As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills - C.1201 -


Chapter 1201: Chapter 1201

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“You probably said that because you’re scared that you can’t beat me. Then I’ll stand here.’

As Jiang Ming spoke, he stopped moving. Then, he took out a hammer that looked like the war hammer from before.

The hammer hit the leader of the Dragon Organization’s head. He fainted immediately and did not even see Jiang Mings face clearly.

He was a little unwilling and angry, but there was nothing he could do. He directly fell down, filled with regret.

How could this skinny kid have such strength? If he had known earlier, he would not want to fight with Jiang Ming. Now, he was even hit by Jiang Ming. He had not even finished settling the score from before.

Seeing that their boss had fallen, the rest of the members of the Dragon Organization walked forward and shouted in panic.

“Boss, Boss, what’s wrong?”

“Boss, are you alright?”

“Boss, you can’t die. We’re still waiting for you.”

Their roars were unusually loud. Jiang Ming felt that he was going deaf and retreated.

Who would have thought that with this shout, the leader of the Dragon Organization would actually be woken up?

The leader of the Dragon Organization had been annoyed by his underlings’ roars, but now he was glad.

If he had not found such underlings, he would not have woken up now. He might have even been attacked by Jiang Ming.

Although he had woken up, he was still a little dizzy. He forced himself to stand up with a disdainful expression on his face.

“It was just a coincidence just now. Stupid brat, don’t think that you can be arrogant just because you happened to beat me. Let me show you my true strength.”

As he spoke, he punched the ground, and cracks instantly appeared.

The cracks went in Jiang Mings direction. He stepped on the ground and rose into the air. A long arrow and a crossbow appeared in his hand.

Jiang Ming pulled the crossbow and shot an arrow.

The leader of the Dragon Organization could not even dodge. He could only hear the sound of something breaking through the air.

Immediately after, the pain hit him, and he could only stare with widened eyes as he slowly fell to the ground.

This arrow had clearly pierced through his heart. He was breathless and even his eyes were closed.

The members of the Dragon Organization immediately fell into chaos. They began to flee in panic, not even caring about their boss’s corpse.

When Jiang Ming saw this scene, he only felt sad.

Compared to the Red Organization, the Dragon Organization was simply inhumane.

Their own boss was lying there, but they still did not care about him at all. What kind of organization was this Dragon Organization?

“This Dragon Organization doesn’t look like much,” Yuan Hehe added. “This boss probably bullies his subordinates a lot. The boss is already dead, and there isn’t even anyone to collect his corpse. How pitiful.”

Wang Xiao smiled. “It would be strange if there was such a person. The boss of the Dragon Organization must be used to doing evil. He doesn’t have any compassion for his subordinates. It’s already good enough that they’re loyal. The corpse of the Dragon Organization’s boss will be left here to be exposed to the sun for a few days. It’ll also scare the people from the other organizations so that they won’t dare to do anything to the Red Organization.”

Jiang Ming had no objections at all. He planned to go back, but his attention was attracted by a whip.

The whip was obviously meant to hit him, but it seemed to have deliberately changed its trajectory halfway.

When he turned around, he realized that the owner of the whip was Tang Yanyan, who was about to leave.

At this moment, she had already retracted her whip. Her hands were trembling, and her face was obviously filled with arrogance and anger.

“l don’t know how you got rid of Boss, but since you dared to do it, you need to bear my anger.”

Tang Yanyan gripped the whip in her hand tightly and roared at her subordinates.

“Why aren’t you guys getting over here? Boss has already become like this. It’s fine if you don’t avenge him, but you’re still running around here. Aren’t you sad about Boss leaving? Boss has always been so good to you, but you guys are so treacherous!”

Upon hearing this, the members of the Dragon Organization united again. They quickly said, “Ms. Tang, you’re right. Please give us your instructions. We’ll definitely not fail our mission.”

Sikong Wuyuan found it unbelievable that these people had gathered together again.

According to Wang Xiao’s words, the members of the Dragon Organization were often abused. It was really strange that they could still be so united now.

Wang Xiao was also confused, but he did not say anything on the surface. He only felt that these people might be too stupid, which was why they were loyal to the Dragon Organization. If it were him, he would have left long ago. Why would he listen to Tang Yanyan’s words?

Tang Yanyan had learned her lesson this time. “You guys charge straight ahead. I don’t believe that we can’t defeat these people with so many of us.”

The members of the Dragon Organization followed Tang Yanyan’s instructions and charged forward.

They did not even have any weapons in their hands. They directly fought with their bare hands.

When Jiang Ming saw this, he immediately snapped his fingers. Four square barrier walls appeared and surrounded these people.

There was no way they could dodge, so they could only knock on the wall and shout at Tang Yanyan.

“Ms. Tang, we can’t get out at all. What should we do now?” “You guys are really a bunch of good-for-nothings!’

Tang Yanyan was furious. She swung her whip at the barrier.

However, when the whip hit it, it was almost broken, but the barrier was still not damaged at all.

This made her flustered and exasperated.

This was the first time she had seen such a strong barrier. How could there be such a thing in this world?

All of this must be an illusion!

Thinking of this, she gathered a large amount of spiritual energy in her hand.

However, there was still no sign of damage to the barrier. She lost her patience and lashed out at Jiang Ming and the others again, muttering, “1 don’t believe that if the master of this barrier is killed, this barrier will still exist! ”

When Jiang Ming heard this, he felt that she was a little arrogant. He raised his hand and grabbed the whip. He even dragged Tang Yanyan out.

This was the second time Tang Yanyan had been dragged out by Jiang Ming. She suddenly felt humiliated.

He did not treat her as a human at all. He kept tossing her around and did not even fight her face-to-face.

Seeing this, she shouted at Jiang Ming. “You’re not a man. If you really respect me, you should fight me directly. You’re really a coward!”

When Yuan Hehe heard this, he could not help but laugh in anger.

“If you can’t beat him, then so be it. Why are you scolding him? You can’t compare to him in terms of strength, yet you’re still pestering him. You’re really shameless.”

Hearing this, Tang Yanyan could not help but explode.

She glared at Yuan Hehe and said, “What nonsense are you spewing, you little brat? What do you know about adult matters?”

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