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Chapter 1214: Chapter 1214

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If he knew who that person was, he would definitely not let them have a good time!

As he thought about this, the fool started to get excited. He even used a spell to conjure a small knife in his hand and waved it at everyone. “None of you can leave. I’ve already said that as long as I finish this game, I’ll naturally let him go. Why won’t you cooperate with me? Boss, I’m doing this for your own good. ”

Xiang Tianqi understood this fool’s character very well. He quickly raised his hand and tried to talk to him. “How could I have such thoughts? The three of them are good people. Aren’t you disrespecting them by playing games with them like this? Besides, who is that person? Don’t be fooled. You know that someone has lied to you before.”

Toward the end, Xiang Tianqi began to get agitated.

He did not know how that person had bewitched the fool to actually make him become like this.

Unexpectedly, the fool was still shaking his head, as if he did not listen to his boss at all. Instead, he retorted, “You’re all bad people. There’s no need to say anything more. If you continue like this, I’ll definitely do worse things. You might as well wait for the game to end.”

Yuan Hehe had already been untied. He quickly retreated with Sikong Wuyuan. With a smile in his eyes, he made a face at the fool and said, “You fool, it’s probably useless no matter what you do. Look at me. I’m already out. There’s no need to wait for the game to end.”

Seeing this, Xiang Tianqi could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

He wanted to save Yuan Hehe just now, but the fool’s spiritual energy was very strong, so he could not save him.

Just as he was thinking about it, he suddenly realized that his surroundings seemed to have changed. He began to feel dizzy again and even spat out a mouthful of blood.

He turned around and saw that the fool was clapping and cheering, his eyes filled with pride.

“l knew it. You wanted to cheat. Now, you’ve got your punishment, haven’t you?”

These words made people extremely uncomfortable. Jiang Ming could not help but frown when he heard it. He looked at the fool and asked, “Did someone else tell you this?” Or did you want to say it yourself?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“What did you learn?” Yuan Hehe was a little annoyed. He scolded the fool.

The fool mumbled, “Boss, 1 think I did the right thing. You should continue to play with me. You’ll definitely find it fun.”

Xiang Tianqi could not help but feel a headache coming on.

He felt that the fool had gone berserk, but he did not understand what was going on, nor did he know the reason why the fool was doing this.

However, he knew that if he did not stop this fool now, he would definitely do evil.

Thinking of this, he clenched his fists and rushed forward. A bundle of rope appeared in his hands, wanting to tie the fool up.

If soft methods did not work, then he would use force. He did not want to be entangled with this fool.

Unexpectedly, before he could approach the fool, a layer of protection suddenly appeared on the fool’s body, sending Xiang Tianqi flying.

Xiang Tianqi had just recovered. After suffering such a counterattack from the fool, he could not help but collapse to the ground.

Bai Meimei saw this and quickly went over. She scolded the fool. “You even want to kill the boss of your organization! What do you mean by this? Do you want us all to die? Or do you want us to die with you?”

She found it hard to believe.

This was the first time she had seen the fool in such a state, and her heart ached even more. She had never mistreated this fool. It was fine if this fool did not know how to be grateful at all, but he had also almost killed her husband. Such a person should be expelled from the Zhang family immediately. “No! I didn’t mean that at all. It’s clearly your problem!”

The fool seemed to have suffered a heavy blow and hurriedly retreated. He staggered and wanted to leave. but he was st0DDed bv Yuan Hehe.

“Are you trying to leave?” Yuan Hehe blocked his way. ‘You’ve done such a cruel thing to us, and you still want to leave in peace? Aren’t you afraid of retribution?”

The fool vented all his anger on Yuan Hehe.

“It’s all because of you! Boss wouldn’t be like this at all, and he wouldn’t say these things to me!”

“Even if we didn’t exist, they would still treat you like this after you did this.”

Yuan Hehe exposed the truth without hesitation, but the fool did not listen and directly released a glass fire.

The fire directly burned Yuan Hehe’s body. He was already in a bad state.

He had no strength to retaliate at all. His entire body was burning.

Jiang Ming and Sikong Wuyuan hurried over, trying to extinguish the flames. However, they were also enveloped by the flames, and their entire bodies were burned.

Unexpectedly, after a while, Jiang Ming only used a little spiritual energy and found that the flames on his body had been extinguished.

Then, he saw Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe screaming in pain.

The two of them were very miserable. Although their bodies were not injured, they felt as if they had fallen into a scorching fire. Even if they used their spiritual energy, it would have no effect.

Not only that, but the use of spiritual energy even made the flames burn even more vigorously.

The two of them wanted to give it another try, but they felt a cool sensation.

Then, they realized that the flames had completely faded away and were no longer burning as fiercely as before.

Shock and doubt surged in their hearts. Then, they all thought of an answer and looked at Jiang Ming in unison.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Ming noticed their gazes and asked in confusion.

Seeing Jiang Mings reaction, the two of them thought that someone else had helped them. They shook their heads and said, “We thought that you had eliminated the fire.’

“Yes, it was me.” Jiang Ming nodded. “What’s so strange about that?”

“What is it? It’s actually you!’

The two of them had been shocked by Jiang Ming countless times.

The fool was also a little shocked at this time, but he immediately returned to normal. Then, he pounced on Jiang Ming.

He directly pushed Jiang Ming to the ground and took out the knife in his hand, wanting to stab Jiang Mings face.

Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe hurriedly tried to stop them, but they realized

that a barrier had appeared in front of them.

The barrier surrounded them, and the two of them had no way of breaking through it. The barrier even emitted a wave of fluctuations that sent the two of them flying far away.

Sikong Wuyuan was speechless.

What kind of strange person was this fool? What kind of spiritual energy did he control? How could he know so many things?

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