Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques - C.621 - : Lifting the Mountain with One Hand

Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques

C.621 - : Lifting the Mountain with One Hand

Chapter 621: Lifting the Mountain with One Hand

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Tan Chunyi’s body crashed to the ground with a dull sound, and his breath rapidly dissipated until it completely disappeared. Even in the later stages of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, he was cut down just like this.

Chen Fei turned to look at Pu Chunxu. At this moment, Pu Chunxu was stepping back one step at a time, trying to unload the power within his body onto the ground.

However, the attack of the sword intent just now was too strong. Even though Pu Chunxu activated a forbidden technique at a critical moment, he still couldn’t withstand this force. Trying to unload it in a short time was not an easy task.

Pu Chunxu watched helplessly as Tan Chunyi was slain with a sword, but he was powerless. Not only was he powerless, but now he was also in danger himself.

Pu Chunxu had never imagined that one day he would be crushed like this by a martial artist of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm Sixth Transformation. Clearly, the opponent had just entered the later stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm. How could his strength be so formidable?

Countless doubts flashed through Pu Chunxu’s mind, but he couldn’t find any answers.

Chen Fei’s unreasonable cultivation speed, unreasonable combat power, everything was unreasonable.


Pu Chunxu roared, and the harmony acupoints within his body trembled violently. His whole aura surged fiercely, as if he wanted to perish together with Chen Fei.

But in the next moment, Pu Chunxu disappeared from the spot, fleeing towards the distance.

He couldn’t win, and he couldn’t perish together. Knowing he was doomed, Pu Chunxu didn’t hesitate at all.

As long as the green hills remained, there was still a chance for revenge in the future.

Chen Fei was formidable, but the people around him were not as formidable. Pu Chunxu had ways to make Chen Fei suffer. Unless someone from the Primordial Sword Sect stepped out of the mountain gate for the rest of their lives.

Pu Chunxu, born in the Death Shadow Sect, had never had any moral boundaries in his actions. He only had goals to achieve, and he would use any means necessary.

Pu Chunxu wouldn’t directly seek revenge himself. There were always people willing to do various things as long as there was profit involved, just like others who commissioned the Death Shadow Sect for assassinations. It was all the same logic.

As for the people on Mount Tangnan now, Pu Chunxu didn’t care how Chen Fei killed them. As long as he was alive, the Death Shadow Sect wouldn’t fall, and everything could start anew!

Chen Fei took a step forward, and with each step, ripples spread out. In the next moment, he disappeared from the spot, reappearing in front of Pu Chunxu.

Regardless of whether Pu Chunxu fought desperately or not, Chen Fei’s slaying of him would remain unchanged. Therefore, Pu Chunxu’s stance didn’t confuse Chen Fei at all.

Pu Chunxu’s footwork was very strong. As an assassin, the footwork inherited within the Death Shadow Sect was definitely top-notch, on par with forces like the Fengwu Pavilion.

However, Chen Fei’s current footwork, even without using innate teleportation, was already on par with the pinnacle of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm. Pu Chunxu had no hope of escaping.


The Qianyuan Sword emitted an ear-piercing sword cry, and a majestic sword intent enveloped Pu Chunxu as Chen Fei thrust forward with his sword.

The sharp sword qi surrounded all the space Pu Chunxu could evade into, squeezing out any possibility of escape. At the same time, the speed of the sword reached its limit, leaving Pu Chunxu with no chance to flee or avoid. All he could do was to take this blow head-on.

Pu Chunxu’s pupils reflected this sword, and time seemed to come to a complete halt, with only the inch-by-inch approach of the Qianyuan Sword’s blade.

Heavenly Eye!

Observing minutely, seeking weaknesses.

Pu Chunxu wielded a short blade as his weapon. In daily combat, he had always targeted weaknesses, using strength to overpower weakness and severely injuring his opponents.

But at this moment, in Pu Chunxu’s eyes, Chen Fei’s sword was too powerful. Even if there were some weak points within it, they were obscured by the extreme speed.

Pu Chunxu could see them, but he couldn’t strike these weak points with his attacks. Even if he managed to hit them by chance, these weak points were much stronger than his own strength.

How could he strike when the opponent’s weakest points were stronger than his strongest?


A circular ripple spread from the place where the two clashed, expanding outwards. The qi of heaven and earth trembled, and Mount Tangnan below suffered even more severe fragmentation.

As for the formation laid out by the Blood Sun Sect, it had already been shattered by the shockwaves earlier.

Pu Chunxu sprayed out a mist of blood, his internal organs already ruptured, his complexion as pale as paper, and his breath plummeted to its nadir.

Unable to control his body, Pu Chunxu flew downwards towards the mountain, but before he could fly back a few meters, Chen Fei caught up in one step, the Qianyuan Sword slashing towards Pu Chunxu’s neck.

Pu Chunxu struggled violently, his mouth moving, wanting to plead for mercy from Chen Fei.

Pu Chunxu wanted to live. For this, he was willing to sacrifice his freedom, to become a sword in Chen Fei’s hand.

Chen Fei also understood the meaning in Pu Chunxu’s eyes, but he dared not use such a person, nor did he want to. Rather than constantly guard against such an individual day and night, it was better to kill him and eliminate future troubles!


The sound of the blade cutting through flesh. Pu Chunxu’s body suddenly stiffened, countless sword intents traversing through his body, severing all vitality.

Pu Chunxu subconsciously reached out his right hand, trying to grab something, but ultimately fell powerless, his breath completely dissipating.

