Apocalypse Gachapon - C.762.5- Bald head’s ball part 2

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.762.5- Bald head’s ball part 2

Now, the plan changed. Everyone frowned when they heard. This An Man was too unreasonable. Everyone came here to help because they wanted to gain recognition of the resistance zone. Even if they didnt become one of them, they wanted a good relationship to have a better life in the apocalypse.

Many people are wary of them now. If they treat S Zone and Cloud Peak like this now, they could do the same to them in the future.

Zhao Xingmei, Blistering Tongues boss, Lu Xiong, and Liang Chuyin smiled coldly. This was the apocalypse; they didnt have to listen to him. If you wanted us to die, should we? Wishful thinking! At most, we would just leave; what could you do to me?

An Man didnt care about her attitude and smiled, Nice, some people have to sacrifice when fighting a stronger lifeform, someone has to be at the frontso, putting you as the arrowhead shows that you are the strongest. Everyone knows that your Ripping Rose is the elite squad. It is what Old Mu placed effort on? Also, this brothers Cloud Peak has shown such strength. Crystal weapons, golden Exquisite Floating Ball, all of them are elite weapons. You might think I am selfish, but I am thinking for everyone. Only then can we block this big fellows attacks so the other people wont get hurt.

His expression became more solemn such that those who wavered started changing their thoughts.

Right, the strongest has to be at the front so that the others can attack. If not, if they could not block it, everything was for nothing.

This made sense.

Mu Xinfei laughed coldly, I would be stupid to believe you.

This time, he didnt treat her nicely. Niece, the big picture is the most important. Dont let your biases affect this operation.

I am also the commander; I disapprove.

Dont forget that your rights are only symbolic. You came here haphazardly, so you were given this title as a form of respect. If not, you are just a brat. Who gives you the right to talk to me? If only your father were here!

Dont think too highly of yourself; without the zones resources, you will struggle like ordinary people. You might already be the shit of some mutated lifeform.

Problems come from the mouth, Mu Xinfei. You better be careful.

You dont need to teach me.

Both sides were tense, and the smell of gunpowder was in the air.

Most of the time, these things would lead to a conflict.

This bald uncle, have you decided?

A voice interrupted. Everyone saw Ye Zhongming with his arms crossed.

Liang Chuyin laughed without giving An Man any face.

An Man was just someone with a balding problem, he still had hair on both sides and wasnt bald.

Killing intent flashed on his face, and he said solemnly, Yes, this is the final decision, and there wont be any changes.

Seeing Ye Zhongming speak, Mu Xinfei and Guang Yao retreated.

We can be the main force.

One sentence silenced everyone here. Even Mu Xinfei and Guang Yao looked at Ye Zhongming in shock and didnt know what he wanted to do.

Did he want to face it alone? That was a level-eight mutated lifeform! Even if Cloud Peak was strong and had a seven-star evolved, they couldnt win.

After noticing the Iron Giant, the resistance zone tracked it for a long time and knew its strength.

An Man was surprised and didnt know what Ye Zhongming wanted.

We can attack, but I have conditions that you have to agree with; if not, forget it. We will leave this operation.

Many looked at each other and didnt know what Ye Zhongming was planning.

First, when fighting, you must ensure we arent disturbed. We dont need you to fight the Iron Giant, but we need ranged support. Your Exquisite Floating Balls have to join in, too.

Second, you will attack its legs.

Everyone didnt think much about the conditions. It was more beneficial and safer for them, too.

An Man nodded, Sure.

Ye Zhongming clapped, Third, there will just be two outcomes. Either we dont kill it, and it is injured; second is that we kill it.

In the first situation, no matter what we get, we will keep it. If the second situation happens, I will take 80% of everything.


An Man rejected it immediately.

80%? Wont you get all the good stuff?

Ye Zhongming waved. Then forget it. You can be the main force!

We are risking the chance of being wiped to face a level-eight lifeform while you only fight on the side. 20% for you is already too much. Dont think that you are strong just because you are a commander. Those who listen to you treat you as a commander; those who dont, dont think that you are anything!

Ye Zhongming said coldly and then flashed beside An Man. He roared directly into this bald uncles face!

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