Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques - C.614 - : Unshakable


Chapter 614: Unshakable

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Chen Fei inserted the Qianyuan Sword into its scabbard, swinging his right hand, causing a wave of sword energy to ripple around. Shi Yuanmin’s body silently disintegrated, and the Qiankun Bag, along with the top-grade magical treasure, fell into Chen Fei’s sleeve.

The speed at which Shi Yuanmin finally erupted was something that ordinary peak Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators couldn’t match. Even Chen Fei would have a hard time catching up in his normal state.

That was the burst speed exhibited by Shi Yuanmin when he abandoned everything, leaving only a slim chance for survival.

Unfortunately, Chen Fei happened to be proficient in teleportation. In the blink of an eye, a dozen miles had passed, leaving Shi Yuanmin with no chance to resist, directly slain by a single sword strike.

In the distance, Tong Linyun and others were still in a state of confusion, their heads spinning.

Shi Yuanmin, who had condensed a blossom in the later stages of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, was killed by Chen Fei with two sword strikes, without the slightest hint of resistance. Not to mention resistance, he couldn’t even escape despite desperate attempts.

This was someone in the later stages of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, who could establish a second-tier power within the Thousand Feathers Alliance. Although not comparable to the top forces with peak Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators, they were still among the upper echelons of the Thousand Feathers Alliance.

Yet, he was easily killed like this, and the one who killed him was Chen Fei, a young martial artist who had just broken through to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm ten years ago.

Youth, at times, represents weakness in strength, after all, no matter how strong one’s talent is, it still requires time to manifest. Of course, those with exceptional talents can elevate their realm in a very short period.

But even then, it’s usually calculated in decades or even hundreds of years.

Yet, Chen Fei, in just ten years, went from entering the Combined Aperture Tempering realm to easily slaying those in the later stages of it.

This kind of progression, even though Qin Haishan and others had witnessed it with their own eyes, still seemed unbelievable.

Just a few months ago, Tong Linyun knew clearly that Chen Fei’s realm was still in the middle stage of Harmonization, at the third level, which is the early stage of the middle Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

At that time, Tong Linyun was already impressed by Chen Fei’s talent.

But now, in less than a year, Chen Fei had progressed from the fourth transformation to the sixth transformation of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, completing a small realm leap. What kind of cultivation speed was this?

Compared to Chen Fei’s cultivation speed, others within the Thousand Feathers Alliance seemed to be standing still. In the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, one year’s time really couldn’t accomplish much.

Tong Linyun couldn’t understand, and the shock in Qin Haishan and others’ hearts would only deepen.

At least Tong Linyun knew that Chen Fei was initially in the middle stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, while Qin Haishan and the others always thought Chen Fei’s cultivation was only at the early stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

But today, Chen Fei’s two swords turned their minds into a mess.

Based on Chen Fei’s performance in the Sea Peak City before, Qin Haishan and others felt it was somewhat regrettable that Chen Fei did not come from a top-tier power. Of course, Tong Zhongqiu sometimes still wondered why Chen Fei didn’t join the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect.

Qin Haishan and others’ expectations for Chen Fei’s future were continuously increasing, believing that in the middle stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, they definitely couldn’t stop him.

In the later stages of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, with enough opportunities, Chen Fei might even ascend further. By then, the strength of the Five Faction Alliance would also rise.

But all of this was based on future considerations, calculated over a hundred years. They wouldn’t even dare to dream that Chen Fei already had the cultivation of the later stages of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Anyone with an understanding of martial arts realms wouldn’t entertain such thoughts.

Qin Haishan and others, upon seeing Shi Yuanmin being slain, didn’t have the perceptiveness and insight of those in the Combined Aperture Tempering realm on the deck of the ship, but they vaguely sensed that Shi Yuanmin seemed to have disappeared?

They had no idea what exactly had happened, but judging by the expressions of their own elders, it seemed that something significant had occurred in the distance.

Or one could say it was an extremely significant event, otherwise, they wouldn’t be so astonished.

Qu Mingdao felt the dissipation of Shi Yuanmin’s aura, and his initial surprise turned into a chilling horror. A formidable cultivator in the later stages of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm was effortlessly killed like this?

Qu Mingdao frantically retreated, realizing that if Shi Yuanmin could be slain so easily, with his small stature, he wouldn’t stand a chance against Chen Fei’s attacks. He’d likely be dead with just one sword strike.

Qu Mingdao’s actions startled Tong Linyun and the others, who immediately rushed to restrain him.

Previously, Qu Mingdao had been too close to Tong Linyun and the others to escape easily if he wanted to leave. Now, he found himself unable to escape their grasp.

Qu Mingdao’s face was filled with bitterness, realizing he had brought this upon himself. But who could have imagined that a powerhouse like Shi Yuanmin would die so quickly?

As Chen Fei’s figure approached, Qu Mingdao struggled frantically, trying to break free from Tong Linyun and the others’ restraint, but to no avail.

“Spare my life! I can give you anything you want!”

Qu Mingdao shouted desperately as Chen Fei arrived.

“No need,” Chen Fei replied expressionlessly.

Upon hearing Chen Fei’s words, Qu Mingdao trembled involuntarily. But immediately, extreme madness surfaced in Qu Mingdao’s eyes. He just wanted to live, why shouldn’t he be given a chance?