Pu Chunxu was stronger than Tan Chunyi, arguably much stronger, but in the end, the result was only that he managed to withstand one more sword than Tan Chunyi, without much difference.

Of course, if the two had teamed up, Chen Fei wouldn’t have been able to dispatch them so easily as he did just now.

But with an additional sword intent within the spatial grid, Chen Fei easily separated the two.

In a one-on-one situation, facing Chen Fei, who had unlocked four forbidden techniques and possessed a peak Combined Aperture Tempering realm physique, there could be no surprises.

The thick spiritual essence fell back into the Qianyuan Sword as Chen Fei sheathed it.

With a wave of his right hand, the bodies of Pu Chunxu and Tan Chunyi turned into powder. The Qiankun Bag and the superior-grade magic treasure fell into Chen Fei’s hands.

Activating the Slaughter Spirit Technique, any traces of Chen Fei’s aura in the vicinity were directly annihilated.

A radiance emitted from the center of Chen Fei’s forehead as he surveyed the entire Mount Tangnan. In the next moment, he disappeared from the spot.

And at this moment, Mount Tangnan was already in chaos.

The commotion caused by the three of them fighting was too great, to the point where the entire Mount Tangnan seemed to be falling apart.

Several Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators who had been flying towards this direction were stunned when they felt the dissipation of the auras of Tan Chunyi and Pu Chunxu.

Being members of the Death Shadow Sect, they naturally understood the strength and realm of Tan Chunyi and Pu Chunxu.

Mighty late-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators, being consecutively slain in just a moment, what kind of power was this?

The entire Death Shadow Sect had only two late-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm experts, with no third. If even the late-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators could be easily killed, then for those in the middle and early stages of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm like them, it would be a one-way trip as well.

Without any hesitation, some immediately turned and ran, fearing that if they ran too late, they would suffer the same fate as Tan Chunyi and Pu Chunxu.

There were also some who were fiercely loyal to the Death Shadow Sect. They had grown up in the Death Shadow Sect since childhood, and their thoughts were all about loyalty to the sect.

As for the lives of others, they were insignificant in their eyes. Only the Death Shadow Sect mattered the most.

These people didn’t run; instead, they roared and charged forward.

However, soon dozens of sword intents appeared in mid-air, forming a sword formation that enveloped all the charging or fleeing Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators, trapping them within.

Roars echoed within the sword formation, but soon, these voices began to diminish, until there was silence.

The sword formation slowly rotated in the air above Mount Tangnan, not dissipating. Those Combined Aperture Tempering realm and Body Tempering realm warriors who were far away trembled with fear, grateful that their cultivation was inferior and they were not seen as threats.

The aura of the sword formation was somewhat peculiar, different from ordinary warriors, carrying a hint of madness and frenzy, causing a slight disturbance in the minds of those who looked at it.

Within the depths of Mount Tangnan, Chen Fei glanced at the fleeing people but paid them no mind.

The aura of the sword formation was infused by Chen Fei with his Blood Refining Art, completely different from Chen Fei’s original aura. There was no need to worry that those people would suspect anything about Chen Fei.

Chen Fei reached forward with his right hand, and a bronze bead appeared in his palm.

This was the extraordinary treasure of the Death Shadow Sect that could contain one’s aura. The ability of the Death Shadow Sect to remain hidden for so many years couldn’t have been achieved without this extraordinary treasure. But now, this treasure belonged to Chen Fei.

Chen Fei erased the aura on the treasure and stored it into his Qiankun Bag.

Chen Fei flashed to the front of a secret chamber door. The light of the formation patterns on the chamber door flowed densely, with tens of thousands of them visible at a glance.

The guarding formation of this secret chamber was almost perfected by the Death Shadow Sect, probably directly transported from Haiya City.

Otherwise, it’s inexplicable how they could stack so many formation patterns in just over a month, and without any conflicts between them.

Using brute force to directly break the formation was certainly feasible, but the items inside the secret chamber would likely be damaged in the process.

The quickest and safest way to obtain the items inside the chamber would be to obtain the decryption seal. However, this decryption seal was only known to Tan Chunyi and Pu Chunxu.

Both of them were late-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators, and even if Chen Fei had left them on the brink of death, he couldn’t intrude into their minds with the Dream Entering Technique.

Chen Fei stood in place, a dazzling light radiating from his forehead, enveloping the formation patterns of the secret chamber.

Under the gaze of the Heavenly Eye, Chen Fei captured the gaps between the formation patterns. Following these gaps, Chen Fei could dismantle the formation patterns one by one, much like peeling an onion.

But with tens of thousands of formation patterns, even if Chen Fei’s speed was fast, it would likely take several hours.

The commotion here would soon be noticed by the surroundings. Although Chen Fei wasn’t afraid of his aura being recognized, staying here for several hours wasn’t a wise choice.

However, while the formation patterns of the secret chamber couldn’t be dismantled, it wouldn’t be difficult for Chen Fei to dismantle the formation patterns that connected the chamber to the mountain.

Chen Fei extended his hand like a sword, flicking forward. A sword intent flashed past, unraveling the hundreds of formation patterns that connected the chamber to the mountain one by one.

A massive wave of energy spread out from around the secret chamber. If Tan Chunyi and Pu Chunxu were still alive, they would sense that something was amiss with the chamber.

Stepping forward, Chen Fei grabbed hold of one corner of the chamber. Accompanied by the rumbling of the surrounding mountains, Chen Fei lifted the chamber single-handedly into the air.

The chamber resembled a small mountain, and as Chen Fei held onto it, his figure flickered and disappeared from the spot..

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