After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1990: Protecting Younger Sister


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“It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not. Our Xia family won’t be affected by this matter. However, think carefully about what your son will have to face.” After saying that, Xia Wen walked home without looking back.

Su Hu and Huang Tai stood rooted to their spots in a daze. They were more worried about their son than Su Rui. If their son was ostracized in school because of this issue, the losses would outweigh the gains.

The matter with the Su family was finally resolved. Not long after that, Xia

Zhe returned home and it was a rare chance for the family to get together. Xu Lan asked everyone from the second son’s family to gather at her house to celebrate Xia Zhe’s triumphant return.

After dinner, Xia Wen quietly asked Xia Zhe to meet him at the rooftop. This was a secret between the two of them. When they were still in school, Xia Wen would often bring Xia Zhe to the rooftop of the school building to look at the starry sky. The two brothers would share their thoughts with each other there.

“Are you going to head off again soon?” Xia Wen asked.

“l really can’t hide anything from you. I have applied to the higher-ups to continue to be stationed there so that I can help to supply the country with the technology and talents that we lack,” Xia Zhe said.

After hesitating for a while, Xia Wen said, “How much do you know about what Qiao Mei has been up to? She’s studying in Country M now.”

Xia Zhe shook his head resignedly and said, “That little girl has already found me a long time ago. She’s also the one who helped me complete this mission successfully. I applied to go back there solely because she still has to attend school there. After she graduates, I’ll consider coming back.”

Xia Wen only smiled and did not say anything. The entire family knew what Qiao Mei was capable of. He originally thought that Qiao Mei was just joking when she said that she wanted to go and look for Xia Zhe. He did not expect this little girl to really be able to find Xia Zhe in the vast sea of people. Perhaps they were always fated to find each other.

“Have a safe trip. I’ll take care of everything at home so don’t worry,” Xia Wen said as he patted Xia Zhe’s shoulder.

“Thank you, Eldest Brother,” Xia Zhe replied.

Qiao Mei was a little touched when she heard that everyone in the capital missed her very much. She also felt like going home to take a look, but the term break for this semester was ending soon. After the next semester ended, perhaps she could make a trip home with Xia Zhe and the children.

The next morning, Qiao Mei went to the guest room to start opening the gifts which Xu Lan and the others had asked Xia Zhe to bring for her. Xu Lan had packed a lot of specialties from the capital as well as a lot of delicious pastries. These were all things that were not available in Country M. There were still many more gifts which they had shipped separately and would only arrive later.

Yin Yue and Yin Xing had already gone back to work for Bella. School would start soon for Qiao Mei and she still had a lot of holiday homework to complete! Fortunately, Qiao Mei had her superpower and could complete her practical assignments in no time. She would cheat a little for once!

During this period of time, Xia Zhe stayed in Sky City and continued to help the Gao family acquire the Zhang family’s assets. Now that the Gao family had disentangled themselves from the Zhang family’s schemes, they could finally regain their former glory.

After Xia He returned to the small town, she immediately got busy at the farm. There were more large supermarkets and shopping malls which wanted to collaborate with them. Their farm was super popular now.

Qiao Mei returned to the villa which was located on the farmland. As soon as she entered, she saw the three children sitting on the floor and playing with one another. She had been away for so long and Xia Yue could already babble a few words now.

“Mama! Mama is back!” Xia Fan and Xia Xing shouted as they ran over to Qiao Mei happily.

Qiao Mei carried the two children and said, “Do you miss Mama?”

Xia Yue crawled slowly towards Qiao Mei behind the two older children, still babbling something. Qiao Mei could not carry three children at the same time so she sat down on the rug with them.

“Tell Mama, what have you been doing at home during this period of time? Did you listen to Auntie Wang and Auntie Zhang?” Qiao Mei asked.

Xia Xings expression changed slightly. She seemed embarrassed as she looked at Qiao Mei and whispered, “Yes, I did…”

“Really?” Qiao Mei stared into Xia Xings eyes and continued asking.

Xia Fan grabbed Qiao Mei’s hand and said quickly, “Really! Mama, we’re all very obedient! Look at me, see if I have grown taller~

Xia Xing quickly heaved a sigh of relief. Qiao Mei did not expose the little secret between the two siblings. She did not expect them to already know how to cover for each other at such a young age. However, it also proved that the siblings were very close and that Xia Fan already knew that as an elder brother, he needed to protect his younger sister..

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