Qu Mingdao’s entire elemental force surged, but before it could truly erupt, the Qianyuan Sword, along with its scabbard, shattered all the formations blocking its path, smashing into Qu Mingdao’s chest.

The tremendous force crushed Qu Mingdao’s internal organs, turning his body into mush in an instant.

Qu Mingdao’s body stiffened, staring blankly at Chen Fei before falling backward.

As the spiritual essence rushed into the Qianyuan Sword, Qu Mingdao’s body began to disintegrate. His Qiankun Bag flew into Chen Fei’s hand, and Chen Fei’s consciousness probed inside, then some pills and jade slips appeared in the air.

Chen Fei waved his right hand, distributing these pills and jade slips to Qin Haishan and the others.

Chen Fei no longer needed these pills, and the jade slips contained numerous formations that could be shared among them in the future.

Qin Haishan and the others looked at the pills floating in front of them, then at the imposing figure of Chen Fei, and eventually accepted them. Since they were gifts from Chen Fei, they accepted them without hesitation.

To refuse would seem somewhat awkward.

Moreover, compared to the future benefits, these pills were insignificant.

After this brief moment of relief, their minds had all caught up.

Now that Chen Fei was already in the later stages of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, what level of growth would he achieve in the future?

Can one fantasize about reaching the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, or even touching the lofty Mountain Sea Realm?

Chen Fei’s previous concealment of his strength was truly well done. Rapid growth in strength would inevitably attract the attention of outsiders. Now that they knew everything, they naturally had to continue hiding this secret for Chen Fei.

Only in this way could they maximize the interests of their Five Faction Alliance.

As for Tong Linyun’s Pinnacle Peak Sect, Qin Haishan glanced at Tong Linyun. Seeing Tong Linyun’s gaze fixed on Chen Fei at this moment, their relationship was extraordinary, and there was no need to worry about leaks.

The Slaughter Spirit Technique flashed, and the aura of the Dragon Elephant Induction Point enveloped them. Chen Fei’s aura slid all the way down to the early stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, astonishing Qin Haishan and the others once again.

This suppression technique was truly seamless.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Fei looked at everyone, smiling, and continued to push the boat forward.

Even though they were just slightly away from the area where Sea Dominion City was located, this place wasn’t particularly safe. They could only truly relax a bit when they returned to the position of the inner sea.

As long as the three Mountain Sea Realm experts of the Thousand Feathers Alliance were unharmed, the alliance wouldn’t collapse temporarily. However, the territory of the Thousand Feathers Alliance would definitely continue to shrink in the future.

It had become increasingly unlikely for the warriors of the Thousand Feathers Alliance to enjoy the same level of stability as before, unless someone could break through to the Mountain Sea Realm and shatter the fragile balance that existed then.

But breaking through to the Mountain Sea Realm had been incredibly difficult, as evidenced by the number of Mountain Sea Realm cultivators in the Thousand Feathers Alliance at that time.

Or one could say, even reaching the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm had been impossible for ordinary warriors.

Moreover, the recent siege by sea monsters had likely led to the downfall of some Combined Aperture Tempering realm peak warriors.

Five hours later, Chen Fei had returned to the Sea Peak City with the boat. What should have taken four or five days of sailing had been shortened to just a few hours by Chen Fei’s prowess.

At that point, everyone’s hearts had finally calmed down.

The Sea Peak City had been several sea domains away from the frontline city of Sea Dominion. It would have taken the sea monsters quite some time to reach that area.

The Sea Peak City could then have been considered the heartland of the entire Thousand Feathers Alliance. If the sea monster army had appeared there, it would have likely been a matter of life and death for the alliance.

Tong Linyun had parted ways with Chen Fei two hours prior.

However, according to Tong Linyun, that separation had only been temporary. The sea area where the Pinnacle Peak Sect was located had even more abundant elemental energy and resources than the Sea Peak City.

But there had been a problem: that sea area had been too close to Sea Dominion City, with only two sea domains in between.

Nowadays, everyone in the Thousand Feathers Alliance understood the situation very well. There was no sense of security in the gap between those two sea domains. At any moment, the sea monster army could have appeared in those waters.

Therefore, Tong Linyun had made an agreement with Chen Fei. Three months later, he would lead the entire Pinnacle Peak Sect to join Chen Fei in the Sea Peak City. Considering the size of the Pinnacle Peak Sect, being able to complete the relocation within three months had been considered extremely fast.

Knowing full well that Chen Fei was a major support, Tong Linyun had every reason to cling to him, especially in such turbulent times.

In the future Thousand Feathers Alliance, resources for cultivation would not have been the main issue anymore because with so many sea monsters, the conflict between the two sides would have become normal. The flesh and blood of those sea monsters could have replaced many spiritual materials.

In the future, the priority would have been how to better preserve one’s life and continuously grow amidst such chaos.

The Pinnacle Peak Sect would have needed a strong support, and undoubtedly, Chen Fei would have been a solid one, worthy of reliance.

The members of the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect would have bid farewell to those of the Primordial Sword Sect, showing respect in their demeanor. Qiu Qingsheng’s smile would not fade from his face.

Previously, the Sea Peak City would have been subtly led by the Primordial Sword Sect, as Chen Fei, despite his dominance, had only been at the early stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

But after today’s events, because of Chen Fei, the Primordial Sword Sect would have naturally become the strongest presence in the entire Sea Peak City, undisputed and unshakable!

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