Apocalypse Gachapon - C.766: Use that plan

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.766: Use that plan

Zhao Jingchen and his father escaped from the terrifying Cannibal Flower Ocean. They turned, and their eyes were filled with pain.

They wanted to con Cloud Peak but failed. Not only did they lose three scrolls, but they also lost six core members.

They wanted to use this hunt to compensate for some losses and even take revenge. But in a few minutes, he suffered huge losses.

The father and son duo looked at the remaining troops and were on the verge of cries.

An Mans eyes were opened wide. He panted and clenched his fist.

In this short time, even his C Zone warriors suffered huge losses. What was more infuriating was that when they faced danger, everyone panicked, including those experts.

If they could help those around them, they could save many survivors. They wouldnt have lost a few thousand high-level warriors in just a few minutes.

An Mans heart was bleeding. These people were elites in the resistance zone.

He looked at Cloud Peak, and his expression got worse. These people had fled from the Cannibal Flower range.

An Man felt a sense of defeat for the first time.

At this point, a streak of light shocked him. He raised his head and saw the flowers glowing along with the giant piece of wood in the Iron Giants hands. Slowly, the light connected and formed a giant net.

From those flowers at the edge, the terrifying plants started to wither. From outside to inside, they turned yellow.

Along with them withering, the light disappeared. More accurately, the light was being transmitted to the giant piece of wood.

The Chain Prisoner raised the shining Blood Wood and placed it near its horn. The light started to weaken.

It was using this method to heal its injuries

Mu Xinfei looked at the Chain Prisoners injuries, which healed quickly and said in disbelief. She didnt expect this fellow to have such a skill.

Not only healing its injuries. Ye Zhongming pointed at the demon crystal on its head, It is evolving.

Everyone turned and saw that it had started to turn white.

The level nine crystal was silver!

This fellow was getting towards level nine!

Still fight?

Guang Yao wanted to retreat and turned to ask Ye Zhongming. Chain Prisoners strength caused this T Zone leader to lose confidence.

Ye Zhongming looked at the fellow who gave off a satisfied expression after the full meal and knew that his decision would decide many people's lives.

Both of us still have strength; how can we retreat without trying? Ye Zhongming decided to continue. Mu Xinfei and Guang Yao looked at each other and could only accompany him.

They actually wanted to see what Ye Zhongmings trump card was.

The Chain Prisoner, whose body recovered and evolved level deepened, smiled weirdly. It looked like it was mocking these humans for being weak.

Ye Zhongmings body started to change. Black patterns appeared on his skin, and his eyes turned pitch black.

Hell Envoy Bloodline was activated.

Cloud Peak warriors were solemn. They knew that their boss was going all out.

Be prepared; we are using that plan! Ye Zhongmings voice was ice cold. After saying that, he slapped Yellow Balls body, Friend, lets go!

Yellow Ball barked, and its body grew by several times. The armor grew bigger. The three pieces of equipment had a set ability: Following Form, which could change according to the beast's size.

At the same time, the set equipment turned golden, like it was covered in a layer of metal. This metal spread to Ye Zhongmings body, covering his equipment with golden metal.

This was Shadow, one of the chest plates abilities, to stack its and the beasts defense together and form a buff. At the same time, this defense would help buff the riders defensive equipment.

Yellow Ball used his third talent skill, Golden Ocean Shadow. But it only used half of it to protect its master.

The golden man and dog charged upwards with a strong aura.

After the humans were massacred, Ye Zhongmings forward charge was very eye-catching.

Those around opened their mouths. Shouldnt he retreat? Did Cloud Peak still plan on attacking?

They did.

The Demon Crystal Cannon and Violent Lightning Turret started to roar. This time, the warriors didnt use Armor Piercing Bullets and charged along with their leader.


The Chain Prisoner saw the fly again, but the fly was stronger this time.

Maybe it didnt have enough fun with the humans, so it decided it wanted a full meal. It stepped towards Cloud Peak and waved the Blood Wood in its hands.

Yellow Ball did a beautiful spin to dodge the hit. At the same time, it flew close to the Chain Prisoners body. It activated the Roaring Charge.

It charged forward and increased its masters attack by 10%.

Ye Zhongmings Sand Dance slashed toward the Chain Prisoners head with killing intent and the Light Seal Blademasters job skill.

Many people on the battlefield stared at this attack. Whether or not the battle could continue depended on this strike.

Succeed, and the hunt would continue. Fail, and it was the signal to retreat.

But no one felt like this strike could kill the Iron Giant.

Ye Zhongming himself didnt think so too.

The Chain Prisoner couldnt do anything to this fly with the Blood Wood, but it didnt mean that it didnt have any other solution.

The Ghost Metal Chains surged; this time, it only aimed at Ye Zhongming.

It planned to smash this fly that it hated.

Ye Zhongming smiled.

Sand Dance sliced on one of the chains.

Xia Bai!

Ye Zhongming shouted a name.

The other chains smacked towards the human and beast.

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