Apocalypse Gachapon - C.761: Scheme

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.761: Scheme

Zhongming, our members reported that this place is dangerous. Many mutated lifeforms have gathered, and it is beside a dungeon. Many beasts will break the barrier and appear there. Do you really want to go?

Guang Yao and Ye Zhongming rode their battle beasts in the middle of their teams.

As they feared drawing a beast or zombie horde, the squads took their paths. Cloud Peak and T Zone were together. But Ye Zhongming told Ying City to follow Mu Xinfeis squad.

He gave them a chance to make friends. If Mu Xinfei wanted Ying City members to build her new squad, that was something Ye Zhongming was happy to see. His influence in the S Zone would increase.

To show sincerity, T Zone did what Ye Zhongming wanted. They even used their Exquisite Floating Ball to help him get the most accurate news. They showed the pictures to Ye Zhongming.

But be it Wen Zhong or Guang Yao, they didnt understand why he was investigating that place. Apart from mutated lifeforms, there wasnt anything valuable there.

Ye Zhongming had a mysterious smile and didnt reply, so Guang Yao didnt ask.

He raised his head and saw the golden spot. Guang Yao and the Sky Elephant Battle Squad members were envious.

When the squads split up, Cloud Peak released their Exquisite Floating Ball. Guang Yao and the others noticed that it had turned into a graded piece of equipment and was gold. Everyones mouths opened wide, and they didnt know what to say.

Once again, they were impressed by his strength.

Zhongming, can you help us to upgrade ours?

Guang Yao coughed and was a little embarrassed.

T Zones Exquisite Floating Ball had scouted for information for Ye Zhongming and was on its way here. Guang Yao thought about it but knew there wasnt much hope.

Ye Zhongming touched his chin and didnt reject it immediately. This increased Guang Yaos confidence, and his eyes glowed as he looked at Ye Zhongming.

Ye Zhongming used his last bit of Ghost Metal to modify the Exquisite Floating Ball. He also added large amounts of Drill Ocean Metal, turning it gold-grade. He wouldnt be able to make another, even if he wanted to.

However, the resistance zone had too many resources, so Ye Zhongming wanted everything he saw. But he didnt know what to say. If not, Wen Zhong would con him. He would rather get it from Mu Xinfei in the future.

But since Guang Yao wanted him to modify the ball, this was a good chance.

We are allies; let me be honest; I cant modify it to the same level as mine as I used the materials I had. But

But what? Guang Yao asked.

But I can get it to silver; what do you think?

Guang Yao frowned. Silver was much worse than gold. There was a huge difference.

But he thought about it: silver was better than nothing, right? He must allow others to keep a trump card.

You wont benefit us so easily? Guang Yao looked at him warily and knew that this fellow never took losses. He definitely had conditions.

Ye Zhongming laughed, Look at you, am I so stingy? We are allies; naturally, I modify equipment for my allies.

He was delighted and started to form words to praise him, but his words were like a pail of cold water splashing on his head.

Just give me some of those Airplane Missiles from T Zone.

Guang Yao, ...

Little Xiu, ...

Guang Yao agreed after cursing Ye Zhongming ten thousand times in their hearts. Ye Zhongming would help modify their Exquisite Floating Ball to silver, and T Zone will provide Ye Zhongmings golden ball with ten ammo units.

Moreover, Ye Zhongming agreed to make some equipment for the Sky Elephant Battle Squad. Of course, they had to pay.

They traveled for three days and arrived at the location after ten fights. A resistance zone intel officer found them and reported the Iron Giant's new location. The team walked for half a day and finally saw its building-like body.

Ye Zhongming was shocked.

How was this the Iron Giant? It was the Chain Prisoner!

Intense guns and cannons fired for a few dozen hours, and it didnt stop.

Commander, Titan Battle Squad is asking for help from the south!

A warrior covered in blood fell before Delin and shouted. His throat was hoarse, and his throat cracked. It sounded bad.

Delin had worn a clean armor, and now it was tattered. His eyes were bloodstained, and there was a wound on his neck. It wasnt deep and had closed.

All sides are fighting; I cant send any troops. Tell Xu Lai to hold on! Hold on!

The messenger nodded and ran towards that formation.

Delin panted and looked at the endless monsters. His teeth were bleeding from his hard bites.

He turned toward the high Mechanic Fortress in the middle and shouted into the communication device, Give firepower support to the south; use the five sets of Slicing Laser!

He was the commander of this operation; he couldnt see Titan Battle Squad collapse.

Commander, the Slicing Laser would be gone like this; it is the final firepower of the Fortress. His earphones buzzed as someone from within the fortress talked to him.

He was silent momentarily before he said viciously, Attack!

Five seconds later, five eye-catching circular-shaped lasers flew from the fortress, hitting the area south of Titan Battle Squad. When those green monsters touched them, their bodies were sliced, and their attacks slowed.

But before C Zone could cheer, more monsters appeared. They screamed and charged over.

Commander! We cant get anything! A deputy commander ran to his side and shouted, Bright Capital Battle Squad is gone, North Crown and Cloud Naga Battle Squad are lost, and our C1 zones three battle squads are injured. If we charge, we will collapse! Commander, lets turn and break through! This is a trap, a trap!

Delins body was shaking. C Zones six battle squads had gathered, and there were over 70 thousand of them. But in a few dozen hours, at least 30 thousand of them died here. But they still couldnt stop the worsening situation.

Give up? Delin looked at his subordinates fight back and nodded his head. But before he could give an order, he heard the news that their escape path was blocked.

Despair rose in all their hearts.

Defend Request reinforcements from headquarters! The moment Delin said that, he was out of energy and fell to the ground.

He knew that he might die today.

Like the 30 thousand allies that had died before

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