feathers Alliance. If he couldn’t find the Heavenly Lingzhi here, it would be even more difficult to find it elsewhere.

Two months later, Chen Fei perfected his cultivation in the Unfettered Matrix Technique, but still hadn’t found the Heavenly Lingzhi, leaving him unable to condense the second flower.

At the same time, Chen Fei had fully adapted to his physique, and the heightened sensitivity to his surroundings had been completely mastered.

The sensitivity hadn’t vanished nor dulled; instead, it had become a norm, ensuring that Chen Fei maintained precise control over his body without any deviations.

With the integration of the Diffracted Heavenly Eye Technique, Chen Fei had re-cultivated it to the Great Completion stage.

This newly acquired eye technique allowed Chen Fei to perceive the opponent’s movements more clearly during battles, enhancing the perfection of the Heavenly Eye.

On this particular day, in the market.

Chen Fei, as usual, attended the market exchanges on time, every time.

Although he hadn’t collected the Heavenly Lingzhi yet, he had managed to gather a considerable amount of the spiritual materials required for the third flower, thanks to these exchanges.

Additionally, during these exchanges, Chen Fei could also learn about the recent changes within the entire Thousand Feathers Alliance.

It was frequently mentioned among the Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators present that the number of Evils within the Thousand Feathers Alliance’s territory had increased significantly.

Many bizarre occurrences were happening in various sea areas, with powerful Evils appearing frequently, often reaching the third tier, and some cities even being swallowed directly by Evils.

However, these Evils that dared to swallow entire cities were forcefully eradicated afterward by the late Combined Aperture Tempering realm powerhouses dispatched by the Thousand Feathers Alliance.

Ordinary Evils didn’t dare to be so brazen, but they frequently preyed on passing ships. Compared to the act of swallowing entire cities, preying on the people aboard ships seemed trivial.

These Evils were mostly left for Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators within various sea areas to handle on their own.

The disciples of the Shadow Abyss Sect had resumed their activities within the Thousand Feathers Alliance, but it seemed that this didn’t curb the increase in the number of Evils.

On the other hand, the sea monsters were expanding their territory continuously, causing panic among those living near the coastal areas. Even in regions further away from the coast, many began to migrate.

Because no one knew how voracious the sea monsters’ appetite was, nor where the Thousand Feathers Alliance’s bottom line lay.

To prevent the sea monsters from forcibly occupying their territories later, it was better to migrate early, at least avoiding the need for a hasty retreat.

However, this resulted in unrest and turmoil in these regions, leading to numerous uncontainable disasters. Although many were swiftly suppressed, as long as the root cause of the unrest remained, these disasters would never disappear.

As the exchange began, Chen Fei routinely went to purchase various spiritual materials, offering the spiritual pills obtained from the Black Divine Realm in return.

Chen Fei’s offered spiritual pills were highly tempting, but unfortunately, no one present could meet his demands.

Many attempted to exchange other rare spiritual materials for Chen Fei’s offerings, but each offer was turned down by Chen Fei.

While the value of these spiritual materials was not low, and many were rarely seen, they were of no use to Chen Fei now, making their value futile.

“Sir, I have news about the Heavenly Lingzhi,” a voice sounded in Chen Fei’s ear as he took his seat. Shortly after, in a private room, Chen Fei sat across from Chang Yuanyin at a table.

“I don’t have the Heavenly Lingzhi in my possession, but I know who does and what their requirements are,” Chang Yuanyin said straightforwardly, looking at Chen Fei.

“Just some information isn’t enough to exchange for the pills I have,” Chen Fei frowned.

“I understand that,” Chang Yuanyin nodded, continuing, “I just want to establish a good relationship with you. The main issue is that I cannot fulfill the person’s requirements. Otherwise, I would have obtained the Heavenly Lingzhi first and then exchanged it for your pills.”

“What are their requirements?” Chen Fei asked curiously.

“They want someone to rescue a group of people in the outer seas,” Chang Yuanyin whispered.

After fifteen minutes, Chen Fei and Chang Yuanyin appeared in front of a courtyard. Without concealing their presence, soon the gates of the courtyard opened, revealing a slender old man standing behind the door.

“Why are you here again? The Heavenly Lingzhi is not for sale unless you can bring someone back!” Peng Xuming saw Chang Yuanyin, furrowing his brows slightly, showing some displeasure.

“I know you’re unwilling, but this friend wants to hear your terms before deciding whether to accept,” Chang Yuanyin said calmly, introducing Chen Fei.

Stepping forward, Chen Fei bowed to Peng Xuming and said, “I am willing to rescue the people, but I need to see the Heavenly Lingzhi first. If we can come to an agreement, the Heavenly Lingzhi must be handed over to the Task Hall first.”

Peng Xuming looked at Chen Fei, sensing his mid-Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivation, and his expression softened slightly. He then welcomed Chen Fei into the courtyard.

Chang Yuanyin did not follow; he simply wanted to establish a good relationship with Chen Fei and had no interest in the specifics of the task. With so many sea monsters in the outer seas, there were too many variables, and Chang Yuanyin had no interest in getting involved.

Entering the courtyard, Chen Fei took a seat, and Peng Xuming took out a jade box from his Qiankun Bag, opening it in front of Chen Fei.

A long, fragrant scent instantly permeated the entire courtyard. Chen Fei’s brow flickered slightly as he confirmed that what Peng Xuming held in his hand was indeed the Heavenly Lingzhi.

Both in terms of quality and age, this Heavenly Lingzhi was more than sufficient.

As long as Chen Fei obtained this Heavenly Lingzhi, he could directly condense the second flower and step into the Combined Aperture Eighth Transformation!

“How many people? Which sea area?” Chen Fei asked Peng Xuming.

For this Heavenly Lingzhi, Chen Fei was willing to venture into the outer seas!

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