After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.1988: Busybody


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Since early in the morning, Zhang Cheng had been making a fuss about going to the police station to turn himself in. In the end, both he and his bodyguards were sent to the police station together. Qiao Mei did not expect this matter to be resolved so smoothly.

As soon as the news of Zhang Cheng turning himself in was made public, the rest of the Zhang family members could no longer sit still. Before Liang Jin could even react, the police had already come to seize all the Zhang family’s assets.

“Let go of me! I didn’t do anything! Zhang Cheng did all those things! I don’t know anything! Don’t arrest me!” Liang Jin shouted.

“We know that it has nothing to do with you,” the policeman said coldly.

“Then why are you arresting me!” Liang Jin shouted angrily.

“All of Zhang Chengs assets have been seized! The house you’re living in is also under his name. We’re just asking you to leave.” After saying that, the police sealed up the entire villa.

Zhang Ou was arrested and the rest of Zhang Chengs illegitimate children quickly fled the city. After all, they had all been more or less involved in Zhang Chengs dealings.

Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe could finally go home and have some time alone. She had so many questions for Xia Zhe.

“Is everything alright at home? Did you go back to visit Mother and the rest?” Qiao Mei lay in Xia Zhe’s arms and asked curiously.

Ever since Qiao Mei and Xia He left for Country M, Xu Lan had been missing them a lot. Xia He took a lot of photos often and sent them to Xu Lan. The children were growing up very quickly and they looked different every day. Xu Lan could not be by their side and was missing out on their growing years, but it gave her some comfort to look at the photos.

However, the Xia family had encountered a thorny issue during this period of time. After Su Rui was detained and sent back to the country, the Su family went around to tap on their connections to put up a request for Su Rui to get a light sentence. After all, if Su Rui was charged with treason, the Su family would never be able to recover from the shame for the rest of their lives and Su Rui’s younger brother would never be able to work in the government or the military.

However, even after they spent a lot of money, Su Rui was still sentenced to death. It was only after the Su family asked around that they found out that the Xia family had gone on strike to force the military court to sentence Su Rui to death.

The Su family gathered together to discuss what to do about this matter. Su Rui’s father, Su Hu, had three brothers. All his three brothers had daughters and he was the only one who had a son. The entire extended family was counting on Su Rui’s younger brother, Su Ao, to do well in his career and be in a position to help them in the future!

“Why is the Xia family involved in this!” Su Hu, Su Rui’s father, roared.

“Eldest Brother, don’t be too angry. We only just found out about this matter. The Xia family has a lot of say in the capital. No matter how capable your second brother is, he’s unable to fight back against them,” said Su Hu t s second sister-in-law, Zhou Pin.

“That’s because the two of you are useless! Otherwise, this won’t have happened,” Su Rui’s mother, Huang Tai, said unhappily.

“Hey! Eldest Sister-in-law! What are you saying! It’s your Su Rui who goes and gets herself into such big trouble! Why does my husband need to clean up your mess for you? In the end, Su Rui is the problem! Stop trying to implicate my family!” Zhou Ping said disdainfully.

“Rubbish! If you say such things again, see if I won’t rip out your tongue!’ Huang Tai stood up agitatedly and pointed at Zhou Pin as she roared.

Zhou Pin also straightened her back and shouted indignantly, “l dare you to do it! Do you think I’m afraid of you! If you dare to hit me! I’ll ask my husband to split up from this family! We’ll stay in our own lane in the future! We won’t care about anything that happens to your family! I want to see who will suffer more in the future!”

Su Hu grabbed a random glass beside him and threw it onto the floor. The loud crash caused the entire room to fall silent.

“Enough! How long are you going to argue!” Su Hu roared angrily.

“Eldest Brother, our family has already done our best. There’s really nothing we can do. I’ve already delivered the news and I need to go back now. My children are coming home from school soon.” Zhou Pin picked up her bag and left Su Hu t s house, leaving Su Hu and Huang Tai looking at each other.

Huang Tai started crying uncontrollably. As she wept, she yelled out, “My poor son! It’s all Su Rui’s fault, that disappointing thing! What’s going to happen to my son in the future! He might as well die!”

“Don’t talk nonsense! Our son has to live well. Every injustice has its perpetrator. It’s all the Xia family’s fault for being such a busybody! We must go and look for them and demand an explanation! We have to avenge our son!” Su Hu said..

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