Apocalypse Gachapon - C.759: Swift victory

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.759: Swift victory

The six of them looked at their bodies and saw that their defensive equipment had a faint blade mark.

This was from one hit. Their attacks collapsed from the enemys blades, and if they didnt retreat quickly, they would have been sliced into two by that weird light.

The few teens used Sand Dances skill--- Sharp Light, which increased sharpness to 300. Along with War Manuscripts 30% increase, just the blade light alone meant 400 sharpness! This was slightly lower than Sisis Doll.

Also, these teens cultivated the Scorching Flame Technique! Maybe they cultivated it for too short, but they couldnt use it directly on their enemies. However, it did buff their skills. In other words, this was an attack with over 400 sharpness!

Such an attack wouldnt be able to be blocked by silver-grade armor. They would have ended in one strike if not for them retreating quickly.

Dont be overconfident!

Zhao Jingchen, who had been calm, couldnt keep his cool anymore and reminded his subordinates.

When the few Signal Flag members heard it, they understood that their boss was telling them to use what they had prepared.

Although they were unwilling and felt like even if they won, they were forced to use a trump card, they were still terrified of those attacks. They didnt care about losing face. They each took out a potion and drank it.

The few of them roared, and their bodies started to change.

Beast form!

Many people stood up from their seats and looked at the six muscular guys in shock.

Half beast transformation.

Guang Yao said. He knew more clearly than the audience.

Half? Ye Zhongming had heard and seen beast form, as it wasnt rare. Some skills, potions, and even equipment had such an ability, but he didnt know what half-beast form was.

Humans studied the beast-form potions from the wheel and then tried to replicate them. Guang Yao explained, The effect isnt good and has huge side effects. The worst was that the user couldnt return to being a human and turned into a monster. He also died in a short time.

Ye Zhongming was shocked. Some beast-form potions were indeed manmade in his last life. Humans and not job users made them. These potions were quite effective. There were side effects, but they could be controlled. Only some suicidal potions would reach that level, but they were also very strong. It would raise the humans body to a very terrifying level.

It seemed like these potions werent too advanced now, so there was such a situation.

Those in the arena were turning into bear-like creatures. They grew larger, and brown fur appeared on their black skin. Their eyes were bloodstained; sharp fingernails appeared on their arms and legs that pierced through their equipment.

The six of them transformed in a blink. They bent over, and their limbs touched the ground. They roared at the seven teens, and they were so quick that no one could see their bodies.

Just the speed alone wasnt something five-star evolved could reach.

Many people sighed and felt like these seven teens couldnt handle these five-star evolved whose body qualities had increased. The most terrifying part of the beast-form was the increase in strength and speed.

But the truth was, these warriors smashed into a sandstorm!

Sand Dances ability, Sandstorm!

This skill was something that Ye Zhongming loved when he got the blueprint.

A sandstorm would appear around the user, increasing the users body quality and reducing the enemys speed. Moreover, it would cause sustained damage.

One could say that in a battle of the same level evolved, this ability was lethal. Everyone was at the same level, and a drop in agility would affect both attack and defense. Defeat was expected.

This time, as the seven teens had the War Manuscript, the Sandstorm grew much larger and it was much stronger. The six beast-form enemies slowed when they entered.

With the buff, the Sandstorm was the best skill of these seven teens. Although the skill could only increase their body qualities by a little, but the Manuscript increased that buff.

The teens counter-attacked in the storm.

Their job skills fired.

Whirlpool, Flames, ice, water, and a few element skills connected and formed a giant elemental shield that smashed toward the area ahead.

Such a huge shield was impossible to dodge in a sandstorm.

There was a loud explosion that shook the arena. Everyone felt an explosion, which showed how strong both sides were.

The light scattered, and the Signal Flag members who had pounced over aggressively were all on the ground. Their mouths and noses were bleeding. Their beast-form bodies were covered in wounds.

They wanted to use their speed to assassinate them, but they didnt expect that they would face the Sandstorm, which was a counter. Not only did they not succeed, they were injured by their skills.

Many people saw that these seven teens had a group skill; if not, their solo skills wouldnt have caused such an effect.

But their beast-form bodies were still strong. The few stood up, but when they managed to, a blade light shone, and the seven teens were before them.

Cries sent chills down ones spine. Although the six of them reacted, the sharpness of Sand Dance wasnt so easy to block. Four of them had their heads sliced or hearts stabbed.

Ch Ban used his equipment and skill to block a hit but was terrified. He saw that the seven teens second attack was about to arrive. He grabbed his teammate, who was still alive, and tossed it at the teens.

No one expected the enemy to do such a beast-like behavior. One teen couldnt dodge, and he was hit. He fell backward, and his arm was twisted. It was obvious that his bone was broken.

The other teens roared in rage. Each of them did a similar action. They placed their hands on each other's shoulders.

Light connected from the palm to the shoulder and transmitted forward, gathering into the teen's body at the front.

That teen raised Sand Dance and slashed.

A white crescent glow shone from Sand Dance and sliced into Chi Ban, who had taken a step back. This beast form six-star evolved couldnt even react when the light pierced his body. It slashed for a hundred meters before hitting the protective barrier around the arena.

The barrier that had never broken started to break as everyone looked in shock.

Along with it, Chi Bans body was split into two!

A battle in which both sides had bet heavily ended in Cloud Peaks crisp victory.

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