Apocalypse Gachapon - C.752: Self created gold equipment

Apocalypse Gachapon

C.752: Self created gold equipment

Ye Zhongming sat on the ground with a silly smile on his face. Beside him was half a bottle of water.

This was his third day here, and he had spent the time studying the 600-700 square meter Exquisite Floating Ball.

With Ye Zhongmings Smith job, after 50 hours of no sleep, Ye Zhongming finally understood what this was.

If the Resistance Zone had obtained this, they would have known how to use it. After all, one of the Exquisite Floating Balls goals was to serve them. It was an accident for Ye Zhongming to get it.

Although Wen Zhong told him how to use the ball, Ye Zhongming was still wary.

This was a combination of human and wheel technology. It was also something the Resistance Zone made themselves, making Ye Zhongming wary.

He was afraid that people would scam him with it.

Monitoring was a small thing. If he used it in battle and it hurt him instead, it might affect everything. Ye Zhongming wouldnt allow such a thing to happen.

If Le Dayuan had been here, it would have saved some time. But he wasnt, so he had to do it himself.

But this was high-tech, and Ye Zhongming, as someone who hadnt graduated from university, didnt understand it. So he used the most simple but exhausting method.


He treated this as his own item so he wouldnt fear people leaving tricks inside.

This fellow was bigger than a room, so it was impossible to completely strengthen it. He tried and found that it needed too much mental energy, so he couldnt afford it.

This things size and complexity were not what strengthening could handle.

After ten years in the apocalypse, Ye Zhongming had all the patience and perseverance. He tried it out bit by bit and also used his relationship with Wen Zhong to hire the designer to help. He broke it apart and then strengthened it piece by piece!

That designer was stunned. The reassembled Exquisite Floating Ball actually gave a golden glow!

Strictly speaking, this was created by humans. Without a blueprint, it wouldnt be listed as a wheel item with grading. But this thing turned gold!

This was why Ye Zhongming smiled.

Ye Zhongmings gold equipment included Blood Stepping Boots, Gate of Sacrifice, etc. Now that he had another, he was naturally happy.

Moreover, this golden equipment was different from the others.

Flying was its specialty. It could also float.

Defense 2000!

That number shocked Ye Zhongming.

2000, he had never seen such a number! This was a number that crushed many things.

The Dolls attack was terrifying, but didnt even reach a thousand. So, in terms of numbers, Ye Zhongming didnt have anything to break its defense.

Next were its other abilities, which were turned into data after it became a piece of gold equipment.

Ability 1, Neutral Laser. Fire lasers from its eight holes, four towards the sky and four towards the ground.

Ability 2, Spinning Fortress. The metal on the outside will spin when it is being attacked to help block a portion of the attacks.

Ability 3, Dust Monitoring. Based on the activated energy, the ball can monitor 2000 square kilometers of land. The smallest unit it can capture is one centimeter. free(w)ebnovel(.)com

Ability Four, Gravity Crush. When needed, the ball can seal itself and use ten times its body weight to roll over someone. But at the same time, its defense would drop to 1000.

Ability 5, self-structured weapons system. Add weapon systems to it without breaking its core structure and affecting its flight.

Ability 6 (Temporary), Jet Machine Gun attack, 2000 bullets.

Ability 7 (Temporary), Arrow 3 Missile attack, 5 left.

Abiilty 8, self destruct. When the order is given, self-destruct the core reactor.

Ye Zhongming didnt know if this thing was taken apart before being handed to him, but its abilities seemed decent. It had attack and defense. Moreover, Ye Zhongming liked the self-structured weapon system. It meant that Cloud Peaks crystal weapons could be attached to it.

Of course, Ye Zhongming wasnt a researcher. He still didnt know some of the internal controls, and it would take him some time to get used to them.

The researcher's departure spread to the others, and Liang Chuyin walked in. She saw Ye Zhongming covered in dirt and sitting there; she handed the food to him.

What is going on outside?

Ye Zhongming ate while enjoying her massage.

Wen Zhong came once daily, and he probably has something to tell you. Liang Chuyin observed his reaction and adjusted her strength while reporting what happened in the two days.

The Extreme Light Platform is very popular and hasnt been left empty. In two days, we collected 2500 level three crystals. Those commanders didnt seem interested during the auction, but are so passionate now.

Ye Zhongming smiled, The soldiers lives are their own. To the commanders, they dont mean much.

Liang Chuyin tilted her head and understood slightly.

After communicating with the outside world, she understood their difference from the outside factions. The Extreme Light Training Platform might be useful here, but outside, no big faction leader would be willing to spend much money to purchase it.

Right, that S Zone interim commander Mu Xinfei came several times, and she seems anxious to meet you. Liang Chuyin paused, She also brought Bai Sisi.

Bai Sisis performance was too obvious. Liang Chuyin realized that she knew Ye Zhongming and their relationship was not ordinary.

To see that seemingly weak but determined woman, Liang Chuyin felt a sense of danger.

Ye Zhongming felt her hand slow and smiled while drinking. He tapped her bouncy butt, Stop overthinking, have some confidence.

Liang Chuyin bit her lips and hugged his neck.

There is a bed inside the Exquisite Floating Ball, right?


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