After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1993 Family Reunion


"We have too many orders and our current supply can't meet the demand. The best solution is to buy the empty plot of land next door and expand into it," Xia He said as she held up the map of the town.

Qiao Mei studied it for a long time before saying, "The quality of the soil on that piece of land is not too bad. If we grow vegetables there, we will definitely get a good harvest. Let's buy it. I want to use it as a vegetable farm."

"Vegetable farm! Then what about my cows!" Xia He said agitatedly.

"Go and play some soothing music for the cows to make them relaxed! Keep them happy and then feed them the grass which I cultivated myself. Their milk production will definitely increase! Trust me!" Qiao Mei said.

This was the first time Xia He had heard the idea of playing music for cows. Was there any scientific basis for this? Then again, among all the people she knew, Qiao Mei knew the most about farming and agriculture. In addition, she was also a student in the agricultural faculty of a famous university. Perhaps these were some experimental methods she had learned at school, so Xia He decided to follow her instructions.

The children climbed around the living room every day. Auntie Wang asked Butler Xu to carpet the floor of the entire room so that it was easier for the children to crawl around.

Every month, Qiao Mei and Xia He could make more than 100,000 dollars from the farm. In the beginning, Auntie Wang and Auntie Zhang were paid a monthly salary that was around the same amount as the other household staff. By now, their salary had already increased to 2,000 dollars a month. Many people were clamoring to work as Qiao Mei's helper!

Qiao Mei had handed over all the household matters to Butler Xu, Auntie Wang and Auntie Zhang. They could spend freely as long as it was for the benefit of the entire household. They just had to submit the accounts to Xia He every month. Butler Xu hired two workers to come in and clean the carpet three times a week so that the children had a clean environment to play in.

At noon one day, Qiao Mei was taking a short rest in bed. She could vaguely hear the children making a lot of noise downstairs and even heard the children calling out "Papa".

Qiao Mei walked out of the room groggily. Then, she saw Xia Zhe standing in the living room and carrying one child in each arm. Xia Fan and Xia Xing were cradled safely in his arms. Xia Yue, who was still on the floor, had never met his father before. He had only seen photos of the person in front of him. Now that the person in the photo had appeared in real life, he did not know how to react.

"Papa! You're finally back!" Xia Fan shouted excitedly.

"Papa! Papa! Do you miss us! Do you still remember us?" Xia Xing asked.

"Of course I remember you. I miss all of you and I miss your mother very much too," Xia Zhe replied happily.

"Oh Papa, this is my younger brother. His name is Xia Yue." Xia Fan took on the role of the eldest brother and pointed at Xia Yue who was crawling on the floor. He wanted to introduce Xia Yue to Xia Zhe.

Xia Zhe laughed and said, "Papa already knows that. Your mother has already told me. Do you blame me for taking so long to come home?"

"No! Mama said that Papa has something very important to do! We can't tell anyone! Papa is a great hero!" Xia Yue leaned on Xia Zhe's shoulder and whispered to him.

Xia Zhe's eyes reddened a little. He did not expect the children to be so sensible. Before he came, he was already prepared that the children would not recognize him. He did not expect to be welcomed with such a scene.

Qiao Mei came downstairs and picked up Xia Yue, saying, "Yue Yue, who is this? Is it Papa?"

Xia Yue blinked and widened his big eyes. He looked at the photo that Qiao Mei showed him and then raised his head to look at the person in front of him. After confirming that it was the same person, he stretched out his hands and kept trying to reach out to Xia Zhe, wanting Xia Zhe to carry him too.

Xia Zhe let Xia Xing sit on his shoulders and then carried the other two children in his arms. He made it look so effortless.

"Why didn't you tell me that you are coming back?" Qiao Mei asked as she looked at Xia Zhe.

"How can it be a surprise if you know about it?" Xia Zhe said.

The family of five enjoyed their time together. Based on the children's reactions, Auntie Wang and Auntie Zhang already knew who this man was. If this person was not the children's father, Luo Yu and Luo Hui would never have let him enter through the door.

This was a scene that Qiao Mei had been waiting for. The family was gathered together in a happy reunion. She did not want the children to grow up without their father around.

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