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Chapter 1207: Chapter 1207

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The coachman scratched his head and said, “l really don’t know their names. They were going on a very short journey, and they didn’t talk to me. I don’t know anything. If you really want to ask, you’ll probably meet them when the time comes. After all, they seemed to be looking for you.”

Yuan Hehe was wary.

“Did they mention Yuan Hehe’s name? Or is there only one name, Jiu Zhu?”

The coachman frowned and tried to recall carefully. However, he felt that he had gained nothing. He shook his head repeatedly and then said warily, “Why are you asking so many questions? Could it be that you have a grudge against those people? You guys still have to be careful. I can see that those people’s man is still very strong, and they even have spiritual energy that far exceeds ordinary people. You guys still have to be careful.”

At this moment, the carriage suddenly stopped. Even the horse jumped up, and the coachman was almost thrown off.

“Who are you? What do you want?”

Jiang Ming did not need to lift the curtain to know what was happening outside.

Other than someone stopping him, he could not think of anything else.

Moreover, from the scholar’s expression, there must be many people who would come to stop them from leaving.

It was meaningless for them to continue hiding. They might as well fight.

Sikong Wuyuan could not help but get angry. He cursed, “I’m really speechless. We just want to leave, However, so many people want to stop us. Do they all want us to die? They are really ruthless. I think we still have to be careful. Those people are not to be trifled with.”

Jiang Ming frowned and said, “It’s hard to say whether they are friendly or not, but we have to take the initiative to attack now. We can’t be so passive anymore. We have to deal with what needs to be dealt with. We don’t know when that scholar will make a comeback.”

Yuan Hehe held his breath and said, “If I had known earlier, 1 would have just gotten rid of them. I suddenly regret it. We gave these people so many chances just now. Now, we are the ones suffering.”

Unexpectedly, the people outside did not seem to have any intention of attacking them. Instead, they directly knelt down.

The commotion caused by their kneeling was extremely loud. The ground

even shook.

Jiang Ming and the other two suspected that their eardrums were about to burst.

Immediately after, the three of them heard a loud voice.

“Jiu Zhu, please save our boss. Our boss is really dying. If you don’t save him, we can only kneel down.”

It was someone from the Dragon Organization. Yuan Hehe frowned. “Are these people brought by the boss of the Dragon Organization? But isn’t the boss of that organization already dead? Why are they here? Could it be that they want to obtain something else from us?”

As he thought to himself, he stood up and said, “I’ll go out and take a look. The boss of the Dragon Organization probably faked his death. No wonder those subordinates of the Dragon Organization left so quickly. It turns out that their boss is not dead. We were completely fooled.”

Jiang Ming patted Yuan Hehe’s shoulder and motioned for him to sit down.

“We don’t need to go out. We’ll just wait here.”

Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe were confused.

They did not quite understand what Jiang Ming meant, but they felt that he was doing it for their own good, so they sat down as he said.

Then, Jiang Ming snapped his fingers, and the curtains on both sides of the carriage were lifted with the sound of the snap. Those people also revealed their true faces.

Upon seeing these people, Jiang Ming and the other two heaved a sigh of relief.

These people looked large, but in fact, they were just fat. They did not seem to have any strength.

As for the source of the voice, it was not someone from the Dragon Organization.

Jiang Ming raised his eyebrows.

But would there be such a coincidence?

He seriously suspected that the boss of the Dragon Organization would use some secret technique to disguise himself. If they were deceived, they might die.

Thinking of this, he became vigilant.

Sikong Wuyuan and Yuan Hehe had the same thought as him.

They did not think that the boss of the Dragon Organization did not know many secret techniques.

Since he was the boss of an organization, he must have learned several. They had to be more vigilant.

“What are you doing here? Which organization’s boss sent you here? Everything has to be explained clearly. Otherwise, we’ll leave.”

Yuan Hehe frowned unhappily and looked at these people.

Although he did not like these people, they did not seem to have any ill intentions toward them.

If he acted rashly, it would become him stirring up trouble. He wanted to see what these people wanted to do.

They had already thought it through clearly, but these people had mentioned an organization that they did not know at all. “We’re from the Zhang family organization.”

Sikong Wuyuan could not help but frown.

Although he felt that there were probably no powerful people in this organization, they had never heard of the name of this organization, and no relevant people had ever looked for them.

Then how did these people find them? Even if he came because of Jiang Mings identity as the boss of the Red Organization, it should not be like this now.

What was going on?

At the thought of this, their eyes instantly turned cold, and they clenched their fists.

It seemed that someone was following them and monitoring their every move, which meant that they knew many of their secrets. From the looks of it, these people should not be left alive.

Jiang Ming could not help but stand up.

This was probably a trap set by someone to kill them. He could not let them succeed.

But no matter what, he wanted to hear what the organization had to say first.

If he had something to ask of him, it would be equivalent to him getting a favor from the Zhang family. At that time, even if the two organizations could not cooperate, they could at least have some contact. It would be good for the Red Organization.

Although he did not want to accept the Red Organization, he was still the leader of the organization. He had to make plans for the organization.

He looked at one of them and said, “Then where is the boss of the Zhang family? I should at least take a look at the situation. Also, what do you want to do? You haven’t explained everything clearly. How can I help you?”

Hearing this, everyone was happy. They stood up and looked straight at Jiang Ming. “Jiu Zhu, we came a little abruptly, but it was indeed our boss who asked us to come.”

“He is already seriously ill and is in danger. He said that you can treat him, so

he asked us to come over.”

“How did he know?” Sikong Wuyuan snorted coldly. “We don’t know him..”

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