Apocalypse Gachapon - C.773: Communication

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.773: Communication

Lei Lu rubbed her head, which was about to explode, to return to her senses.

She was An Mans deputy, or rather, his lover.

Although she was evolved and had reached five-star, but she knew that she basically didnt participate in any battles in the apocalypse. She was a flower that was raised in a greenhouse. She was able to get to her level because of An Man.

Whether in life or on the bed, she served this person who was old enough to be her father very well.

She was interested in feeling the atmosphere. An Man couldnt stop her and thus, agreed for her to come. To him, although they were hunting a level eight mutated lifeform, they sent many people. They also had Jayce the secret weapon so they would be safe. So he allowed her to follow.

However, due to safety considerations, she placed her in a place he felt was very safe.

C Zones Exquisite Floating Ball.

It had great invisibility methods and high defense. An Man didnt think that it would face any dangers.

But he was wrong and underestimated the Chain Prisoners ability. Under that terrifying Lightning Cloud, Apart from Cloud Peak and T Zones modified Exquisite Floating Balls, C, G, and S Zones balls were destroyed.

Lei Lu fell to the ground. If not for the good defense and the ball falling because the lightning had damaged the Floating Balls systems, she would have died even if she were a five-star evolved.

She relied on the evolveds strong body to recover some stamina. She looked around in shock and saw corpses and bodies. She had never seen such scenes and felt disgusted.

She wanted to find her allies but only saw their corpses. The others in the wheel didnt have high levels, and most of them were technical workers. Be it the lightning or the fall, they were enough to kill them.

Far away, that big fellow was still battling the humans. Lei Lu saw An Man. She wanted to find him, but some sounds made her stop.

She knew that it was the communication device within the Exquisite Floating Ball.

Was someone contacting them?

Although Lei Lu hadnt experienced battle, she understood the communication device. For some reason, be it the resistance zone or the Sharp Peak Mountain, they would be radio silent. If there was a call, it must be because of something huge.

She hesitated but still walked into the Exquisite Floating Ball. She moved about and picked it up.

A minute later, she ran out in shock.

An Man hadnt fought with all his might in a long time. His job and skills flew towards the Iron Giant like they were free.

He was hoping that Jayce was okay.

If anything happened to Jayce, then killing the level-eight Iron Giant was his only chance to redeem himself.

No matter which it was, he had to kill this fellow.

He led the C Zone members and ordered the others to attack.

But some people decided to retreat. Especially those external factions. They came to get recognition and benefits from the Resistance Zone but didnt want to die. They agreed to hunt the level eight lifeform and were prepared to suffer some losses. But if they were all to die, they wouldnt be willing to do that.

Because Jayce butted in, those who were attacking had stopped and were just watching. Now that Jayce was nearly dead, the remaining people wanted to kill this fellow.

It was weak, and they might be able to kill it, but how much did they have to pay? If they kill it, could the things they get make up for the losses? Also, what if this fellows final attack killed them?

With such thoughts, many factions decided not to help, and many retreated.

At that moment, a lightning ocean spread.

Many arm-sized lightning currents spread in all directions. Any lifeform that touched it would be hit by lightning. Moreover, these currents were too dense, and no one could dodge them. They could only rely on their strength to tank it.

An Man shivered from the lightning. He was near the Iron Giant, where the current was the strongest. He felt really bad, but he had to hold on.

But because of the Iron Giants attacks, the surrounding evolved stopped attacking. Both sides were in a face-off. There were only two outcomes: the Iron Giant using the Lightning Ocean to kill them or the evolved surviving until the Iron Giant ran out of energy.

This lightning ocean was huge and even reached where Ye Zhongming and the others were at. But as they were far away, the lightning wasnt as strong. It couldnt kill three-star evolved and above.

The sizzling sound lasted for three minutes.

Many humans couldnt take it and fell to the ground. Their bodies twitched, and they lost their lives. Many of them tried to flee, but they had to suffer from intense pain. The currents seemed like they had their own minds and would move to attack their targets.

This situation terrified Ye Zhongming. He was impressed that this fellow had many AOE attacks, each one terrifying.

Finally, the Chain Prisoner stopped this ability. Its body was covered in sweat, and the blood from its neck flowed to the ground. It looked at the humans who were still standing and cried out. It turned towards Ye Zhongming. Its weapon was still in his hands.

Seeing Ye Zhongming raise the Staff of Nature, rage and unwillingness appeared in its eyes. In the next second, it ran in another direction.

Everyone was stunned; did it want to flee?

Many people realized and wanted to chase.

But the Horn of Life fired a streak of light that hit the lightning. These streaks of lightning connected and formed a dragon storm. It swept the area and blocked those who wanted to chase it.

The lightning dragon storm also attacked Ye Zhongming and his group. Ye Zhongming could only point at the Iron Giant. A mark only he could see appeared on its head and disappeared along with its giant body.

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